In all of us exists a story waiting to be told, wisdom ready to be shared.  The struggle has always been in the how.  How to get the story “Out of You” will be shared in this enlightening workshop.  Learn the simple steps to bringing your dream book to reality.  Author Ron Ash will share straightforward steps to writing, publishing and distributing a book that will convey your Gift to those who share your passion.  Through simple daily practices your book will unfold.  Whether you are already writing or have never written before is of no consequence.  Through the “Out of You” workshop series you will discover the book in you.  Participants can chose to write their own book or to collaborate with a group on a single publication.  Many publishing options will be discussed and explained throughout the series.  Most importantly through this series you will have authored or coauthored a published book or eBook available for purchase worldwide through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle and more.  Reach your audience, build your platform and share your dream.  The “Out of You” workshop series. For more information or to schedule at your venue email or call 1-347-537-GIFT

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