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The Power in You

Truth lg

In life we have had many influences which have molded are beliefs in who we are and in what we can or cannot become.  In truth there are no limits other than those we impose upon ourselves.  We can move away from these preconceived notions of our Being in this very moment if we so chose.  All we need to do is open our mind, heart and spirit and begin to move forward confidently towards the answers we seek.

In the beginning there existed one Power one Source one Creator of all things which many of us ever so lovingly refer to as God.  Understanding this Source of All and One is the key to becoming all that we are created to be.  You see, we were created by and in the image of a perfect Creator and as such have always been as Perfect as I Am.  Perfection is not capable of imperfection.  It is only our belief that we are less than God that creates the experience of imperfection.

Our experiences are only a reality for us.  Well, this is at least true on a spiritual level.  It can be true on a physical level in regards to how we look back at the event, but in truth physical trauma is a reality for the one who has experienced it.  It is a reality that can contribute to our experience in this lifetime as well as the lifetimes to come unless we take the necessary steps to remove it.

Let’s get back to the spiritual experience which is creating constantly via our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  These experiences begin as beliefs.  As Henry Ford proclaimed, “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”  If you believe you can’t you will most likely never try.  Why would you?  In that case you would only be wasting your time and maybe even your money.  Think back to anything you have ever accomplished in your lifetime.  Really, anything you would like.  We have all accomplished so much in our lives.  Even the thought of getting that morning cup of coffee evokes the principle of thoughts creating an experience.  We wake up think about how great a hot and tasty cup of java will be and that prompts us to take the necessary steps to hold that cup of coffee in our hands.  We actually are seeing and experiencing how nice it will be for us.  Now what do you want right Now?  Whatever it is as we believe we will have it we eventually will.

There are many beliefs that we have held dear for many years.  We are creatures of creation that attach ourselves to outcome.  We have an idea of what we want and what it will take to get there.  We think we know if we can or can’t do it.  Most often we feel in our heart the pains associated with failure that correspond directly to these feelings and emotions.  This is what creates our experience.  Every word and statement that we accept externally from others or internally from ourselves will continually contribute to our beliefs if we allow them to.

Ask yourself what you believe and if it does not line up with what you believe for it is time to evaluate and change those beliefs.  We can’t believe we can and we can’t at the same time.  The power is in us to be the perfection we are or the imperfection we only think we are.  Remember, the original sin was not the wanting to be as powerful as God but believing we were imperfect and less capable than God.

Be Love because Love becomes You

Ron Ash

The Truth Within

The Truth Within

The only place we can truly fit into is our own Being.

In life there really is only one way to attract exactly what is best for us.  Everything from the right job, the right partner to the right friends all comes from within us.  When we present ourselves to the Universe honestly and openly everything will begin to line up with our Being.

You see, we will attract into our lives exactly what we present ourselves as.  Like people attract like people.  This is why we see people we love constantly attracting people, situations and circumstances that do not compliment who they are.  The person we know and love as they are, is constantly and continuously going out of their way to present themselves as the person they believe the prospective partner, boss or other acquaintance would prefer them to be.

This is a double edge sword.  Not only will we be attracting the wrong people into our lives, but we will be repelling the one who truly compliments the essence of all we are from it.  The façade we put forth will only serve to keep us from what is best for us.

Often we only believe we know what we want and spend much of our lives desperately trying to get what we only perceive will make us happy, successful and secure.  We believe the smiling faces that have these things are signs that their people, places and things will make us happy too.

So, where do we go from here?  How do we find what will give us what are soul wants and release ourselves from what the mind only thinks we want?  A necessity of substantial gain is surmountable loss.  We must lose these old thoughts from our minds and allow what is in our hearts to be released so that it can send out the signal that will bring to us the things that compliment and nourish the Truth within us.

As we face our desires we face ourselves and if we overcome these desires we conquer ourselves.  Desire is a funny thing that means different things to different people.  There is sexual desire which is associated with physical pleasure; the desire to be accepted by our peers is another and the ever popular desire to be envied is a sociological favorite too.  These desires have little to do with the Truth of our Being.  In fact they are largely based in our illusions.  They are only what we believe others require of us, but in Truth they are only what we perceive as prerequisites for a euphoric state of Being.  When I talk about “our selves” I am speaking of Ego.  Ego causes us to make decisions that nourish Ego and Ego gains this nourishment through the torment of our soul.  That’s right, by not allowing our souls to reach out and blossom the Ego grows stronger and our ascension takes longer.

We are on a journey.  It is an infinite ascension on many levels of existence.  There is no end!  However, there are a series of levels, stages in our development that will enable us to continually be all that we are created to be.  A necessity of travel is change and allowing change to take place.  Ego relishes for sameness.  It succeeds in its quest to remain strong through lies and illusions that make the Journey long.  As we follow, seek and desire what is unreal we forfeit those things that are real.

