Paths of Purpose

Paths of Purpose

People will come into our lives and go out of our lives for different reasons. The biggest thing is for us to always understand that this is all for an incredible purpose. Most often it is to teach us something that we will need to know in order to continue our journey. It may be to help us to better empathize with others who are going through similar situations, it may be to bring a strength or gift out of us that we never knew we had or it may just mean that what needed to be has already been.

Although some are here to receive love and support from us; we are often recipients of the same from them. You see maybe they just needed to experience what they had been longing for just long enough to find out that it was not what they thought it would be. Now they no longer have to carry that illusion around with them any longer. We learned what we had to learn from each other and now will benefit from the knowledge gained through that experience. They are greater souls now for having known us and our spirit will forever inhabit their heart.

Timing is everything with God and as we accept this we will continually be blessed infinitely. God can use us in such incredible ways in the lives of those around us and gives us incredible gifts in our experiences with them. Those we work with will one day complete the purpose we had in their lives and will then take everything we taught them to others. This is an incredible thing! I know it is not always easy when those we grow attached to leave us but it is all part of the process. I go through it all the time working with troubled teens. Enlightening them is what I am ordained to do and soon after, they begin to grow and become all that they are created to be. One day they complete the program and go off on their own. They are always in my heart and in my prayers. We are always connected via God’s energy.

I have helped so many children through working in various programs. Thinking back to my first major experience I am reminded of the first time I realized what this journey was all about. I had just left my business and been guided to an advertisement looking for residential counselors to help troubled teens. One of the worst behaved kids found out that I had written a book and asked me to help him write one; so I did. Something happened to him shortly after. He said to me one day, “I know that God sent you here for me.” Something about me believing in him had changed him inside. Many of the kids shared similar experiences. God had used the failure of my business to bring me to where He needed me. My time there was coming to an end though. I could feel the river pushing me back so I decided to leave. On my last day there George asked to speak to me in private. He said, “Ron, I know that God sent you here to help me. Now God is sending you somewhere else to help more kids. I want you to know that all that you have taught me I am going to teach all the rest of the kids that come into this program.” My job there was done. The torch had been passed. Once the mission is completed God moves us to where He needs us most or He will move others to us.

There are many beginnings in our infinite ascension and we will continually fill many needs. Everything in our lives has happened to bring us to where we are right now. We are going to do some incredible things. Remember, we don’t always realize how far our deeds reach out from us. Those who we touch share with countless others.

We don’t need to grieve over the loss of those who have been close to us, one with us and a huge part of our being because they are always with us. They have just ascended to the next level in their infinite journey. When we think of the special times we shared with each other and visualize their smiling faces they are with us. Love is the most powerful connector.

Now is the time to be still and sit quietly in prayer and meditation. We will see many signs and be guided to our next step. Just stay focused and ask for guidance and clarity. Always be grateful for all that we have and all that we are. Everything will happen as it is supposed to. God’s plan is vast and complex. He knows the most efficient way to get us to where we need to be. Remember, we can have whatever we want; just not the way we want.

In faith always,

Ron Ash


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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