If your motivation for financial success comes from the fear of being broke than your concentration is on being broke and your possibilities for success will be greatly diminished. You may succeed, but if your success is based on the feelings and emotions associated with financial freedom, joyous experiences and endless supply you will be free of fear and success will be immanent. www.TheIntuitiveLifeCoach.me

New Years Eve is symbolic of life’s many endings and new beginnings. In Hinduism Kāli is the Goddess of time, change, power and destruction, but without destruction there cannot be rebirth. So, Kāli is really the Goddess of rebirth as well. There cannot be a new beginning without the ending of the old. In Christianity Jesus had to die through crucifixion to experience resurrection. Again, the destruction of the temple which was rebuilt in three days. You see, these things are a characteristic of life, There will always be endings and beginnings that follow. A new year is only our annual symbolic representation of that change. It’s nothing more than an opportunity to experience those changes that we all experience throughout our lifetimes. With these things in mind, be blessed and at piece as 2014 ends and 2015 begins. How we deal with change will have everything to do with how we experience life. Love & Life, Ron Ash

Dating in the forties is a problem just waiting to happen. It seems like men just want to “play” and women want to “stay”. Truthfully, I don’t think men or women in their forties know what they want. It seems like they only think they know. The best course of action is to enjoy each interaction for what it is. Sooner or later the right person will show up. Try to stay away from “type casting” your potential companion. For example, “A good man or woman does this or that” and never make your new interest pay for the errors of the last. You shouldn’t put love in a box in your forties. We’ve all “been there done that” and now it’s our time. Also, be honest with yourself and share what you’d like from your potential love interest right out of the gate. This way if they are not up to it you won’t be wasting each others time. Most importantly, know your value! We are more than our looks. Our value goes beyond our sex appeal. There are qualities within us all that will stand the test of time. You’d probably be very surprised what men in their forties see as beautiful. All you really need to do is be the light that you are and everything else will fall into place.  Be Peace, Ron Ash

The best way to predict the future is to create it. The Intuitive Life Coach takes a Metaphysical approach to life coaching; identifying root issues, accessing key problems and formulating a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven intuitive coaching techniques The Intuitive Life Coach will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams…author, counselor, teacher… Ron Ash is The Intuitive Life Coach.

Ron Ash has worked as a life coach for over six years teaching and speaking locally, nationally and internationally. He has performed highly in all areas in intuitive assessment tests. He has worked with the upper echelon of international spiritual teachers, writers and directors in the fields of Metaphysics and life after death phenomenon including Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Vitale, Joseph LoBrutto, Anita Moorjani and Paul Davids .

The Power in You

Truth lg

In life we have had many influences which have molded are beliefs in who we are and in what we can or cannot become.  In truth there are no limits other than those we impose upon ourselves.  We can move away from these preconceived notions of our Being in this very moment if we so chose.  All we need to do is open our mind, heart and spirit and begin to move forward confidently towards the answers we seek.

In the beginning there existed one Power one Source one Creator of all things which many of us ever so lovingly refer to as God.  Understanding this Source of All and One is the key to becoming all that we are created to be.  You see, we were created by and in the image of a perfect Creator and as such have always been as Perfect as I Am.  Perfection is not capable of imperfection.  It is only our belief that we are less than God that creates the experience of imperfection.

Our experiences are only a reality for us.  Well, this is at least true on a spiritual level.  It can be true on a physical level in regards to how we look back at the event, but in truth physical trauma is a reality for the one who has experienced it.  It is a reality that can contribute to our experience in this lifetime as well as the lifetimes to come unless we take the necessary steps to remove it.

Let’s get back to the spiritual experience which is creating constantly via our thoughts, feelings and emotions.  These experiences begin as beliefs.  As Henry Ford proclaimed, “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”  If you believe you can’t you will most likely never try.  Why would you?  In that case you would only be wasting your time and maybe even your money.  Think back to anything you have ever accomplished in your lifetime.  Really, anything you would like.  We have all accomplished so much in our lives.  Even the thought of getting that morning cup of coffee evokes the principle of thoughts creating an experience.  We wake up think about how great a hot and tasty cup of java will be and that prompts us to take the necessary steps to hold that cup of coffee in our hands.  We actually are seeing and experiencing how nice it will be for us.  Now what do you want right Now?  Whatever it is as we believe we will have it we eventually will.

