Moving Forward

Moving Forward


It is a physical fact that we were designed for forward movement.  Everything about our anatomy confirms this undeniable truth.  Forward motion is an essential element of our being and plays a predominant role in us being all that we are intended to be.


Everything in our bodies is meant to move ahead.  Our feet, legs, knees and torso all contribute to this principle function.  As we lean forward we move ahead.  It is our eyes position in front of our head that guide us forward.  We can turn our neck and bodies left to right to see where to turn and how far ahead we must go.  The head does not turn three hundred and sixty degrees around.  We are built to bend forward and not backwards.


Isn’t it strange that we can move in reverse?   The difficulty is very apparent in every potential action that contradicts our design yet, we can do it.  It takes a lot of practice and concentration to walk blindly backwards and the risks can be immense.  What types of obstacles are behind us?  We could walk into a fire, off a cliff or into the path of a moving vehicle.  On top of it all the movement is extremely slow and restrictive. 


Often we wish we had eyes in the back of our heads.  Why?  Although it would contribute to a tremendous improvement in multi direction versatility this is seldom the reason for the request.  Most often it is that we don’t want anyone sneaking up on us.  Think about that for a moment.  What are the possible effects of being caught off guard, surprised or unsuspecting?  Well, fear places highest on the list I’m sure.  We may be taken down in a number of ways.  Much loss physically, emotionally or even financially can be had.  Maybe we fear being held back or pulled down; making our efforts fruitless.


The ego also plays an overwhelming roll.  Most do not want others to move past them, overtake them or get to the finish before they do.  We all want to get there first, but many of us want to coast uphill to achieve our goals.  In order to get where we are going we must continually strive in advance.  There is a time to climb and a time to coast.


The Truth is that there is no finish line and the only race is being created in our own minds.  We are all on an infinite journey forward.   Everyone has their own pace and their own jobs to do.  It is by being all that we are created to be that we travel the path to Purpose.  Forward thinking creates forward movement!


When we think of the things that could have been or should have been we ground ourselves in disappear and anchor ourselves in inaction.  Wadding water will only serve to keep our head above the surface.  If we want to see what is on the other side we will need to swim ahead.  Our reward is in the crossing!


Forward movement requires forward motion.  As we think of where we want to be the brain signals the body to prepare for movement.  We think of where we want to be and our brain says, “Head turn forward, eyes open wide and foot take a step.”  Action is always required!  So my friends, movement requires motion and motion depends upon emotion.  Emotion is the key to our mode of transportation and transformation.


Remember, our emotions play an important role in determining where we are going and how fast we will get there.   In “The Apostle’s Recipe for Happiness” I spoke of the how subjective time and distance is.  I often mention how passion is the soul’s recognition of God’s gift and how when we are using our gifts hours seem like minutes.   Well, through the mastery of our emotion we can intentionally create the most powerful and energy efficient vehicle to take us to where we want to be.  We can move forward quickly and easily by concentrating on where we want to be, seeing what it looks like and feeling the emotions associated with our visions.  We are the pilot, driver, engineer and captain of the ship we call ourselves. 


Spirit, soul, heart and body all contribute to who we are.  When we move forward we advance, but when we move backward we retreat.  As we stay motionless and hold on so desperately to where we are and what we have we forfeit our future and the Promise that is there.  There is an incredible and supernatural power in the “NOW” that must be used to propagate all that we are intended to be. 


If we are to use this fact to our advantage we must appreciate with the utmost gratitude all that we have in this moment.  This is how we build energy to fuel our vehicle.  As we express the emotions associated with gratitude, contentment and appreciation we fill our fuel cells with high octane racing fuel.  It all has to do with vibration.  The intensity of our vibration is in direct correlation to the positivity we feel.  Likewise, negative emotions are low vibrating attractors that send out a signal to drain the cells of essential energy and slow down, stall or reverse our advancement.


You see if we let our fuel tanks run low we have a greater chance of clogging up our fuel lines and fuel filter.  The energy cannot get through to the engine.  Sludge has built up in the bottom of the tank over time.  All the bad stuff has separated from the fuel, dropped to the bottom of the tank and created a haven for dirt and debris.  By driving continually on “E” we have sucked up all that junk into our system and rendered it inefficient.  We can’t seem to get our motor started or keep it running.  It chokes up, sputters and stalls constantly.  We have gummed everything up and are desperately in need of some Gum Out!


Although, this is an interesting and somewhat humorous analogy, we are not a machine.  In our humanity there exists one constant factor that separates us from them.  We think therefore we are!  In order to clear out our systems we need to use a different kind of cleaner.  We must top off our energy cells with positive emotions.  As we keep our vibrations high we will continually experience efficient forward motion.   Next, we must envision our destination, see where we want to be, create a vivid picture in our mind of what that looks like and experience all the emotions associated with it “NOW!”


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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