Fear and Creation

Fear and Creation 

Do you know that the things we fear powerfully with great conviction will come to pass?  It’s true.  When we see these things vividly in our minds and feel them with the essence of all that we are; they quickly come into existence. 

The greatest deception of all time is the fear of possibilities.  All the “What ifs?” in our lives can quickly bring us to the worst case scenario in any given situation.  Fear will catapult us further and further away from Promise and into a tumultuous existence. 

This is how Satan stops us from moving forward.   God extends His loving hands to us bearing fantastic gifts to help us achieve the greatest of greatness.  To glorify Him and to move His incredible plan for us boldly forward.  Yet, we fear losing what we have and thus cast down theses Gifts and dishonor the Father who only wants what is best for us.  The prince of all lies has accomplished his goal of holding back the advancement of the Kingdom via our own free will. 

We are all subject to the law of free will.  Even God made Himself subject to it.  Every spiritual being is subject to this law.  It is only by asking can we receive.  So realize this, that asking by thoughts is just as powerful as requesting with words.  Our thoughts reflect our spirits and our spirits connect us to a powerful network in which all things are one thing.  We put the signal out there.  It is a sealed request that instantly begins the creation of whatever we want or whatever we don’t.  We must efficiently make the necessary corrections in order to receive what is in alignment with our Father’s will. 

I wonder how many Pastors fear the assistance of those that God sends to them.  How many churches could be so much larger, stronger and more efficient at making them more effective in achieving God’s goals for them?  How many have been unknowingly brought down by Satan’s arsenal; his tools of choice being fear and ego? 

Remember, the closer we get to achieving God’s goal for us the stronger Satan will push us back to where he wants us to be.  It will be subtle.  He will be smooth.  Make no mistake about it.  He will do it in small moves and with our cooperation.  We will be the ones granting him access and foiling the plans that our Father has set before us.  Through fear we confer with evil and assist in our own demise.  By our egos we cast away the tools necessary to build the machine which will propel the Kingdom forward at light speeds. 

Why do we block our blessings?  Maybe we fear that what we have will be taken away.  We could be right.  Most likely what we have is good and will be replaced by something bigger and better.  So why do we choose fear and fight against what is promised?  The Truth is that we have been tricked to believe that we are gods.  We have lost faith in the one true God believing that it is up to us to protect those who are already protected.  Perhaps we are running to save the Ark from falling? 

I have had quite a few personal experiences with scenarios in which God had spoke loudly to me and sent me to someone in order to help.  The most common question is, “What do you want from us?”  They have been tricked into believing in “quid, pro, and quo” and foolishly and unknowingly fall prey to their own fears.  They believe in their hearts that nobody does anything without expecting something in return.  This is their lack of faith.  They are lame spirits in need of Truth.  Unknowingly they have failed to adhere to the Word they profess and become victim to an aptitude lacking in understanding and a wisdom that only serves to protect them from peace.

This is not True wisdom.  It is a false wisdom of time governed by Ego and created to halt the advancement of all that must be.  It is wisdom of self destruction, blessing blocking and injustice to the Body and to all that I Am.  

You see, when we are in total alignment with God incredible things will happen quickly and easily.  Walls will be taken down hurdles will be lowered and mountains will crumble away.  We are protected totally with a shield that encapsulates our spirits and brings us up higher and higher in this quest of all quests.  There can be no holding back.  We are being brought up by our faith, hope and love.   Trust is the key to our infinite uninterrupted ascension.  We must walk through the fear and into the Promise!  It is only by our own fears and through the protection of our egos that the shield comes down and we become subject to the weapons of Satan. 

Do you know that what others fear by allowing us to help will come into our lives?  It’s true.  I have seen it time and again.  Many times I have come to help churches to increase.  I have sat in the seats of the congregation and prayed whole heartedly for the expansion of these churches.  I have visualized and requested the sanctuaries to be filled and the walls to be pushed out.  I have witnessed their spirits overflow and increased by my prayers.  Incredible miracles by the hands of our Father, enacted by prayer moved many to Spirit, Truth and Light.  I have prayed for the worship teams to ignite the hearts of the congregation, the pastors to touch the souls of attendees with the Word and brought forward incredible healing energy from Spirit into the crowds.  Yet, I have found resistance in the leadership that is governed by fear.  They are afraid of the anointing power of God and unknowingly create through their trepidation. 

They have feared without reason and have forfeited their part in what they have no reason to dread.  What was not intended to be now is.  The thing that could create what they fear they have created.  Now all that they did not want comes to pass.  It is not just from their thoughts.  No Gift is truly wasted.  All that is not received is given.  Whatever is not accepted is awarded to someone else.  All that is not received is the blessings of another.  Nothing is wasted.  All is transformation. 

There are two things to remember.  First, God has a plan.  He is a builder and we are his bricks.  If we refuse to take part in the construction he will have to use others.  Second, if we fail to recognize and trust in His plan what was started in us will never be finished.  Our growth will never be complete and we will be bound indefinitely to our current level in ascension. 

It is our thoughts that have created what we did not want and our God who has given away what we feared to receive.  God works very efficiently and wastes nothing.  He uses our thoughts to expand and create.  It is by our will that our thoughts are guided and we create by the power of the Creator of all things.  Our lives are composed of our choices of both thoughts and words which our powered by our feelings and emotions.  From our minds comes all that there is and much of what will be.  How foolish we are when we believe we can stop God’s plan from unfolding. 

(Deuteronomy 30:19 King James Version)  I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

In His service,

Ron Ash


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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