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Letting Go

Letting Go

We will never finish the book if we get stuck on the same chapter. (Ron Ash)

Many times we get stuck in the past and concentrate on it so fully that we put the future on hold indefinitely. The energy which we exert on rehearsing or visualizing the past causes us to miss out on the future. In this we chose to forfeit the rest of God’s plan for us and put off our ultimate destiny.

Let us think back to a time when we were consumed by thoughts of vengeance. Consumed is a very interesting word as applied to these types of situations. You see, it demonstrates with utmost perfection the physical reality as a bi product of our spiritual reality. In us being consumed mentally we become effected physically. The thoughts of revenge are eating us alive physically and emotionally.

In this quandary we become obsessed with the one we detest. We have given incredible power to the person who we are cutting out of our lives. Being non present in our lives they still afflict us by our own will. Often we lose sleep, eat carelessly or delve into counterproductive recreational habits. As time passes we begin to disintegrate via the consumption of our souls.

Why in the universe would we be willing to give this power to those we detest? How can we exert so much precious energy on someone who in our minds has hurt us so badly? In actuality we are harming ourselves on both planes of consciousness. We are stalling our progress and regurgitating a meal we did not enjoy.

Again we fail to see Truth, yet it is the Truth that will set us free. In freedom we shall rise to the next level in our journey. By empathizing with who we perceive as our enemy we shall cleanse our spirit and break the chains of our own self imposed oppression.

Absent of ego we shall take our true positions in the scheme of universal consciousness. It is at this point in our growth that the acceleration of our infinitely developing spiritual being explodes into mass consciousness. We are now aware of our existence in All things, of All things and by All things. The energies which we exert from the heart center begin to call the manifestation of All things necessary for our journey into our lives. It is from the spiritual realm in which the physical manifestation of the want or need will come.

Suppose we concentrate solely on the not want rather than the want. This is definitely not the best choice in any situation or circumstance, but for experimental sake let’s looks at the possibilities. In this scenario we must consider what we are concentrating our energies on. Think about someone who you do not like, perhaps this person has hurt you or just constantly tries to make you feel less physically, academically or emotionally. First, how do you feel as you think about this person? Are you angry or sad? Do you feel frustrated and powerless? Most likely it is a combination of all these things.

Now you are consumed with these negative emotions all of which make you feel terrible. If only you could get them back. What could I do to make them feel worse than I feel? We seem to believe that as we push we will not be pushed on, but in reality as we push against, at least equally, the person will push back. Therefore in this we exert energy to remain in place.

This is a place we do not want to be in around or about. How do we know that we don’t belong there? It is because it feels bad. Our emotions are telling us that we are drifting away from Spirit. Our connectivity is very low over this wireless network.

How do we improve our connection? We must find the root of those negative emotions. In empathy we will find solstice, peace and power. Many times those who we allow to hurt us have been hurt themselves and are trying to regain self through the degradation of others. In fact they feel powerless and have become consumed with trying to rise above their own victimization.

Instead of us being mad at them we must empathize with their situation. Now we feel bad for them. In the recognition of their weakness we see the truth and are free from the illusion. Illusion is the projection of the images and sounds of another soul. We must be very careful not to get sucked into the illusions of another. This is especially true of one who does not understand our connection to Spirit.

In Our understanding of the simultaneous existence of our souls on both realms of consciousness we can choose the experiences we wish to experience. Following the most positive emotions will take us to the greatest possible experience. Good feelings will bring us an abundance of goodness. As we concentrate our energies on positive emotionally charged feelings we quickly find our way back to Source.

It is here that we have purged our hard drive of unnecessary files which clog up our bio computer. We need to free up some space for the information waiting to be downloaded. This is what will propel us forward at light speeds into the ultimate state of spiritual consciousness. From this action we will receive an equal or greater positive reaction.

We must look at this with Our heart. I hate you! I love you! You’re ugly! You’re beautiful! I don’t want you! I need you! Talk about being on an emotional roller coaster. As we look with Our heart We are feeling with Our soul. This is the secret of All. It comes from the One. The greatest and most powerful emotion is that of love. Love brings Us to God faster than any other emotion. As you can see from the previous statements above; love brings us up!

