Get Our Hopes Up

arh1609-1Get Our Hopes Up

The death of a flower is only an illusion. It is this transformation that produces the seed. Hope is our flower. Faith is our seed. Love is our sustenance.

Many times in our lives we are tempted to protect ourselves and others from the pain we associate with what we perceive to be our failures or what we perceive as that which could be the failures of others. We so readily go into this protective mode of operandi in order to save ourselves or those we love from the experience of heartache, the grips of misfortune and the bounds of fear. It is only through the submission to these pangs of nothingness that we can indeed fail to be. You see this is a goal that will only serve to keep us from trying, inhibiting us from moving forward and save us from realizing our potential for being.

We must be proactive in our being! In welcoming the experience we allow ourselves to transform transition and transpire. Our ascension is a process which involves experience. From doing comes experience and from experience comes wisdom and from wisdom comes fulfillment. This is our purpose, our meaning and the essence of all that we are created to be.

Sometimes we will trip. There are times when we will fall. These are but simple and honest errors in judgment. In these are the lessons and experiences of life which give us the tools to move on and the understanding to conquer our greatest challenges, to heel our deepest hurts and to forgive the most horrid atrocities. It was the first trip that taught us to look before we leap. Was it not the first fall that taught us to prepare for impact by putting our hands out in front of us? The first time we chose what was wrong because it felt so right and were thrust into the chaos which was a direct result of the choice which enabled us to reach the ultimate wisdom brought forth from the experience. It is often our failures that teach us the most valuable of life’s lessons.

“If I find 10,000 ways something won’t work, I haven’t failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward”-Thomas Edison

So my friends’ failure is not really failure at all. In error comes enlightenment. Our journey is infinite and many of our greatest achievements will be things that we may have otherwise considered mistakes. Many of the greatest inventions, cures and discoveries of all that we interpret as time have been birthed while searching, experimenting and attempting an unrelated action. An educated man can find what he seeks, but a wise man seeks what he finds.

Wisdom is our freedom! Living is motion and motion requires emotion. Sometimes it requires joy, but often it requires pain. Our heart will grow stronger as we exercise our power to choose and our soul will be energized in direct correlation to the power of our experience. These will expand and contract continually and ever so increasingly in the establishment of our infinitely developing being. It is in these spiritual exercises that we are further prepared for our ascension.

What is to wither away will wither away. This is but a requirement of growth and transformation. Letting go of the past will relinquish the seed of our future. In this seed rests more beauty, greater love and endless possibilities. To attempt to go back to what no longer exists is futile. There is no hope in a flower that has already relinquished its seed.

How many times in our lives have we been told not to get our hopes up? Looking back, has this ever served us well? It may have protected us from hurt and sheltered us from emotion, but it has never gifted us with promise, hope and wisdom. It is a cold hard fact that the non experience has burst our hopes wide open and rendered the seed unjustified. In not trying we have ceased the pursuit of the Promise and turned our noses up at hope. We have dreamed with hope of an incredibly beautiful flower yet ever so callously walked away from our duties to the seed. To sow without tending is a travesty and a sin against the soil.

Let’s get our hopes up and keep them up! Let’s challenge our perception of who we are and leap forward into our being! Why should we give our power of being to the lived? We can only choose to move forward without fear and scream, “Be gone from me Ego. I chose not to relinquish my sustenance to the one who is but a tool used to defile my seed! I Am that I Am and all that I Am created to be. Not in perceived failure or in self adoring glorification will I give into thee?”

We must persist! Once we master one level it is up to us to accept the challenges that will carry us to the next. Wadding water will never get us anything but tired, bored, depressed and possibly eaten alive. We must have hope, move forward in faith and nourish ourselves with love if we are to experience the joy of being.

Don’t get our hopes up? By every means necessary we must aspire to get our hopes up as high as we can because when we do this hope will guide us. Getting our hopes up is a requirement of success! As we see this shinning city high upon a hill we will be drawn towards it. Our energies will conspire to facilitate our goals! It is from our thinking that our being manifests.

In faith always,

Ron Ash


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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