Too Good to Be True

Too Good to Be True 

Sometimes when it seems too good to be true it’s God. 

It is funny how often we are tricked into believing that when it seems too good to be true it probably is.  Especially when we consider how big our God is and how capable he is at bringing Grace into our lives.  I guess it all comes down to trust; trusting in God is the key to opening the windows of opportunity in our lives. 

The word window really is the perfect pick of words to describe a common element of our infinite ascension.  There are specific times that God sends us exactly what we have been praying for in His own impeccable timing.  However, if we are too careful or not careful enough we may just miss the blessing. 

You see, we need to quiet down the chatter in our minds and use all six of our senses to identify the resources we are given.  Remember, there are no coincidences with God; everything for a reason.  Once we get our ego out of the way and relinquish our way to His; incredible opportunities will present themselves.  The odd thing is that they will usually be the short cut we were not looking for. 

Recently, I was speaking to a new friend who owns a religious bookstore in town.  Tom is also a firm believer in there being no coincidences in our journey with God.  I had just wandered into his store that day looking to pass a little time before picking my daughter up from school.  We began to converse on the availability of several products when I at some point mentioned a commercial property I owned nearby.  He asked me to wait a moment while he took a call and assisted a customer so I went about my browsing.  After he finished he mentioned that he and another tenant in the building were interested in relocating and would like to view my building.  The tenant he spoke of owned an auto accessories store the next door down. 

I had spoken to the owner of that store about a year ago.  He had just rented the store and begun to do some improvements the day I walked it.  The walls had just been pained and the counter was just being installed.  I introduced myself and mentioned that I owned a similar business about a mile away just over the town line. 

My interest in that business has dissipated over the years.  Once I received my calling to serve God through my writing and evangelism I was no longer being allowed to function in any aspect of that business.  It sounds kind of crazy and believe me I could not understand it at first either, but there was something blocking me from continuing in the daily operation of that business.  I would get behind the counter as I always had for the past seventeen years yet was unable to function as I always had been able to.  The only word I could use to describe it is blockage.  I had an extreme blockage that would not let me continue in that profession.  God had already ordained me to do something else and there was no going back. 

Here is where things get really interesting.  I right there and then felt compelled to offer my business to the newbie auto accessories merchant.  I said, “Listen, I have a successful auto accessories store right up the road.  I am willing to lease it to you fully equipped with the inventory on consignment.”  I left him my name and number and went on my way.  I had presented him with an incredible opportunity.  He would have benefited from seventeen years worth of customers that have been visiting the same location for over twelve years.  Instead he ignored what probably was the answer to his prayers for a successful business.  He did not recognize it because it was not his way.  He imagined building up a new business one customer at a time, but God had a bigger and better plan.  Our Father planed to give him a seventeen year head start on collecting a customer base before he even opened his store.  Wow!  I am filled with awe as I write this.  He is such a credible and incredible God. 

The opportunity was not taken and another would benefit from the Gift that was not received.  As I’ve said prior.  Nothing is wasted.  What we do not accept is given to someone else. 

Fear is the biggest blocker of blessings.  We really need to understand that when we are in total alignment with the Word, God will be our shield.  Even if we are taken advantage of in some situation He will take from the one who hurts us and multiply the blessing back to us.  It is the science of Faith.  This is law!  When we accept this as it is leaving all doubt and fear behind we are elevated to a level of immediate manifestation.  God loves speed!  The key is in us.  We must trust the vessel and follow our GGS (God Guidance System). 

Fear is useless. What is needed is trust.”  -Fr. John Corapi 

In faith always, 

Ron Ash


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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