This Truth is within us.  In our hearts and souls is the Spirit of all that we are and all that we are created to be.  As we let go of the desires that bind us we become free and release ourselves into exactly where we belong.  Here is the most fertile soil.  Now is where we plant the seed of our Being.  What do we get when we plant the right seed?  Well of course; we get the fruit of exactly what we planted.  Just think, all this time we have been planting onions and expecting tomatoes.  How silly is that?

Why weren’t we fitting?  It was because the only place we can truly fit into is our own Being.  The only way to get a square peg into a round whole is by destroying the square peg.  That square peg is all that you are created to be.  In Truth we are so much more that.  We are beautiful, wonderful and unique shapes of our own; ever changing and everlasting souls and spirits created in the image of God.

Being with Ron Ash

So we have taken our next step in this infinite journey of enlightenment. A series of events have taken place that has brought us to where we are right now. This is the most important time of our lives. It is in this very moment which exists prior to a thought that we have the potential to be. Being exists in this moment in this time and knowing, seeing, feeling and experiencing All that there Is right “NOW.” It is through appreciation and intentional manipulation of the “NOW” that we set the stage for all that will be.

Where do we exert our energies? Do we spend our lives searching for everything we already have? Are we concentrating on the choices we made yesterday rather than the choices we can make right now? If we answer yes to any of these questions it is very important for us to go on. The Universe has brought us together for one specific reason. We are about to realize All that we are created to be. Here we will experience our Being!

So many people young and old struggle with Truth every day. They fail to recognize the obvious from within and instead fixate on the external world around them. Being will dispel the many myths that exist in our shared physical realm of existence and make us immune to the disease of the illusion. In teaching how to manipulate the thoughts which create our delusions we will in fact begin to intentionally create our own world.

It is important to remember to forget all that we have learned as we enter into this place of enlightenment. For it is only with a blank slate and an open mind will we be able to grasp the incredible powers within All. By clearing our minds of our previous perceptions we will be gifted with wisdom and guided to exactly where we are meant to be.

Systems of Manifestation

Middle Self to Lower Self to Higher Self (New Age)

Conscious to subconscious to super-conscious (Psychology)

Holy Spirit to Jesus to God (Christianity).

* Keep in mind that the Holy Spirit lives in Us.

1) Ask

2) Believe

3) Receive

Matthew 21:21-22

In a lifetime of experience and investigation I have found that the New Age System and Psychological System rarely achieve the level of permanent transformation facilitated by Christianity. It would seem that the abundance of Biblical principles combined with Scriptural laws meant to guide has given this system a phenomenal advantage over the other two systems. In addition, the speed of the manifestation process is significantly increased when asking in the name of Jesus. A side effect of following these principles is a direct connection to Spirit. This connection is what activates Divine Guidance via many heavenly beings and elevates the follower to an advanced stage of immediate manifestation.

(John 16:23 King James Version) And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you.

Truth and Freedom

When we are ready for Truth It will find us.

Over the last few weeks we have discussed the importance of gratitude and forgiveness. These are both two very crucial elements of achieving Supreme spirituality. If we wish to connect to God’s energy adopting these characteristics will be a prerequisite. The next hurdle in our infinite ascension will involve our realization or the truth within us.

Truth can be a very illusive thing in this physical realm of existence. By the power given to us to manifest our own realities we can and usually do unintentionally create experiences which we do not want. In the process of doing so it becomes very easy for us to lose track of what is real and what is not.

The words that we speak about ourselves and others set the stage for the play in which we are the players. Lying to ourselves and to others is a very slippery slop which can very creatively and efficiently cause us to spiral downward. Words create things! They are thoughts which are verbalized and verbalization reinforces thought. This is what makes affirmation so powerful.

You see, as we affirm verbally either what we want or what we don’t want these wishes are reinforced in two ways. First, with the powerful emotions associated with thought the energy of creation is pushed forward and the process that will culminate in the manifestation of our request begins. This is by the power of our inner ear. Second, our outer ears hear the request and the motion to facilitate the request is put into effect. The verbalization adds incredible strength to the call. First there was the Word and the Word was God!

Understanding that we are smaller fields of energy existing in a larger field of energy will be necessary for us to grasp the relationship between what we affirm as being and what is being. We are all connected to each other via a vast field of energy which hovers over the earth. In the process of our ascension there will be various levels of connectivity over this wireless network. This is what I refer to as the intensity of our connection to God’s energy.