There are many beliefs that we have held dear for many years.  We are creatures of creation that attach ourselves to outcome.  We have an idea of what we want and what it will take to get there.  We think we know if we can or can’t do it.  Most often we feel in our heart the pains associated with failure that correspond directly to these feelings and emotions.  This is what creates our experience.  Every word and statement that we accept externally from others or internally from ourselves will continually contribute to our beliefs if we allow them to.

Ask yourself what you believe and if it does not line up with what you believe for it is time to evaluate and change those beliefs.  We can’t believe we can and we can’t at the same time.  The power is in us to be the perfection we are or the imperfection we only think we are.  Remember, the original sin was not the wanting to be as powerful as God but believing we were imperfect and less capable than God.

Be Love because Love becomes You

Ron Ash

Fight or Unite

Fight or Unite

When a squirrel is breaking into your bird feeder you can either engage him in battle or give him some nuts.

It is very strange how Universal law is revealed to us sometimes.  We only can really take partial credit for what comes to us and are always obligated to pass these things on to All without hesitation.  You see, we are all One.

I looked out my kitchen window and noticed a squirrel eating some nuts on the back lawn which abuts the wooded area of my lot.  Recalling a terrible jar of peanuts I had purchased the night before and reminded of my final decision as to what to do with them; a secondary epiphany came to mind.

Several years back I decided to stop feeding the birds.  It just seemed to be a losing battle for me.   One birdfeeder after another was being destroyed by my fury little nemesis’s.  Oh let me tell you; as those who have read by books most certainly know what a battle of wits it has been.  There were days when I got the best of them and others do to their persistence and diligence, that they got the best of me.  All in all, looking back I can honestly say they caused me more goodness than harm, but what of the birds?

I love the energy the birds brought into my yard all year round.  Although the summer and spring are always alive with my fine feathered friends in the winter they become few and far between. Winter in New England brings forth a landscape that is sparsely colored.  However, when the finch seed, sunflower and suet is hung the whitened ground, grey skies and trees absent of foliage become alive with color eternally.

What was this incredible blessed epiphany you ask?  Well, why not just feed the squirrel those unpalatable peanuts I bought from Benny’s for $1.88?  The answer was a resounding, “Of Course!”  I hated to waste them and honestly they were not even good enough to donate to the local food pantry.  I would not subject anyone’s taste buds to such a jar of nuts.  Plainly speaking; I may have been taken in on grounds of abuse, taste bud abuse that is.

I began to think past the terrible peanuts and really began to see that at no cost to me I could continue to feed them what they crave.  The mission’s roof is about 4500 sq ft and surrounded by huge oak trees that have generously be relinquishing unwanted acorns all over the it for years.  Instead of filling up buckets with them and paying to through them away I will now commit myself to doing a good deed for those little grey fury tailed critters.  Of course I will be replacing my birdfeeders as soon as I can.

Most importantly what was Spirit telling us from this?  Well, most messages from Spirit prove to be multi dimensional and have more than one meaning, but today I can only speak of one.  We all have issues we are dealing with every day, right?  The thing we must realize is that if we continually deal with them the same way we will most likely end up with the same results.  So, let’s start a new habit!  From now on let’s step back from the problem and ask ourselves why it is occurring.  Honestly, we can’t come up with a valid solution until we identify the real issue.  We can either fight or unite.

Sword of Forgiveness

There is no steel stronger than the sword of forgiveness. Its wielding is victory and in every throw is hope.


There are several decisions we will make along the course of our journey.  Some will have a major impact on our Being and others will have an effect that is barely noticeable.  Of all there is only one that has the potential for launching us forward powerfully and efficiently.


Forgiveness is a double edged sword.  It releases us from the past and enables us to experience the Now and sets the tone for what is yet to be.  This is the easiest and most difficult thing for humans to understand, but it is a necessity of effective travel.


You see, the thing that makes us unwilling to consider forgiveness is the illusion that blame is really just a form of retaliation upon the soul, spirit and mind of the person we choose to not forgive.  The reality is often a little harder for many to accept.  What is that reality?  Well, in most cases the person whom we are begrudging is not affected by our blame in any way and in the other cases they will adopt a way of removing their concentration on our blame by redirecting their thoughts away from us, the incident and any blame that has been placed on them.  In fact, many times they will have little or no understanding of what we believe they need forgiveness from.  Over time this becomes more apparent and is gradually etched in stone.


As any of us affirm that we have done no wrong or justify the wrong doing; the wrong doing slowly slips away.  Our reality is really ours alone and regardless of the Truth that exists in our reality it is still our reality.  It is only what we have come to accept as Truth.


