Invisible Fences

I was walking my dog yesterday by this farm across from my friend Ron’s house when I was blessed with an epiphany. You see the people next door have a couple of dogs who were trained by the Invisible Fence people. They get to a certain point in the yard and stop dead. It was… Continue reading Invisible Fences

Unbridled Possibilities

Unbridled Possibilities Sometimes we just get inspired by the magic of the Universe.  It comes from the people who not so coincidentally cross our paths and without knowing it facilitate our direction in some way.  Inspiration…hmmm…we will never really know how many we have inspired and most often forget those who have inspired us.  Inspiration… Continue reading Unbridled Possibilities

The Engine

The Engine As we open the hood of a vehicle and look inside; what do we see?  What is the purpose of it all?  If it is a performance car its job is to produce horsepower.  As the horsepower increases so does the degree of satisfaction the driver experiences. This does not take place randomly. … Continue reading The Engine