Collectively there is nothing that we cannot create. After all, this is our job here in this physical realm of existence. We are created to create. Our goal here should be Unity with All and One. In Unity comes the power of the One. This is the collective consciousness which we must become to fulfill what must be. This is God in Us and what Jesus referred to as the Kingdom within.

The obstacle will be our battle with Ego. This enemy of ours is very sensitive to how it is perceived by others. It is very common for us to cater to Ego by building ourselves up through tearing others down, making alternate excuses for situations and circumstance and by blaming others for the errors we have made. Sin is error and must be reconciled.

Why does it become so easy for us to get lost in our lies? It is because through our affirmations we have begun to take these lies as truths. We have spoken these lies to those around us and they have taken our fabrication as truths too. Now we have heard it within and without and begun the manifestation of what will be our experience. Even more powerful is that we have now enlisted the participation of others in the lies which will become our lives. You see, we all love to share our issues with those around us to gain an outside perspective or to enlist the opinions and advice of others. This is a very dangerous model.

Why would this be a problem? It is because those who we now ask for advice will base their suggestions on the words we have said. We have given them a warped perception of the situation, circumstance or relationship which we are now discussing. Any advice that they give us will be wrong and if we continually follow the wrong advice we will constantly make the wrong choices. Since our lives are composed of our choices we will in fact be creating a life that we do not want.

The other issues with lies are that we may be alienating a person that the Universe has brought into our lives to help us. Our false perceptions have made a friend an enemy. Now everything that this person attempts to do for us is put through that filter and only the lies pass through it and carry on into our minds. It is like someone is throwing us a life preserve that we believe is an anchor.

The rain falls upon the just and the unjust, but the righteous are nourished by it and the wicked are drowned in it.

We must plant what we wish to harvest. Nobody plants corn and expects to gather wheat. The thing is that we will not realize what we have sown until it has set its roots deep in the soil, broken through the earth and sprouted up around us. Whether it is the seed of the truth or of the lie is what will dictate what we will experience.

We must keep love in our hearts, appreciation in our souls and consideration in our “Being”. In this we are grounded in virtue and released from sin. All things perceived as advantage or disadvantage will serve to enlighten us and help us to grow.

Through virtue comes the greatest reward.

By coming to grips with the truth we can and will find Peace and Promise. It is the Truth that sets us free. As we free ourselves from self imposed spiritual imprisonment we can easily reach new heights in our infinite ascension. Our path is cleared and we are now working efficiently with each other and the vast field of energy in which we all exist.

(John 8:32 The Message) Then Jesus turned to the Jews who had claimed to believe in him. “If you stick with this, living out what I tell you, you are my disciples for sure. Then you will experience for yourselves the truth, and the truth will free you.”

Courage or Cowardice

Courage is the ability to move through fear and cowardice is submitting to it. In order for us to move forward into our infinite ascension we must continually condition ourselves to move through fear and into the Promise. We must recognize all that we have been blessed with in the past and present in order to realize that we will continually be Divinely protected into the future. As we look back at all that we have been through it become more apparent that we have survived and are more than capable of continuing our journey of infinite enlightenment. By standing frozen in fear we forfeit the Promise and fail to be all that we are created to be.

Let it Rain

The rain falls upon the just and the unjust, but the righteous are nourished by it and the wicked are drowned in it. As we adhere to what is good; what is good will adhere to us. In this we create a magnetic force which is powered by the highest of vibrations. In this action of becoming emotionally immersed in love, joy and peace we attract all that is loving, joyful and peaceful into our consciousness.

Ears to Hear

Recently I spoke of our individual experiences here on this earthly realm of existence in my essay Let them have it. Our perceptions create our realities and because of this what is truth for one may not be truth for another. Loving, caring, feeling and wanting the best for them does not change this fact. This is their experience!

Our lives are a journey of discovery and believe it or not, prior to our conception, we chose the stage for our situations and circumstances to play out. We made a conscious decision while in the spiritual realm that we would experience everything we are experiencing right now in order to work out prior conflicts within ourselves while interacting with others. It was no spin of the roulette wheel.

Simply stated, if we believe water is fire we will never bathe. Our souls will never be cleansed and we will never discover the Truth that we all seek, but there is a reason for this. There is something within us known as the Ego of which we must conquer in order to complete what must be completed in our infinite journey of ascension. When we do we will realize that the fire is really water and we will drink, bathe and enjoy it for all that it is.

Jesus often stated, “Those who have ears to hear let them hear” and knew that at times we are not receptive to truth. The Ego has the power to blind us and make us deaf to the Truth. It is up to us to receive and allow for It to enter. We could spend hours or decades trying to get through to those that we love, but we will only create more barriers between us. The door will remained locked from the inside, furniture will be pushed up against it and soon that door may never be found by them again.