Forgiveness is the action of One who knows the love of God. It is in this that we are free to enjoy the incredible gifts that the universe holds for us. In empathy we find forgiveness and in forgiveness we realize love is the eternal and supreme state of being. We must share love, nurture love and be love.

Remember, forgiveness does not have to be accepted. It is enough that We forgive since God knows Our hearts. In this we are guaranteed the benefits of these heartfelt actions. He will reward us somehow and in some way at the best possible time. What we thought was impossible will be made possible.

The Tip of the Wave

The Tip of the Wave

Here we are at the point of no return. We’re just waiting to see what will happen next. Will we get everything that we want by keeping our balance or will we wipe out completely? Can we ride it all the way in or will we chose to jump off the board far from the shore.

Today I was driving and thought of just that. In life do we have a chance to maximize the potential of the situations we are given into? Is it possible that we may be in a position to hang on tight without fear and receive the maximum reward for our trials and tribulations? Well, the answer came to me with a resounding yes!

The truth of the matter is that this is exactly how our universe works. We are promoted and rewarded in accordance to the strength of our faith. If our faith is strong we will hold on longer and realize the maximum potential of the work being done in our lives. However, if we fear and worry and take matters into our own hands by doing damage control we in effect lessen the rewards we would otherwise had received.

Often this is the exact thing that keeps many of us away from the biggest prize and out of the optimal reception mode. It is this fear and worry factor that stops us in our tracks or turns us completely away from everything we ever wanted. In an attempt to keep everything we have we forfeit everything that we want. The funny thing is that once we asked the end result had already begun to form. The seed has germinated! It is at the time that we chose not to receive the dream that it fades into non existence. We have asked, but not accepted, dreamed without imagination and ran from our reward.

Look at it this way. A man once planted a seed in a garden. Every day he went out to the garden, watered the ground and plucked the weeds. One day he looked at the ground and said, “All this time and effort yet, no plant, no blossom and no fruit.” He then decided to walk away believing his efforts had failed. However, what he could not see was the plant just below the surface ready to break through the top soil. Once untended it dried up and died.

This is how things are in all things. As we impatiently wait for things to happen the way we want them to they are actually being facilitated in ways we may have never considered. Whether it would be what appears to be a non fruitful tithe, actions without apparent appreciation or that seed that was becoming a plant we must consider that things will be when they are meant to be. All things will happen at the best possible time in order to benefit the most faithful spirits.

So many times I have seen those closest to me fall into this trap. Could it be fear of the unknown? Would we rather dangle from the ledge than put our feet down on the terrace bellow? Taking security in the material things which we possess will only weigh us down and keep us from our infinite journey. We must let go of the illusion and grasp the truth. In doing so, we will receive the greatest effect of all of our work. The more patient and faithful we are the more positive results we will receive. The blocker is in our fear of lack.

We keep jobs that we hate, live with people we can’t stand and create ourselves as defined by our situation. This is the perfect recipe for having nothing we desire. In submitting to the illusion of our physical being and ignoring the strength of our spiritual existence we fail to be what we are created to be. We chose to grasp what we don’t really want and walk away from that which we do.

Do you know people around you who have fallen, but don’t realize they fell? It is a trap you know. Constant fear of failure will keep us from experiencing success. Success is under our noses most every day, yet when we are not in the now we miss the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We chant and thus affirm, “Not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough…” Calling into our lives not enough!

What we should be calling into our lives is everything that we are, we have and we hold right now. Everything is supplied to us in abundance. My dad loves to tell me that “you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.” The thing that he fails to realize is that once we run out of toothpaste the universe will supply us with something else to meet the same need. By constantly worrying about how long it will last we fail to appreciate what we have right now!
Be very careful not to get sucked into someone else’s illusion. I did it a while back and found myself making decisions out of fear and worry. Adopting the illusions of those around us can be very easy to do. “Hmmm, maybe she is right?” I said. “Maybe I should slow my roll?” I thought, but guess what. I needed to do the opposite and kick my transmission into high gear. That is the formula that has launched me into a life that others only dream of. This is exactly how I accumulated the wealth and lifestyle my family has become accustomed too. You can’t make dollars by clinging to pennies!

