Being Successful

When we are Being all that we are created to be we can’t help but to succeed. Passion is the soul’s recognition of our Gift. This is confirmation that we are on the right path and now we must move forward confidently into our future. Action is required! Fear will hold us back and faith… Continue reading Being Successful

Some Quotes from My Past Writings

Accept the appointment and “dis” the disappointment. You can’t catch a fish if you don’t cast out your line. Often it is the mundane which introduces us to the spectacular. What we envision today will bring us what we will hold tomorrow. Often a greater purpose is discovered via the byproduct of an intended objective.… Continue reading Some Quotes from My Past Writings

Being with Ron Ash, September 5th 7pm-8pm EST, AM 1510 Boston “The Revolution”

All about Dreams There are many types of dreams and many different meanings associated with them. Some dreams are visions, others are messages meant to guide us and many times they are moments between realms where we are visited by an ascended loved one, Angel or Messenger. The Bible is loaded with scripture that had… Continue reading Being with Ron Ash, September 5th 7pm-8pm EST, AM 1510 Boston “The Revolution”


Take not one word at face value Seek Truth of all that is heard Believe only that which is written Find Truth in the Word Many will take what is needed Making their certain point be proved It is in the context misleading Given as Divine facts not true Look not only at a single… Continue reading Verification

Our Call

Our Call I believe in my dreams with all of my heart. My faith is my virtue. My truth is my soul. My hope surrounds me. To the white light I Am called. I come as a child innocent of all. I’ve suffered, surrendered and succeeded through it all. There is no doubt worth giving… Continue reading Our Call