Raising Dead Bodies or Reincarnation?

What are your opinions or beliefs regarding the raising of the dead as stated in the Bible?  Do you feel it is a literal translation or could it be symbolic of something else?

I had a fiew people on my Facebook page bring it up and thought it would be interested to hear some of your opinions on this topic.  It would be nice to hear from you.

Hear are a few statements that came up so far.

“I went to Word Of Life Church, to see the Prophet Tony Atkinson. I received a powerful prophetic word. He stated” I will lead international Crusades, start many orphanages, and raise the dead, also the Lord is well please with my walk.” Make sure this Sunday you come to church with me you will receive an encouraging word from the Lord.”

“I don’t think that corpes will be raised. They are rotted like zombies. Don’t you think It is speaking about souls being raised.”

“When there in the morgue they can b raised, it’s not to late”
“Something tells me that’s not what Jesus meant. Even when you take the “morgue” perspective than it would not be fair to those already six feet under.”

“It sounds like one of those cases where the belief was there. Leadership discovered the era, but rather than come clean they continued to restate the belief and incorporate it into the dogma of the church.”

“Our body is temporal and our soul is eternal. We would have no want or use for our bodies after death. In fact it would be a demotion to once again only be part spirit. Perhaps it refers to rebirth via a second life as being soul born into a new fetis. This would add another delema though involving an entirely new argument. Reincarnation is not something that sits well with the church, but it seems to be the better explanation in this case.”

“I will have to ask for an answer from God on this one.”


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  1. I believe that in the past the dead (including their bodies) have been literally raised, as in the case of Lazarus. The question about what will happen to us at the end of time is interesting, though. I suppose our bodies, the ones we currently live in, will also be raised (again, literally) and then be perfected in Heaven.

  2. I think its pretty clear that the Bible says Jesus is actually raised from the dead (along with some other folks) and that through his death and resurrection God has conquered physical death.
    I can’t see what the point of all that was otherwise, we are already told we have eternal souls, our souls are eternal without the need of the Incarnation, Crucifixion and Resurrection.
    Bodily resurrection is so important. Corinthians 15:11-26
    Modern people are embarrassed when God can effect reality, that God claims to be able to grant us real bodily immortality, that God says nothing is impossible to Him and that were we to have the faith the size of a mustard seed we could move mountains. We are frightened by such claims, we try and spiritualise them because by spiritualising them we make them seem paradoxically more achievable. We don’t really believe that God can do these things, that the physical nature of reality is subject to God’s will rather than God’s will being subject to it. Rather than admitting we believe God is impotent we simply pretend that he only wants to do what we imagine to be possible. We cannot believe God would be able to do the impossible. But the God Christ proclaimed can indeed do these things!

      1. I’ve heard some say they have very subtle physical bodies, some say they are non-corporeal. Christ, Mary, Elijah and Enoch have physical bodies though, and they all ascended into heaven.

        Angels and men have different roles and so they do not need to be identical.

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