Perception of Emotion

I find it so very interesting how a simple comment can be taken in different ways by different people. There is much to be learned from the reactions to words and phrases and compound scenarios. It is truly through our perceptions in the eye that which we see that the truth is revealed if not to us, but to others. For it is by our reaction, rebuttal and tunneled discord that we relinquish what it is we see in our own eye, in our own heart and by our very soul.

What course of thought have we plotted by our own emotions? Reactions vary greatly to various stimuli, yet it is in what has been preconceived that we react in one way or the other. Do we have the habit of taking the low road or do we adamantly pursue higher reason? Is the light that we shine on others just a cast reflection of the one which shines on us?

Most recently I experience two independent incidents which exhibited the possibilities of varied perceptions. Each in which the sender sent forth the vibration which was decoded by the receiver in a way which was not a correct assumption. You see, these assumptions were highly based on the negative view they had of another.

In all fairness I must admit, although my intuition tells me otherwise, that the second incident was presented in a way in which the receiver could have been honestly professing his emotional perceptions. However, it seems more likely that his initial perceptions were indeed favoring or at the very least highly considering the negative rather than the positive intentions of the sender.

The most interesting was the reaction to the man in the first scenario for in this instance he truly was emotionally empathetic to what he perceived as a negative comment of a women who he seems to hold very dear to his heart. This is obviously a close friend who he values a great deal and did not want to see hurt in any way. Yet, if we look closely we can see that his reaction was largely paced on the perceptions that the women may have of herself. Through their friendship I would assume that there have been a multitude of times where she may have voiced her uneasiness about and aspect of her physical being or perhaps a deeper social stigma which has affected her Ego.

As I perused through my friends web site I came across an incredible picture of a mutual friend of ours. The photo was romantically lighted with a soft warming light. She sat alone at a bar as her spirit emitted a brilliant glow. Her hair was amazing and her outfit was spectacular. Everything about the image fit perfectly in to the scene. What an incredible backdrop for such a flattering photo. I thought to myself, “If seeing a women like that is not enough to break ones concentration than I don’t know what is.”

Highly affected by the photo and happy to see my friend looking so well I decided to post a comment under the photo. “Is she what caused your bike to come out from under you?” Several days earlier he was in an accident while riding his motorcycle. Basically, he was distracted, the rear wheel of the bike locked up and he went down. Thankfully he was ok, but the bike was slightly damaged. The response to my comment was a complete surprise, “That was a (insert expletive) thing to say.” This is where I could see that a miscommunication had been made.

We all have this little receiver in our heads and hearts. Like a cable television box it decodes and descrambles the signals it receives. It allows us to tune into the channels and programs we wish to see, hear and experience. Some love to view scary movies that ignite emotions like fear and surprise and others like to view comedies that make them laugh and feel happy emotions. Love stories are also another way that viewers experience emotions of happiness, joy and a deeper fulfillment inside.

Did you ever notice laughter during a horror movie, anger and tears during a comedy sketch or frustration and malice from someone viewing a love story? Well I am positive just about everyone has, but why is this the case? We relate emotionally to our own perceptions. Laughing during a horror movie could be the result of viewing what we perceive as ridiculous or just the way we deal with our darkest fears. Negative emotions during a comedy sketch could be derived from the experience we have had in the past or present that hit a soft spot and thus enable our Ego to bring us down the path of negative emotion and create a lesser consciousness. Perhaps we think everyone sees us in this light and the comedian is embarrassing us by his words and actions thus casting the light of insult upon us. Adding insult to injury is the most common phrase referring to this scenario. Love stories can make us feel the most wonderful heartfelt emotions of joy, wholeness, togetherness, love, hope and happiness. We shed tears of joy and relate on the highest level of consciousness to the characters in the film. However, if we just experienced a bad breakup or are involved in a relationship which lacks the elements being exhibited our Ego can make us view only the negative aspects of what we see and cause us to be repulsed by what others find attractive. It is our perception and the emotions that govern them that create our consciousness.

In the case of my friends a reality was created based on self consciousness. The women viewed her physical being in a negative light and her friend viewed her in the reflection of that same light. In their combined perceptions they decoded the statement that I made to fit their own preconceived conception or what they continually experience as their reality. To them it was not the positive aspects of the women which caused the accident, but instead it was what they perceived as her negative physical features that they thought I was referring to. As I was seeing through God’s eyes they were seeing through the eyes of their own Ego.

“She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: ‘You are the God who sees me,’ for she said, ‘I have now seen the One who sees me.'” – Genesis 16:13

The second incident was only a few day latter. I had been called into a meeting concerning my participation in the development of social media champagne for a company I have been working with for about five months. It seemed that they had jumped into the world of social media without really considering what affect it would have in regards to conflicting with their current doctrine. The premise of the conversation was “can we truly participate in social media and still maintain the necessary boundaries which are crucial to the success of our organization and the protection of our clients?’

Well, toward the end of the meeting something which I wrote in a letter to human resources was brought up. The Vice President of Programs mentioned to me that I should be more careful in how I choose my words. I had stated that I felt a position in the company would be opening up soon and that I was confident in my abilities to accomplish the tasks involved in the position and would be able to greatly increase the efficiency of that program. He said, “If I did not know you I would think that was a dig at the person who currently holds that position.” I answered, “I go a lot on feeling and I am very intuitive. There was a time that I would hide that fact, but that time is gone.”

What did I learn from his statement? He does not think highly of the person who currently holds that position. His perception has created this reality for him. All outside stimuli is thus interpreted by him as negative affirmation which all coincided with his experiences which have ignited his emotions and created the reality which he perceives. In this he has chosen the lower path of consciousness via lesser emotion and disregarded that of the higher consciousness.

The Ego initially had blinded him to the other possibilities which exist. There is more than one way for a position to open in a company. It just so happened, not so coincidentally, that I went to check my corporate email after the meeting and found this very interesting message from the company CEO.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

It is with mixed emotions that I announce the retirements today of xxx, xxx Director of Program Planning and xxx, Administrative Assistant at the xxx facility. Both of these employees have been with xxx and xxx for more than twenty-five years and during that time have influenced and changed many lives. xxx by designing innovative programs that were responsive to market demands and xxx who for many years represented a pathway to recovery for xxx residents. We will miss all that they do for our company and our community.
xxx is looking to do some travelling with his wife xxx and xxx is looking to spend time in xxx with her family. I am sure you join me in wishing them both a healthy and enjoyable retirement.


My intuition spoke out to me once again. It would not take the firing of an employee to open up the position I spoke of. Instead it would take the retirement of two upper level employees, to create a corporate current that would bring everyone up a few more steps in the hierarchy of the organization. I love when I speak out without fear about my Gifts and add to a sea of witness!

Perhaps it is by our own views and our own actions that we are blinded to the truth within. As we are created in the image of the most high we are perfect. As we concentrate on the negative and give into Ego we set the stage for our own destruction. We concentrate with all our being on what we perceive as physical flaws while looking outside of ourselves for reassurance and miss the path to a higher consciousness. We settle for only what we can see, feel and touch in place of what exists down deep in our souls. Here lies the Truth of our Being absent of the perceptions of Ego. Blinded by our own misconceptions and false perceptions we become frozen with key in hand unable to unlock the door.

Then they struck the men who were at the door of the house, young and old, with blindness so that they could not find the door. -Genesis 19:11 (New International Version)

In faith always,

Ron Ash


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.


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