So, regardless of how strongly we hold the feelings, emotions and thoughts of the situation in which we perceive we have been done a terrible wrong; the Ego of the other individual will not be affected by us.  They will only experience the reality that their own Egos have allowed them to accept.  This may or may not be to their own dismay, yet holding a grudge against them will definitely be to our own.


We are in control of what we experience and when we concentrate on the bad experiences we relive them continually.  In a way we marry that past memory as we continually feel the emotions associated in it with the essence of all that we are.  As we become consumed with the negative energy of that past experience we forfeit the joy we could be feeling in the Now and submit to displeasing emotions continually.  In a way we have our arms filled with everything we don’t want and are unable to pickup and carry the love, happiness and fulfillment that sit lying at our feet.


Forgiveness gives us the ability to lighten the load and move forward confidently with Life.  Life only exists in the Now.  In the moment before thought It Is!  We can concentrate on the nonexistent past, speculate about the future or live today in this very moment while relishing in all that is real.  Happiness is a choice.  Forgiveness is a choice.  As we choose correctly we proceed directly to the Promise that is ours.

Ron’s “Cast of Characters” Review

Ron’s “Cast of Characters” Review

Max Lucado’s book Cast of Character is an interesting take on many of the most talked about people in the Bible.  He puts into his own words the personas of each individual as well as their unique struggles and conquests over life diversities.  Through it all God comes through for them and provides in ways that were not always considered.  In short, in Faith they were willing to walk through fear and into Promise.

I liked the premise of this book and found it to be somewhat entertaining.  As always, Lucado’s unique voice is apparent from chapter to chapter.  He enlightens us about the lives and personalities of the disciple’s and apostles as well as a multitude of other players throughout scripture.  Max does well to paint the reader a picture of the human side of each and every one of them by portraying them as closely as he could to those of this age.

As far as great reads I would have to say he misses the mark.  I found it very difficult to get through the book and found it very easy to put down.  There was nothing that grabbed me and caused me to yearn to read more.  It was a book that I chose to read between books.

Cast of Characters may be a better book for a biblical novice who is just opening their eyes and hearts.  It would be a great tool to help a new reader grasp the implications of modern struggle by exhibiting the similarities and exhibit the realism of them in a light of modern days.  Readers will find themselves and those they know in the characters discussed in this book making the biblical stories easier to relate to.

Again, it is not that this is not a good book.  It just was not the right book for me.

Single Sided

Single Sided

Sharing one side of the story with others will yield single sided opinions. A single sided house will not stand. Remember, there are three sides to every story our side their side and the Truth. So, be very careful to never share a shaving of the truth. Those shavings will only serve to clog the drain and leave you with a sink full of split hairs.

To every problem there is a root, but if we only prune the weed it will only grow back stronger. We must honestly consider all possibilities. Yes, even the possibility that we are wrong. Most of the problems we are dealing with today took root a long time ago. It takes time for a seed to take root. The trick is to remember exactly what it was that we planted.

Did we sow hope, love, peace and truth or did we settle for something less? Were we planting the seed of the fruit we thought we wanted? Most likely if we are reaping what we do not want it is because we planted what we only thought would satisfy us. Ego may have convinced us that the sand was water and left us wondering why our thirst unquenched.

It’s very easy to take what seems to be so obvious and move in that direction, yet many times these things are only illusions. Illusions are delusions that cause disillusion. We see what we think we want, only to find that we have chased the shiny lure and been left unsatisfied.

The only way to find the Truth is to look inside us. The heart has no room for illusion. It is the mind that can make us believe and allow us to deceive. In this we look at what others have and want it. From here we feel that we are less than who we really are without it. Looking within will yield the greatness that we may be missing in our lives.

The world is a piece of the Universe, but the Universe is the peace of the world. We will never find what we truly seek in a piece of something small because the answer is in something beyond the physical. We feel something is missing because It is.

To find it we must be open minded and willing to receive. Communication is a two way street. When the road is blocked so is the communication. Therefore, we must open the flood gates and allow the information to flow through us. Whether we believe in gravity or not we are still subject to the consequences of it. It is the same with Truth; accepted or not it is still Truth. When we choose the lie we die.

We will never see the solution if we refuse to hear the problem. This is what will cause the death in us if we allow it to. Not a physical death necessarily, but a spiritual death absolutely. Things we cherish will quickly fall by the wayside because we believe that fire is cool, water is dry and the air is toxic. We react incorrectly in every given situation. Taking lies as Truths will always yield the wrong decision. The creation of our experience is by our own thoughts, words and actions. The only way out is to extract the root of what we had planted and start anew. We will only reap what we have sown.