Letting Go

Letting Go

We will never finish the book if we get stuck on the same chapter. (Ron Ash)

Many times we get stuck in the past and concentrate on it so fully that we put the future on hold indefinitely. The energy which we exert on rehearsing or visualizing the past causes us to miss out on the future. In this we chose to forfeit the rest of God’s plan for us and put off our ultimate destiny.

Let us think back to a time when we were consumed by thoughts of vengeance. Consumed is a very interesting word as applied to these types of situations. You see, it demonstrates with utmost perfection the physical reality as a bi product of our spiritual reality. In us being consumed mentally we become effected physically. The thoughts of revenge are eating us alive physically and emotionally.

In this quandary we become obsessed with the one we detest. We have given incredible power to the person who we are cutting out of our lives. Being non present in our lives they still afflict us by our own will. Often we lose sleep, eat carelessly or delve into counterproductive recreational habits. As time passes we begin to disintegrate via the consumption of our souls.

Why in the universe would we be willing to give this power to those we detest? How can we exert so much precious energy on someone who in our minds has hurt us so badly? In actuality we are harming ourselves on both planes of consciousness. We are stalling our progress and regurgitating a meal we did not enjoy.

Again we fail to see Truth, yet it is the Truth that will set us free. In freedom we shall rise to the next level in our journey. By empathizing with who we perceive as our enemy we shall cleanse our spirit and break the chains of our own self imposed oppression.

Absent of ego we shall take our true positions in the scheme of universal consciousness. It is at this point in our growth that the acceleration of our infinitely developing spiritual being explodes into mass consciousness. We are now aware of our existence in All things, of All things and by All things. The energies which we exert from the heart center begin to call the manifestation of All things necessary for our journey into our lives. It is from the spiritual realm in which the physical manifestation of the want or need will come.

Suppose we concentrate solely on the not want rather than the want. This is definitely not the best choice in any situation or circumstance, but for experimental sake let’s looks at the possibilities. In this scenario we must consider what we are concentrating our energies on. Think about someone who you do not like, perhaps this person has hurt you or just constantly tries to make you feel less physically, academically or emotionally. First, how do you feel as you think about this person? Are you angry or sad? Do you feel frustrated and powerless? Most likely it is a combination of all these things.

Now you are consumed with these negative emotions all of which make you feel terrible. If only you could get them back. What could I do to make them feel worse than I feel? We seem to believe that as we push we will not be pushed on, but in reality as we push against, at least equally, the person will push back. Therefore in this we exert energy to remain in place.

This is a place we do not want to be in around or about. How do we know that we don’t belong there? It is because it feels bad. Our emotions are telling us that we are drifting away from Spirit. Our connectivity is very low over this wireless network.

How do we improve our connection? We must find the root of those negative emotions. In empathy we will find solstice, peace and power. Many times those who we allow to hurt us have been hurt themselves and are trying to regain self through the degradation of others. In fact they feel powerless and have become consumed with trying to rise above their own victimization.

Instead of us being mad at them we must empathize with their situation. Now we feel bad for them. In the recognition of their weakness we see the truth and are free from the illusion. Illusion is the projection of the images and sounds of another soul. We must be very careful not to get sucked into the illusions of another. This is especially true of one who does not understand our connection to Spirit.

In Our understanding of the simultaneous existence of our souls on both realms of consciousness we can choose the experiences we wish to experience. Following the most positive emotions will take us to the greatest possible experience. Good feelings will bring us an abundance of goodness. As we concentrate our energies on positive emotionally charged feelings we quickly find our way back to Source.

It is here that we have purged our hard drive of unnecessary files which clog up our bio computer. We need to free up some space for the information waiting to be downloaded. This is what will propel us forward at light speeds into the ultimate state of spiritual consciousness. From this action we will receive an equal or greater positive reaction.

We must look at this with Our heart. I hate you! I love you! You’re ugly! You’re beautiful! I don’t want you! I need you! Talk about being on an emotional roller coaster. As we look with Our heart We are feeling with Our soul. This is the secret of All. It comes from the One. The greatest and most powerful emotion is that of love. Love brings Us to God faster than any other emotion. As you can see from the previous statements above; love brings us up!

Forgiveness is the action of One who knows the love of God. It is in this that we are free to enjoy the incredible gifts that the universe holds for us. In empathy we find forgiveness and in forgiveness we realize love is the eternal and supreme state of being. We must share love, nurture love and be love.

Remember, forgiveness does not have to be accepted. It is enough that We forgive since God knows Our hearts. In this we are guaranteed the benefits of these heartfelt actions. He will reward us somehow and in some way at the best possible time. What we thought was impossible will be made possible.


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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