Raising Dead Bodies or Reincarnation?

What are your opinions or beliefs regarding the raising of the dead as stated in the Bible?  Do you feel it is a literal translation or could it be symbolic of something else? I had a fiew people on my Facebook page bring it up and thought it would be interested to hear some of… Continue reading Raising Dead Bodies or Reincarnation?

Posibility is the Fetus of Achievement

The incredible fact is that we are DREAMERS!  We have the ability to see endlessly into the future.  Many times we forget that the authors, scientist and all who pose the question, “What could be?” have propelled us at lightening speeds into new eras of intelligence and competence again and again. Future products, ideas and… Continue reading Posibility is the Fetus of Achievement

The Supreme Combination

Our world is an interconnected, constantly circulating field of energy.  Energy exists on a physical plane and a spiritual plane.  It is this supreme combination, which enables the mechanics of the universe to produce the endless unfolding of our reality.  Through our thoughts comes our reality.   Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things… Continue reading The Supreme Combination

Be Prepared

As we travel through this wonderful ever-changing world of ours, we consciously and unconsciously accumulate what we need to complete our journey.  Through education and experience, we become who we need to be to accomplish what needs to be done.  In our journey, we will take these tools, God’s gifts, to build, create and inspire.

The Blame Game

One of the most common problems in our society today is the way we adamantly deny being responsible for our own situations and circumstance.   As we fail to acknowledge being the cause and effect of the problems we experience we will fail to correct the problems.  The root of the issue shall never be examined… Continue reading The Blame Game

A Sufficient Travel Mate

“There is only one sufficient travel mate on the path to the unknown and I call her Faith.” (Ron Ash) As we travel along the path that the Lord intends for us to follow we must pray for guidance and clarity.  In doing so we must understand that we have put His energies into effect… Continue reading A Sufficient Travel Mate

“We are always best at being who we are.” (Ron Ash)

As we concentrate on being who we are we become passionate about our being.  Passion is the soul’s recognition of God’s gift.  When we are using our God given talents and abilities we can’t help but to succeed. As every man hath received the gift, even so minister the same one to another, as good… Continue reading “We are always best at being who we are.” (Ron Ash)

“Take My hand; know My touch; feel My love.” (I Am)

“Take My hand; know My touch; feel My love.” (I Am) For it is of this that He has given us All that there Is.  In offering His hand we accept His protection.  As we recognize His touch we are aware of His workings.  When we experience His love we understand His promise. Let everything… Continue reading “Take My hand; know My touch; feel My love.” (I Am)

The Little Things

It is the little things we do from the heart that make all the differences in the world.  Selfless acts produce the greatest results.  By touching the hearts of others we inspire them to do the same.  Just think of how much more we are capable of.  Who said one person can’t make a difference? … Continue reading The Little Things