Who We Are

Who We Are

 “We are what we do, not what we used to.” (Ron Ash)

Do you know that we are all that we are created to be?  It’s true!  There is no man or women on earth that can define us other than ourselves.  Everything we are today is being created day by day.  Who we were yesterday is only a memory of what exists within us today.

 Although, the past does affect our present we don’t have to allow it to dominate, restrict and predict our future.  It is true that our lives are composed of our choices, but we can start right now to create the life that we want.  The secret is to begin making better choices. 

We all used to this and used to that, but that is the past.  That time is gone and the future has not yet been created.  Right now, this very instant, the moment before the thought is all that is real.  From this place we can co-create our future and live the life of our dreams.  Remember, everything that we have and are, is a compilation of the choices we have made all our lives.  Choose carefully! 

I have to reiterate a fact of life that often is repeated without fully understanding the disadvantages of the procedure.  We can’t change the past so don’t reconsider choices after the fact.  You know what I mean.  All those “should of haves” only serve to take up space in our minds and extract energy from our hearts.  These things cannot be changed.  Even if they could be changed; changing them now would only serve to reverse the growth which was a direct result of the experience.  In essence we would not be the inner person we are today if we had not made those choices and experienced the affects of them.

Several days ago I began to look back at some choices I made over the past few years.  The main thought was, “I should have taken that offer!”  You see, several years ago I had an offer on the property that houses our community center.  It was more than four times the price that I paid for the building.  I thought to myself, “I could have been on easy street!”

However, who would I really be today?  What would I have done with that money and my time? Understand this, if I did not go through the struggle which stemmed from the negative experience which led to the offer on the building I would have never accelerated to the level of spirituality and connectivity to the Creator that I enjoy today.  From not accepting that offer came, the essence of all that I Am.

 It was then that I decided to pursue the vision of the Creative Cultural Center.  CCC was not just a place for me to help others; it was also a place for those others to help me.  Unknowingly I was being trained and prepared by the attendees to become the minister of the Word whom I Am today.  Not only that, but I was able to do the most important thing any man or women will need to do in order to find the path that we are intended to follow.  I would be shown my Gift!  It would be through the discovery of my passion that all that I Am would be discovered. 

“Passion is the soul’s recognition of God’s gifts.”  (Ron Ash)

The groups began to take place at Creative Cultural Center.  I started to share my stories of how Source had enlightened me, provided for me and directed me along my intended path while promoting me from one level to another.  Hours seemed like minutes!  People began to thank me for helping them change their lives.  My heart became full as they continually inspired me to inspire others.  This led me to other places, people and groups while further expanding the tools necessary for Us to continue Our journey. 

I had written my first book “The Apostle’s Recipe for Happiness.”  It was now in print and available to readers around the world.  The second book “The Secret of Divine Intervention” was already waiting in the wings.  With every experience, positive or negative, a new chapter was written and more lives were changed.  The Gift of breaking things down in a way that people could get the message was birthed from the experiences along the path which was set forth by the Creator.  All I needed to do was have faith that everything would always work out for the greatest good.  Never give up and never surrender.  God will send his angels to give us signs and place checkpoints along the way. 

If it were not for a betrayal the book would not exist.  Readers would not have been inspired and uplifted by it.  I would not have been inspired by their letters and endorsements.  My ministry could have fizzled away.  I can’t really say where I would or would not be right now, but I know that I would not want to be any different than the soul that I Am today.

Everything is for a purpose.  It is all part of our infinite development.  We are our souls and our spirits created in the image of God.  Some say, “We are the fingers of the hand of God.”  It is through us that the Creator creates.  As we think forward we move into the future which We create.  This is why we must not waste our time by thinking about the “should haves.”  It is our job to concentrate on what we have right now with the utmost gratitude and be grateful for what we have asked for as our prayers have already been answered.  

Through the Divine combination of great appreciation and powerful imaginations we constantly evolve ourselves and all which we have been given charge over.  It is in Divine Science that man becomes continually and infinitely all that we are created to be.  From thought to conception to birth and resurrection we learn, improve and continually develop our potential to achieve God consciousness.

 Who are we?  We are all that we “are” created to be.  Continuous creations moving endlessly from the physical realm to the spiritual realm in our infinite journey are all that we are.  As we experience ourselves; in this very moment we are all that we are created to be.  No longer are we the frightened child, drug abuser, arrogant know it all, egomaniac or sinful soul.  We are who we chose to be today!  I Am, I Am, I Am all that I Am created to be.


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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