Thoughts of Others

It is very common for us to give much more thought into what others think of us than what is healthy for our being. By allowing others to define who we are we choose to manifest their reality over our own. In this we have forfeited all that we are created to be and bought into the illusions of others. Do we really want to exist in their reality?

We all know the answer to that question? Well, maybe we don’t? Perhaps we find great comfort in the acceptance of others and wish to satisfy their expectations of our being. Sometimes it seems easier just to fit in and blend in with the crowd, but truthfully as long as we are not being ourselves; we will never reach our maximum potential of being.

There is no ceiling on what we can accomplish in this physical realm of existence. Truly, we determine how quickly we travel along the path of destiny. There is no final destination! We are on an infinite journey of enlightenment. We are all Destin for greatness!

This greatness is up to us to seek out. It is far reaching and ever expanding. There exists no final destination final accomplishment or absolute being. We continue to learn, expand and accomplish!

Today we hold a dream in our hearts, contemplate all that it is and visualize it in our minds while feeling all the emotions associated with it. It exists! We just need to take the initial step forward and our path will be illuminated by Spirit. Signs will materialize as checkpoints along the way.

Our dreams, goals and accomplishments will be many. As we reach out and grab hold of one, there will come another one greater on the horizon. Swinging from branch to branch is what will move us forward. Again, there is no final destination.

We are not designed for stillness. Stillness is only meant to gather the information which comes from all our senses and allows us to receive the messages of information from the Source of all things. Next we must act on this information and move forward along the path which we are intended to follow.

Everyone’s path is different. We all have been given a special gift and all will experience what we must in order to move on into the waves of our ultimate infinite ever changing destiny. We are created to create, learn and experience.

This is why it is so very important to be ourselves. Worrying about what others think will only serve to diminish our experience while extracting our energies. It will redirect the fuel for manifestations away from where we need it to be.

In this scenario we are wasting energy on what we perceive others want and expect from us. In a matter of sorts, we are in fact attempting to live their dreams and are spending on their illusions. We are who we are and the thoughts of others have nothing to do with that unless we choose to allow them to.

Our thoughts are very powerful things when we direct them intentionally. Whether our intentions are towards what we want for us or what we perceive others expect from us makes little difference. Our energies will flow in the direction of our thoughts.

When we let others limit us by telling us who we are and who we are not we become very limited beings. Their thoughts are adopted by our egos and hold us back from being all that we are created to be. We have allowed what they think of us to determine what we will or will never be.
Perceptions are a funny thing. We all have a certain image in our minds of who we are and an idea of what others think of us, but how much weight do we give these perceptions? Do we allow our perceptions to become conceptions? If we do we have chosen to live our experience, our life, by default. In this we have passed on our God given option to realize our potential and unwittingly fallen into a trap.

In being confined to these limited images we will be grounded in disappear. We will not move forward because we have come to believe that we are what we are rather than who we are created to be. Our passion is too good for us so we discount this incredible gift and fail to realize our potential for being.

So, what do we choose? Is it the reality of those around us or the reality that we create? What is real? Reality is found in our heart, soul and spirit. We feel it all the time. Actually, we even feel it when we suppress the feelings associated with all that we are. This does not feel good. You see, not using a special gift will not give us joy but sorrow.

This is why we feel negatively charged emotions like sadness, list fullness, despair and depression. We are not doing what we are supposed to be doing and are not being all that we are created to be. Our lives have been put in ultimate limbo and we have volunteered to abstain from our dreams. Other’s having told us that they are unrealistic and we have said. “You are right. I need to get real.” How ironic it is that in this statement we are being as far from real as we can get. We have given up reality in order to protect our ego. Fear of failure has grounded us in defeat.

From our heart we pray for truth, but through our ego we praise the lie. For some reason we find a great comfort in giving up on what is real in favor for what is not. We ask without believing we have received and wonder why we remain motionless. Without motion there is no life, no experience and no reward.

As we continually pacify our inactivity with drugs, alcohol, pity and other energy wasting time evaporating addictions we forfeit our experience. We stay in a holding pattern and fail to take the first step in reclaiming our lives. Our gifts remain unused, untouched and sit on the proverbial shelf collecting dust. They are unused and unappreciated. In this we may never be the recipient of these gifts again. Instead we will continue to sit on the sidelines and wait for what is already here.

Everything we need is right under our noses. The fact is that no one can see them besides us. It is up to us to recognize the incredible opportunities that are placed along our path. As we look inside ourselves we will be given the answers we seek.

In faith always,

Ron AshPicture 052


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.


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