The Evils of Religion

The Evils of Religion  Last night I flipped through the channels and came across Bill Maher performing his routine in front of a large and receptive audience.  Much of his humor is politically based, but he is known for his anti religious viewpoints too.  I guess he figures that being raised Catholic and never reading… Continue reading The Evils of Religion

Artifice and Embellishment

Artifice and Embellishment What if we only dreamed of yesterday? It’s a very interesting concept isn’t it? If only everything was as it used to be. We would enjoy the same people, places and things. All things would forever remain the same. Did you ever notice how as time moves on our memories of past… Continue reading Artifice and Embellishment

Conflicted with Ourselves

Conflicted with Ourselves We really have to ask ourselves who we are and who we want to be.  In knowing where we are in our spiritual development we acknowledge a starting point and have the necessary means to move forward along our ordained path.  Our ascension will depend largely on our willingness to cooperate and… Continue reading Conflicted with Ourselves

Ron’s “How to Reach Your Full Potential for God” Review

Charles F. Stanley’s newest book “How to Reach Your Full Potential for God” is an incredible work which sets a strong foundation in Biblical principles for achieving our ultimate Being. I love this work and found it to be entertaining and educational. The stories included at the end of each chapter give practical relevance to… Continue reading Ron’s “How to Reach Your Full Potential for God” Review

The Family Photo

The Family Photo The greatest picture of a man is that of his family. God often sends us messages and enlightenment via the not so coincidental contact with others in our lives. Most recently I have been given the gift of revelation through my casual correspondence with two area pastors. The first is of a… Continue reading The Family Photo

Truth and Freedom

When we are ready for Truth It will find us. Over the last few weeks we have discussed the importance of gratitude and forgiveness. These are both two very crucial elements of achieving Supreme spirituality. If we wish to connect to God’s energy adopting these characteristics will be a prerequisite. The next hurdle in our… Continue reading Truth and Freedom