Security, what is that? I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt exactly what it is. Security is the biggest illusion known to man. The only absolute truth of the universe is the universe itself. All other things are subjective.
“If I had a million dollars I would be secure” said the mother on government assistance. “If I had one hundred million dollars I would be secure” said the man who is wealthier than most. “Not enough, not enough, not enough…” Affirmation after affirmation and as if reactions after as if reactions and the seed of lack have been sowed so deep in their hearts that they are now prisoners of a world where there is never enough.

Ride the wave all the way in! Understand that there is another wave coming behind it! Enjoy the ride, take gratitude in the now and let it take you as far as you will go. With faith we can experience all that there Is.



What is success really all about? Are you successful? Am I successful? Well, I am that I am. The only answer comes from God and the Spirit within us. Success is really about being All we are created to be.

Many of us have been brainwashed into believing at an early age that success’ come in some very limited forms. Doctor, Lawyer or Stock Broker is the career paths most of our parents would have chosen for us if they could have. Who knows if we would have done any better? Many of us have dreamed of being a sports hero, singing star or a famous author. The real question is not if these choices would have been right or wrong for us, but why we would chose?

Did we arrive at the decision to become a doctor because of our overwhelming need to solve the negative elements of the human condition? Perhaps we looked at being a lawyer as a way to solve intolerable social injustice? Maybe we felt that if we could only assist people early enough in their lives to develop a proper portfolio than they would not have to rely on their social security and thus thought to become a Stock Broker? These are all very honorable reasons grounded in a passion for doing what is right.

What of the child who aspires to become famous for the sake of fame? Could he/she find a way to use this to the advantage of others? I’m certain they could. It happens all the time. Famous athletes, musicians, actors and authors donate huge sums of money and at the very least vast amounts of their time towards many worthy causes. Yet, this is rarely the reason one aspires to delve into these career paths whole heartedly.

The truth of the matter is that much of our choices in following a career path have been initiated by an unquenchable need to be seen as more than we think we are, to yearn for what we think we don’t and to have the things we only think we want. We bought into the advertising and are being seduced by the most deceptive marketing plan of all time. In this we have inadvertently turned from God and towards the idols gods of the day. We have given up success for what we have been shown success to be.

Do I have your attention?

So many of us today continue to follow the mirage and ignore the oasis. We sit by so eloquently sipping the sand instead of dropping our cup deep into the well. We chose what we have been taught is the finest of sparkling water over the essence of all the there is. If only we would put down the illusion and realize that only the living water can quench an infinite thirst.

Money, power and fame have sucked us into an unreality. We have been given a key that unlocks no lock. Years, decades and centuries of influence from worldly sources have taught us to poke our paddle deep into the river and make our way to the top as fast as we can. Guess what, many have struggled their entire lives to get to that place, some have even found their way by doing everything they thought they should do to get there. They struggled, toiled and sold their souls for an empty box adorned with a beautiful ribbon.

There is no guarantee that every box adorned with a pretty ribbon will contain the same gift. (Ron Ash)

You see, not everyone is meant to have the same thing. We must look inside ourselves in order to find our own special gift. The secret is in the inner mans ability to recognize ones passion. This is the system created within us that allows us to be who we are created to be. With this comes joy and timeless endeavors. If that sounds like happiness to you than you now truly understand the nature of success.

Success cannot be gauged by money, property, cars or clothes. It is a measure of the I Am, that I Am. Within us all is the special talent that will enable us to initiate the first steps in His plan for us. It is here that we begin our journey towards Our ultimate destiny.

