The Detachment Zone

Can other people really make us feel what we don’t want to feel? I guess initially it is possible to be drawn into someone else’s illusions, but truthfully we can opt out. Prior to being sucked in we were feeling wonderful flowing uplifting emotions and then…Bam!!! We just got hit over the head with a baseball bat. Someone is attempting to coax us out of our happy place and if we are not careful we will fall for it hook, line and sinker.

Misery loves company and in order to embellish upon the illusions which they hold so dear they become adamant about dragging us into the detachment zone. Here is where they need us to feel as they feel. Run don’t walk!

What I mean is to concentrate on what you are feeling and not what they are feeling. Concentrating on our perception will create a reality which is in harmony with truth. Think about how good it felt just before they dragged you away to sample their pain.

Sample is a good word. We can take a small bite to see if it is to our like or dislike. Is it bitter, sour or sweet? What are we in the mood for? Finding the sample that makes us feel best will bring us back to truth. The only thing that is real in the here and now. So, take a small bite and if it is not to your liking toss it in the trash. We don’t want to fill up on things we don’t like and not leave any room for the things we do.


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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