Sometimes loving is letting go. We must relinquish control and trust that when God wants those people, relationships and lives to be healed they will be. Who knows, it just may be our own Ego getting in the way of His plan. We could be the ones adding hours or even decades to their healing.

This may be the most difficult thing we may ever have to do. Our hearts will weep from the inside out. Time will pass and we will not be able to reclaim it. Yet, if we continue to push at that door the door will only push back. We will only injure ourselves by straining our hearts, souls and spirits and end up forfeiting the joy of the NOW.

“Sometimes, we have to let it all go and allow them to help themselves. It is told that even Jesus couldn’t do great miracles in his hometown. You see those who know us personally often look at us as just a family member or a friend. They really don’t connect with us in that healing sort of way. Sometimes, we have to stand aside and allow them to live the life they want to live. I am sure you have heard the saying, “If ain’t broke…don’t fix it.” Well, if people do not think they are broken, no-one will ever convince them they need fixing.

When we try to fix those who don’t feel they are broken, they just turn right around and do the exact opposite of what we want for them. Then, we are the ones who-in turn-become hurt because we begin to question our abilities and gifts.

Sometimes, when we want those people to change into what we want them to be, we end up controlling them and that is no good either. You see, each individual came to this earth to experience who they want to be. I used to think it was my responsibility to change people (including my family). But now, through many failed attempts, I realize I am here to inspire people to want change in them. People respond better to inspiration.

Just love them and hope that someone (at some time) can inspire them to want change in themselves. That is the type of change that will last forever!”

 –Michael Merritt

I had to thank Michael for this reminder. He was absolutely correct. I just wrote about exactly that last week in Let them have it on my blog but failed to see how it applied to the situation I had been struggling with. I guess it is because of the constant cries for help I receive from the person in this scenario. Bottom line is that they really only want the answers they want and mine do not fill their order. I was just feeding into what they were laying out.

It’s their experience and we must let them have it. We make our choices and live our lives in order to experience what we need for our journey and ascension. Others may not be who we want them to be, but they are Being all that they are created to be.

During the holiday season it is important for us to remember to appreciate everyone for exactly who they are. Diversity is the spice of life. Besides, who wants a bag full of the same kind of candy? There is something wonderful about everyone. Concentrate on their Gifts, relish in all that they are and appreciate with the utmost gratitude the opportunities they have given us for contrast.

In faith always,

Ron Ash

The Story of Our Experience

So, we all know the story of our experience. Next we must find the story we want to tell. All the power of change is in the NOW. It exists in the moment before thought and is all that is real. Here is where God is and will always be. It is in the NOW that we can turn our lives around on a dime.

First things first, we must have a clear vision of what we want. This is the most difficult thing for most of us. We think we know what we want, but often it is what others want for us. So, let’s get clear on what we want.

The next thing we need to do is feel the emotions associated with our visions. In this instant, the moment before thought, in the NOW, we must experience the happiness, joy and excitement of living the life we dream of. We must feel as if we already have what it is we asked for.

Now we must do some very important exercises. We need to affirm what it is that we have or what it is that we are. Being consistent and clear is very important when we are working with God’s energy. This is how He uses us to create and experience.

(Matthew 21:22 Amplified Bible) And whatever you ask for in prayer, having faith and [really] believing, you will receive.

We often speak of being “Spirit Filled” and I am assuming that we are speaking of our connection to Spirit and His surge of energy which is flowing through us. If this is true I am very happy for those who do because this is the beginning of a connection that will enable us to create through the Creator of all things.

We are smaller fields of energy existing in a larger field of energy. This is why when we think of people we hear from them. How many calls have we all received from a person we were just thinking of? In this we are unintentionally creating our experience. We must get intentional!

The key to Being all that we are created to be is our emotions. Love is the emotion which vibrates at the highest level. This is why when we think of a loved one with joy in our hearts we often hear from them. Love is an incredibly powerful tool of creation. Love is appreciation and respect is consideration. Encouragement encompasses all of these things and will increase our vibration exponentially.

(1 Thessalonians 5:11 New International Version) Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

The most important thing is to remain full of gratitude because gratitude nurtures love. When we are appreciated we tend to want to do bigger and better things for those who appreciate us. This is a big thing to God. We must concentrate on all that we have and not dwell on what we don’t. We must relish in all that we are, not in what we are not. Also, we must never speak of what we don’t want and most importantly we must never feel the emotions associated with what we don’t want. This will turn us into a magnet for what we don’t want and signal Heaven to give us more of what we don’t want. The sad thing is that we are very good at getting what we don’t want and easily associate and become consumed with all the feelings and emotions associated with the things we don’t want. Instead we need to look up to where we want to be and experience all the emotions associated with that. In this Now moment we have the power to create our experience.