Unbridled Possibilities

Unbridled Possibilities

Sometimes we just get inspired by the magic of the Universe.  It comes from the people who not so coincidentally cross our paths and without knowing it facilitate our direction in some way.  Inspiration…hmmm…we will never really know how many we have inspired and most often forget those who have inspired us.  Inspiration is from the unintended association with a thought, word or even the realization of something pure and true and often comes from the experience we share with those around us.  Maybe inspiration is just a tiny seed that when planted in our minds and nurtured with our thoughts can grow continually and without restriction?  To me it is so much more than looking at what is and saying “That is it” or “This is what I intend to be”, but to be totally inspired and consumed with thought relinquishes what can only be referred to as unbridled possibilities.

I could not tell you how many times the simplest little action has seeded the most profound realizations in my world.  The angels often use those around us to facilitate the messages we pass on to others.  This enables us to inspire others with the knowledge and wisdom which can only come from experience.

All things seemingly good or bad contribute to the infinite expansion of that which is our reality in purpose.  It is how we continually create through the Creator of all that there is.  This is our purpose and the seed of all existence.  All things come from a single idea and from this enlightenment come forth Divine inspiration.

I recall a recent incident in which I observed the actions of a coworker.  He seemed to be in a suspended state of immobility.  By hanging on to what he perceived as his advantage over others and his unwillingness to participate as a team member; he had planted a seed of non advancement.  His only hope was for the failure of others.  In his mind this insured his current position and satisfied the Ego which bound him. 

This brought me the realization of how holding back the good which is within us can only serve to hold us back from reaching the potential beyond us.  You see, we are all a team; a variety of players.  Some of us can shoot three pointers, others can slam dunk and many lead the league in rebounds, but only working together can we emerge victorious and become champions.  Remember the old adage, “There is no ‘I’ in team”, well it applies to everything in the entire Universe.  It is only by helping others to succeed that we reach new levels of our own success.

A coworker and I were speaking about this very thing recently.  At our dealership customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.  Our founder knew without a doubt that by satisfying the customer at all cost profit would follow.  Therefore, we are all subject to a customer satisfaction survey which goes out to our customers shortly after the sale.  The thing is that there is only one passing grade, “Extremely Satisfied” and anything less is a failure.

Well, guess what?  It was not long before we both discovered that no one person can continuously achieve this.  It is up to us, working as a team to achieve this goal.  If one team member rubs the customer the wrong way the failed survey comes back on us individually.  That’s right, on three separate occasions I had achieved exemplary levels of customer satisfaction, as did my coworker, and yet another team member was indicated in the survey as the primary factor in us receiving a failing grade.

In observing the daily operation of the business over a sixty day period I discovered the primary factor that puts off customers.  It is the excessive amount of time spent at the dealership combined with the “perception” of not being treated properly.  Although the individual sales consultant is doing everything in their power to extremely satisfy our guests it is only the perception of not doing so that creates animosity.

The reality of the situation is that the time belongs to the customer.  We are only borrowing their time and are obliged to spend it wisely.  We must all act as a finely tuned engine to create satisfaction.  By leaving them alone for too long, not getting information to them fast enough or just by taking our attention away from them for an inappropriate moment we have planted a seed of dissatisfaction and started a flow of bad perception.  All working simultaneously to satisfy every customer is the only way to create “extremely satisfied” clients.

The insecure coworker will constantly put up road blocks, withhold information about products from coworkers and work against others as much as he can.  I can recall one instance where he actually hid a spare key to a vehicle I was getting ready to deliver.  Miraculously after three times looking for it in the same file drawer and asking a supervisor for help; you know who found the key in the very same place I searched.  Imagine that!

He actually spends the majority of his time thinking of ways to make others look less capable.  The funny thing is that his concentration is split between what he is doing and what he should be doing.  Energy flows where our thoughts go and his thoughts are always on what others are doing or not doing rather than what he should be doing.  The last girl who quit was under his constant scrutiny and harassment.  Now that she’s gone I can already see the shift taking place.  Who will be the next victim?

As we concentrate on lack and what we do not want we get more of it.  His thoughts are always on not enough and on bringing others down.  In order to bring others down we must attempt to push them down.  While we are pushing them down we go right down with them.  Therefore, he is and will continue to be the victim of his own hand.

As we help one another, encourage one another and lift each other up the momentum of our actions bring us to new levels in every area of our existence.  We must pay attention to the things we learn through experience and relish in the inspiration from all things.  For it is in our experience, good and bad that Divine wisdom is gained and we are directed forward to Promise.

1 Corinthians 10:11 (New International Version) These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the fulfillment of the ages has come.


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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