The Spirit of Fear

It’s true the spirit of fear can keep us grounded in inaction if we allow it to.  Our path will wait for us to take the first step into Promise.  However, if we never place our foot upon the path which God intends for us to follow we will never become all that we are… Continue reading The Spirit of Fear

Ron’s Review, “Everyday Greatness”

Stephen R. Covey’s “Everyday Greatness” is a fantastic collection of wonderful stories with pertinent commentary.  This is truly an inspirational work.  David Hatch has really compiled some emotion provoking stories of people who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.  This book really puts what it truly means to do good deeds into… Continue reading Ron’s Review, “Everyday Greatness”

Rodney’s Garden

A friend said, “What will his neighbors do now?”  You see, Rodney planted an incredible garden and meticulously minded it every day right down to ensuring the ph of the soil was perfect.  His vegitable plants were exceedingly fruitful.  One friend said, “His tomatoes grew like grapes on a vine.”  They were so large and… Continue reading Rodney’s Garden

My Best Friend

It is difficult to put into words what I have felt since hearing the news on Saturday morning. The only word that I have been able to use is “Odd”. I can only speculate as to why I feel this way. I’ve asked myself, “Is it because we are the same age?” It can’t be… Continue reading My Best Friend

More Time

More Time  More Time, we always think we have more time than we do.  I remember those words as they were spoken to me by an old woman in an antique shop several years ago.  They rang true then and today they seem even more so.  On this first day of August I am feeling… Continue reading More Time

Not Enough

We get what we think about most. When we think not enough, not enough will show up time and again. It even applies to what we think others think about us. We will tend to treat others based on who we think they think we are. In this scenario we could easily create enemies where… Continue reading Not Enough

Who We Are

Who We Are  “We are what we do, not what we used to.” (Ron Ash) Do you know that we are all that we are created to be?  It’s true!  There is no man or women on earth that can define us other than ourselves.  Everything we are today is being created day by day. … Continue reading Who We Are

Freedom’s Worth

“Freedom without exercise is slavery self imposed.” (Ron Ash) What good are our freedoms if we do not use them?  Why should we have the right to speak, but sit quietly waiting for others to act?  There is no other reason but fear in our hearts and minds.  In this inaction we have volunteered to… Continue reading Freedom’s Worth