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The Shiny Lure

There once was a boy who cast out his line. On the end of that line was a shiny lure. He caught one fish after another. Some fish were returned to the water hungry. Others were brought to the table and filleted. The only fish that flourished were those who chose to ignore the illusion. They knew Truth. They enjoyed Freedom. They experienced Paradise. -Ron Ash

We Think, We Are

We are all we think we are, but in reality we are so much more than we could ever imagine. Our thoughts create a reality in our minds that can either move us forward or hold us back. Many of us are only restricted by what we earnestly believe is not possible. In truth all things are possible. The only limits are those which we place on ourselves.

It can be tricky at times to release ourselves from this self imposed bondage. We can feed on both positive and negative environmental input. Those around us can easily influence our realities by imposing their realities on us. This is why it is so very important to maintain a safe distance from those who hold a negative outlook on the world around them.

One of the most important rolls we have to counteract these projectors of unreality is to take the time to meditate. In a conscious state of meditation we have in fact removed ourselves from the illusions associated with environmental influences. In this state we easily find our way back to the only thing that is real. In the Now we can create in a nonrestrictive environment. Creation is our job.

Whether we are aware of it or not we are all constantly creating. Our lives and the experiences associated with them all begin in a tiny moment before thought. If we choose to concentrate on what we can’t do rather than what we can do; we will begin to build a bridge to exactly where we don’t want to be. In this we will find ourselves imprisoned by the limitations we have placed in our own minds. We have built the walls and placed a ceiling restricting us from our potential for Being. However, when we realize that we are limitless beings existing on a multitude of levels it becomes clear that we can be all that we are created to be. In this we begin to build a bridge to our dreams.

From the Now moments in our lives, we have the unlimited potential to create whatever we wish our lives to be. The thing is that we must be willing to act on this opportunity. The choice is ours. We can choose happiness or despair, prosperity or poverty and we can be the victim or become victorious. Being grateful for all the good in our lives at this present moment is the best way to begin. The appreciation for all that we have to be thankful for will set the stage for more of the same to come into our experience. In this we ignite our creation with the feelings and emotions associated with happiness, prosperity and of being victorious.

The next step in working in the Now is to affirm exactly what we want to come into our lives. I Am, I Am, I Am __________, and all that it means to be. It is really just a matter of filling in the blank with whatever we want to be and experiencing all the emotions associated with being just that. Feeling what it is like to be what we are proclaiming we already are is the key to successful affirmation.

Now that we can feel it we can begin the process of seeing it. Visualization is the process of seeing through the looking glass at the life you are affirming you already have. The subconscious does not know the difference between what has manifested and what will manifest into our lives. It just knows what it can feel and see. It is up to us to fill it up with the information necessary to create the reality we wish. By creating a movie in our mind we are accomplishing this. Storyboards are how movies are created. Individual scenes create a whole movie. What we need to do is incorporate the art of movie making into our visualization process. This motion picture combined with our affirmations is the most powerful tool for manifesting our dreams into reality. We are using all our feelings and emotions combined with sight and sound to catapult us into our intended experience. By continually affirming and visualizing what we want as if it is already here we send a rift of energy out into the universe that gains momentum and sets the construction of our dreams in motion. As we see it and feel it as if it is already ours we multiply the speed and efficiency of the manifestation process.

Be thankful for all that is received prior to the full volition of the experience. Relish in all that we are and in all we can be. Experience the wonders which exist in every situation and circumstance knowing that it is all for a reason, a purpose and a prize. All that we need will be supplied to us via the right people who will intersect our path and the perfect opportunities which will carry us across it. The necessities are to trust and to act on all these chances to ignite our dreams. Replace fear with faith and move forward into Promise. We can only be as spectacular as our most fantastic dreams.

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All about Dreams

There are many types of dreams and many different meanings associated with them. Some dreams are visions, others are messages meant to guide us and many times they are moments between realms where we are visited by an ascended loved one, Angel or Messenger. The Bible is loaded with scripture that had profound effects on the lives of those who experienced the messengers and interpreted the messages and visions that came forth from dreams. Understanding dreams is an important part of Being all that we are created to be. Join me and my guest Authors Elisa Velasquez and Jacob Israel for an incredible credible look at dreams. You may preview their books on via the “Look Inside” feature.

Elisa Velasquez
As a teacher, writer, artist, pianist, and composer, her desire is to inspire, encourage, and open hearts and minds to spiritual enrichment. For over twenty years, she has challenged the religious community, by freely offering Truth and elevating spiritual life through the evocation of Spirit. Her latest book Your Dream Life: Learn the Basics of Dream Interpreting will show readers how to break down dreams, help journal dreams and understand the meanings of symbols, colors, and numbers within dreams.

Jacob Israel
He is the National book award winning author of The Calling: a Voice in the Dead Woods, as well as a Lonestar Emmy, Telly, and N.R.B. award winning television writer and producer. His compelling writing style brings the reader along a fantastic journey that will dwell in their minds for eons. He is a man of great faith and family. Suffering from childhood at the hand of a debilitating disease initiated his quest for life’s meaning. The diligent study of many faiths presented him with a great truth. That Truth brought forth freedom and the realization that everything he endured played its part in creating who he would be.

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