Be Intentional!

When we use our mind to create our future experiences we can travel past the outer reaches of this galaxy.  It is much like the devices we blast through the earth’s atmosphere and send off to “where no man has gone before.”  It is more than the exertion of energy that gets these devices to… Continue reading Be Intentional!

The Detachment Zone

Can other people really make us feel what we don’t want to feel? I guess initially it is possible to be drawn into someone else’s illusions, but truthfully we can opt out. Prior to being sucked in we were feeling wonderful flowing uplifting emotions and then…Bam!!! We just got hit over the head with a… Continue reading The Detachment Zone

Forfeiting Our Joy

Why is it that we chose to give up all that we have today for the possibility of not having it tomorrow?  Fear and worry is robbing us of God’s gifts of grace.  It is in the now that all things truly exist.  We must relish in what we have in this instant. Are we… Continue reading Forfeiting Our Joy