These other distractions are placed in front of us to slow us down. Absent of sustenance they will never truly be able to hold our attention for more than a few short months. This is the absolute irony which I relate to the sipping of the sand. The more we drink the thirstier we get.

How many times in our lives have we yearned for a material possession? We thought if only I could have this I know I will be happy. Perhaps we sacrifice by saving. Maybe we compromise our ethics in some way. Finally, after all is said and done we hold the idol ever so dearly. “Wait until they see me in this!” Ah ha! What we were looking for was part envy and part pride. In not truly understanding our relationship with God we chose these idols as our foster parents. We let things tell us and others that we are as good as they are.

The entire scenario kinds of reminds me of fishing with a lure. When I was a kid on the pond I seldom had live bait available to me. Periodically my mom would buy me a few new lures as my older ones were wearing out. The thing about a good lure is that you can catch many fish with it cast after cast. The fish just don’t know the difference between the lure and the real thing. They put all their energy into chasing that lure and get nothing in return. One of two things will happen when the fish gets tricked; they get thrown back hungry or get taken back and eaten.

In all fairness I have to say that it is ok to own nice things as long as you don’t allow them to own you. Understand that the happiness derived from them is temporal. I guarantee you that that dream car you’re driving today will feel just like the car you traded in within a few short months. Watch out! You don’t want to get reeled in by another lure.

Last night I mentioned to my wife an incident that took place several years ago. I was in my final years of high school and was working on figuring out what I wanted to study in college. I have always had a talent for being very insightful and as long as I can remember people were always talking to me about the issues which troubled them. Somehow, absent of advice, they always felt better after talking to me. The funny thing is this made me feel elated. I would get people stopping at my table in the cafeteria during lunch, coming by my house after school and more than a few late night calls that always started with, “Ron, can we talk?” I remember those nights well; barely awake with the phone hand set as my pillow. I never minded though. Something about it all just filled me up.

One day my dad came to me and asked, “Have you decided what you’re going to be when you grow up?” Although I did not appreciate his choice of words; what teenager would? I told him that I wanted to be a psychologist. “Oh know that’s all we need!” Perhaps he figured he may be subject to constant analysis, so he adamantly rejected my decision. He continued, “Why don’t you go into advertising. I have a friend in Boston who will give you a job right when you get out starting at six figures.”

Be careful parents. You have an incredible power of influence over your children. Use it the right way. Even when my father gives me advice today I take it into serious consideration. In this case I went for it hook, line and sinker. His dream became mine, but it never materialized. It was not part of God’s plan.

Parental influence is an incredible tool for manipulating the current of the ocean in which our children swim. I am reminded of an automobile accident when I was in as a teen. The memory of a 1974 Chevrolet Impala crossing the yellow line and hitting my tiny sports car head on will be etched in my mind forever. Who knew that people drive drunk on Sunday mornings? The most prominent thing was that big chrome grille forcing me closer and closer to the side walk. It was crash, poof, crash and my car catapulted backwards into a telephone poll. Flames were shooting out of the engine and my door was jammed shut. Suddenly I gained strength that I never knew I had and forced it open, got out and went to the nearest house for help. My first thought was to get some water to put the fire out, but the closest thing I had was a tea kettle given to me by the Old Portuguese women who answered the door.

Talk about being angry with that driver. I just had some major repair work done on my car only the day before. Now it was totaled. Even worse was that the drunk driver had no insurance and it was not even his car. As my mom attempted to explain this all to me I grew even angrier.

“Mom, he better pay for my car!” I exclaimed repeatedly. It just wasn’t right. She then explained to me that she talked to the attorney and was told that the only thing we could do was attach the drivers pay. “Good” I said. “He deserves it!” That is when my mom responded with a few words that looking back today contributed more to my character than every text book I read in college. “You wouldn’t want someone to do that to you Ronnie.”

Well, let me get back to my point. We all know what we love to do. It is our passion and our gift from God. This is success and we must never let anyone tell us different. This is the true reality of our being. All other things are just going to leave us hungry, thirsty and wanting more. Remember one very important thing. It is never too late to dip our cup into the well.