Right Now

Right Now

Knowing where we are going or where we have been have little to do with the power that comes from recognizing and appreciating where we are right now.

The strange thing is that many times in my life I have followed the signs and continued to move forward and found myself waiting for the reasons to materialize. I have arrived at the place God wanted be to be without the knowledge of what I was doing there or what I should be doing there. Often the places I am brought to seem to have little or nothing to do with my dreams, yet I still follow the signs with every expectation that the reasons will materialize and they always do.

As we learn to find appreciation and gratitude in all things our vibration increases and we are set to manifest our dreams into reality. Wherever we are we must find and give thanks for every positive element of our present situation and circumstance while understanding and believing without a doubt that it is all part of a greater plan.

Every job we take has the potential for setting the stage for the answer to our prayers. Being amongst others is the perfect recipe for enlightenment. New ideas come from being in different places with different people and by placing our concentration on the “right now” we are best able to discover all that we need to enter the next level of our journey. We can become better equipped for travel. Every skill we learn or person we meet will be an integral part of the Master plan.

We must pay close attention and take nothing for granted. Never put our plan above living in the now! Often we get so caught up in our own little projects that we miss a valuable intersection with an individual that was sent to us to facilitate our ascension. Our need to “make things happen” surpasses the Universal truth that lies in “letting things happen”. We struggle and toil and exert all our energies in a futile attempt to propel ourselves to where we do not belong only to find ourselves pushed back and left with the perception of failure or even worse, a perception of success. In paying attention and in understanding that there exists a reason for everything we will find ourselves knowing we are exactly where we are supposed to be and doing what we should be doing as we allow the infinite progression of that which is our manifestation.

Many times we ask, believe and receive the answers to our prayers without knowing it. In my life this has happened many times. My greatest manifestations come from asking once and never thinking about it again. I guess that is where “without doubt” comes into play.

Most recently I realized that I had received the answer to a prayer that I had forgotten that I prayed. I asked, “Father, you are all knowing and all powerful. There are no limits to your wisdom and abilities. I thank you for all You have blessed me with… I would like to have $20,000 in the next thirty days and ask for it in the name of Jesus. Amen.” A series of events had taken place in which I had asked myself, “Why did this happen” and began to second guess every decision I made in regards to the seemingly terrible series of events which took place. It was only through corrective thinking that I was able to come to grips with and find peace in the catastrophe that I was able to stay on course and allow the facilitation of my request to take place. You see, I acted from my heart and the results seemed to oppose logic. As I acted in goodness a seemingly bad experience had materialized. Guess what? It was all part of His plan. It was nothing that I could not bear and as I accepted the fact that God has a plan and remained steadfast in my faith; my prayer was answered without me even knowing it. Although I recognized the blessing within days, the realization that I actually prayed for the $20,000 did not come to me until weeks later.

We must always remain in faith and adhere to righteousness in all areas of our lives. This is the key to Promise and in being all that we are created to be. In doing good always and without looking for acknowledgment, but constantly trusting the flow of the Universe; we will achieve incredible things.

The stronger our trust is the greater our reward is.

It all comes from accepting that the only thing that is real is the present. It is a Gift and like an oasis in the sand. In this very moment is the power to “Be” and in “Being” we are free.


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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