Focus on All

Focus on All 

Sometimes we can concentrate so much on the players that we miss the play. 

So much of our lives, up to this point have been based on who we assume we are to be.  We easily look to those around us for clues about who we are.  Expressions like, “The in crowd, being in style, fitting in, keeping up with the Jones have plagued us and bound us in a prison of our own minds.

In this we continually resist being all that we are created to be.  That’s right; we are who we are created to be.  It is in this very moment that lays all Truth in what we are continually and infinitely being.  Not only can we not be someone else, but they cannot be us either.  Try as they may or as we may it is not an option to be anything less than the super special and unique individual which is our creation. 

The first clue that we are not being whom we are created to be is the feeling of dissatisfaction.  When we concentrate on what we think we should be we miss the beauty in who we are.  In this very moment in time, before thought, is the mystery of Truth.  Happiness exists in this very moment and It is by are thoughts and the emotions associated with them that the course is set for what we will experience in the NOW moments to come. 

We are always best at being who we are. 

You see we are always best at being who we are created to be and when we are being whom we are we are happy.  Everything feels right when we accept ourselves for who we are.  We have no need to compare ourselves to anyone else.  Then we learn another little secret; we are happy for others who are blessed too.  No longer do we have the need to bring people down or make their blessings and accomplishments seem less than they are.  Why?  Well, it is because today we are the best that we are created to be.  All other things no longer concern us because we are now euphoric in our being. 

Here is the second clue that we are not being true to Ourselves.  We are inundated with resentment.  The accomplishments of others and the things they posses become a thorn in our side.  From this we begin to affirm lies passionately and with our most intense emotions.  We emphatically state, “I don’t want a life like that!”    Perhaps we believe, “She must have cheated her way into that position.”  Maybe we adamantly explain, “My life sucks!  I would change places with you in an instant.”  There are many examples of this type of negative mind set, but the bottom line is that it all comes down to one thing, “So what!”  None of these things have anything to do with who we can become in this instant. 

Do we believe that we are our souls and our spirits created in the image of God?  Are we totally aware of exactly what that means?  We are not mistakes!  We are not errors!  Every One of us is a unique beautiful wonderful creation of infinite possibilities.   So why would we only strive to fit in? 

We are only limited by what we think is impossible. 

The greatest people in history, as unique as they were, had no more potential for success than we do right NOW.  We decide how far we can go, what we can do and how great we want to be.  We have the power which comes from the Creator and resides in our hearts and souls to create ourselves.  It is a matter of choosing who we will be.  We must choose the life that we want! 

How many times have we said, “I don’t have time?  Not right now.”  How often do we say maybe later? When asked to take some time to enjoy right now do we cling to the mundane tasks of the day?  Have we forfeited today for what could have been done tomorrow.  Do we miss the opportunities to enjoy life now because we have chosen to put ourselves on a rigid schedule of unnecessary and overdone tasks?  Do we resent others who refuse to fall into the same cycle of never “Being” as we have?  Well, if so it is time to break those chains of our self imposed oppression and “Be” now! 

You see my friends the grass does not always need to be cut on Saturday.  Go some place special with your kids when the sun sits high in the sky and enjoy the gift of a gorgeous day.  Take your daughter to diner and a movie.  The laundry can be done anytime.  She is available and wanting to spend time with you today.  Don’t sit home and sulk on a rainy day.  Take the opportunity to visit family at their home.  There just may be something in all these things that needs to happen in order for us to move on.  In these moments could be the knowledge and wisdom, that comes through the experience, that will launch us forward in our journey to being all that we are created to be. 

We have been pondering the signs that tell us we are not being who we are.  It is now easier for us to identify everything that we have been unintentionally doing to avoid “Being”.  Why?  It is because we have never or not recently been told to be what our heart tells us to be.  We have accepted the illusion of “get real” and now live our life by default.  Only occasionally do we revisit our dreams, contemplate our aspirations and wonder, “Who Am I?”  I Am all that I Am created to be. 

God has given us an incredible gift, a unique specialty and a wonderful purpose.  Where is it you ask?  It is wrapped inside the most beautiful package and seated on the shelf of our living room.  It is covered with dust and waiting patiently for us to pick it up, hold it near to our hearts and unravel the mysterious gift within.

 Passion is the soul’s recognition of God’s gifts. 

Here lies the secret which enables us to be the greatest “We” that we are created to be.  Many of us have been avoiding what we have already known our entire lives.  There is something that we love to do, but someone long ago, possibly well intentioned, told us that we are not worthy of the gift.  When we use these gifts hours seem like minutes and we can do them all day everyday and for the rest of our lives.  This is what we are passionate about and passion is the soul’s recognition of God’s gifts.  When we use these gifts we are guaranteed success.  We are happy! 

We can choose to be happy today.  There is no reason to think that we have to jump through a series of hoops before we can be happy.  It is a silly illusion to believe that what will make one person happy will make everyone happy.  There exists no cookie cutter program for happiness! 

So why have we conditioned ourselves to settle for less?  Well meaning people who loved us felt the need to protect us from failure.  They did not believe in us and we began to not believe in ourselves.   They had bought into the illusions that were sold to them. In turn we accepted these myths and decided to play it safe. 

What were these illusions you ask?  There were many basic rules like we will be happy when we have enough money, marry the right spouse, attend the right school or get the right job.  Yet, how much is enough money?  What is enough for one is not enough for another.  What is the right school, right spouse or right job?  It is all subjective.  This especially holds true when happiness is concerned.  What is the biggest untruth of all?  We are average.  Wow!  What an incredible contradiction in thought exists in this statement.  Average!  How could we look at the most basic principle of creation and believe we are any less than spectacular?

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. – Genesis 1:26 (King James Version)

Never second guess what our heart knows.  There is no ceiling restricting our rise.  Our ascension is a limitless infinite journey of “Being”.  Sometimes we have to close our eyes in order to see; in seeing is our “Being.”

In faith always,

Ron Ash


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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