The Tip of the Wave

The Tip of the Wave

Here we are at the point of no return. We’re just waiting to see what will happen next. Will we get everything that we want by keeping our balance or will we wipe out completely? Can we ride it all the way in or will we chose to jump off the board far from the shore.

Today I was driving and thought of just that. In life do we have a chance to maximize the potential of the situations we are given into? Is it possible that we may be in a position to hang on tight without fear and receive the maximum reward for our trials and tribulations? Well, the answer came to me with a resounding yes!

The truth of the matter is that this is exactly how our universe works. We are promoted and rewarded in accordance to the strength of our faith. If our faith is strong we will hold on longer and realize the maximum potential of the work being done in our lives. However, if we fear and worry and take matters into our own hands by doing damage control we in effect lessen the rewards we would otherwise had received.

Often this is the exact thing that keeps many of us away from the biggest prize and out of the optimal reception mode. It is this fear and worry factor that stops us in our tracks or turns us completely away from everything we ever wanted. In an attempt to keep everything we have we forfeit everything that we want. The funny thing is that once we asked the end result had already begun to form. The seed has germinated! It is at the time that we chose not to receive the dream that it fades into non existence. We have asked, but not accepted, dreamed without imagination and ran from our reward.

Look at it this way. A man once planted a seed in a garden. Every day he went out to the garden, watered the ground and plucked the weeds. One day he looked at the ground and said, “All this time and effort yet, no plant, no blossom and no fruit.” He then decided to walk away believing his efforts had failed. However, what he could not see was the plant just below the surface ready to break through the top soil. Once untended it dried up and died.

This is how things are in all things. As we impatiently wait for things to happen the way we want them to they are actually being facilitated in ways we may have never considered. Whether it would be what appears to be a non fruitful tithe, actions without apparent appreciation or that seed that was becoming a plant we must consider that things will be when they are meant to be. All things will happen at the best possible time in order to benefit the most faithful spirits.

So many times I have seen those closest to me fall into this trap. Could it be fear of the unknown? Would we rather dangle from the ledge than put our feet down on the terrace bellow? Taking security in the material things which we possess will only weigh us down and keep us from our infinite journey. We must let go of the illusion and grasp the truth. In doing so, we will receive the greatest effect of all of our work. The more patient and faithful we are the more positive results we will receive. The blocker is in our fear of lack.

We keep jobs that we hate, live with people we can’t stand and create ourselves as defined by our situation. This is the perfect recipe for having nothing we desire. In submitting to the illusion of our physical being and ignoring the strength of our spiritual existence we fail to be what we are created to be. We chose to grasp what we don’t really want and walk away from that which we do.

Do you know people around you who have fallen, but don’t realize they fell? It is a trap you know. Constant fear of failure will keep us from experiencing success. Success is under our noses most every day, yet when we are not in the now we miss the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We chant and thus affirm, “Not enough, not enough, not enough, not enough…” Calling into our lives not enough!

What we should be calling into our lives is everything that we are, we have and we hold right now. Everything is supplied to us in abundance. My dad loves to tell me that “you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.” The thing that he fails to realize is that once we run out of toothpaste the universe will supply us with something else to meet the same need. By constantly worrying about how long it will last we fail to appreciate what we have right now!
Be very careful not to get sucked into someone else’s illusion. I did it a while back and found myself making decisions out of fear and worry. Adopting the illusions of those around us can be very easy to do. “Hmmm, maybe she is right?” I said. “Maybe I should slow my roll?” I thought, but guess what. I needed to do the opposite and kick my transmission into high gear. That is the formula that has launched me into a life that others only dream of. This is exactly how I accumulated the wealth and lifestyle my family has become accustomed too. You can’t make dollars by clinging to pennies!

Security, what is that? I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt exactly what it is. Security is the biggest illusion known to man. The only absolute truth of the universe is the universe itself. All other things are subjective.
“If I had a million dollars I would be secure” said the mother on government assistance. “If I had one hundred million dollars I would be secure” said the man who is wealthier than most. “Not enough, not enough, not enough…” Affirmation after affirmation and as if reactions after as if reactions and the seed of lack have been sowed so deep in their hearts that they are now prisoners of a world where there is never enough.

Ride the wave all the way in! Understand that there is another wave coming behind it! Enjoy the ride, take gratitude in the now and let it take you as far as you will go. With faith we can experience all that there Is.


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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