Ron’s “The Evolution of God” Review

The Evolution of God by Paul Seydel explores the ever changing concepts of God. The author examines various religious groups and cults. This book seems to be largely opinionated, but Seydel does make some interesting points. He takes a refreshingly brave stand in his quest to uncover the many faces of God in today’s religions. At the very least the reader will get an education in doctrine through the authors simple yet intelligent descriptions and contrasts exhibited throughout the pages of this book. A timeline runs from chapter to chapter which makes the evolutionary aspects of God concepts quiet intriguing. He takes the reader from Natural Selection and Religious Origins through Pagan Gods, The God of Patriarchs and Prophets, The Father God, Allah, The Mormon God. The Healing God and finally to The Universal God which is gaining a huge following today.

I found Paul Seydel’s insights into the validity of the Koran a bit biased but very interesting. I think he has a valid point and I found the information to be extremely valuable. His views of Christian Science being highly metaphysical in nature were dead on. Although his deistic beliefs are highly apparent in his writing, I did find his style to be original and his premise to be well-founded in most instances.

His information and references back up much of his ideas and truly give insight into the being of God. The cultural exploration into the sociology of world religions should be a value to any reader who wishes to get a better grasp on what our brothers and sisters who share this world with us believe. Their perceptions have created their reality of the God they worship. The Evolution of God is a book that gives the reader just enough knowledge of world religion to help them to empathize with those who strictly follow the other religions of the world.


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

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