Sin or Symptom

Sin or Symptom 

“Sin can be forgiven and in forgiveness is freedom and in freedom is Truth.” 

Sin is often a symptom of the problem and not the problem itself. There always exists an underlying weakness which makes one susceptible to sin.  This weakness becomes a magnet for failure in career, relationships and all other aspects of wealth. 

The most common practice that I have observed in society today is that of sinning for salvation.  Many times we are drawn to initiate very dangerous and self destructive behaviors as a way of freeing ourselves from the current situation or circumstance.  In a total disregard for all things logical we begin to seek sin to replace the pains of the present. 

Present is a very interesting word and one we should never take for granted.  This instant is our true Gift and all that is real.  When we initiate steps to detach ourselves from the now we forfeit our existence and release ourselves from the Promise. 

The Promise is in being all that we are created to be.  It is what we are supposed to do.  In order to be this we must be in the now continually.  You see, all that we need to fulfil our destiny is in the present time.  In the instant before thought is the essence of all that we are.  When we take alternate routes we sidetrack or side step our right to happiness, success and abundance. 

What we are missing are the tools we will need to continue our mission.  Here are all the things we need to know in order to fulfill what is to be.  There are signs everywhere!  If we don’t keep our eye on the ball we will inadvertently continually drop the ball.  “We need to take the ball and wait a minute.” 

It is our responsibility to be still, pay attention and observe.  This is how we are able to access Divine guidance.  Most often the things that we need to continue our journey are right under our nose, but if we become distracted and look sideways we will miss what has been placed right in front of us. 

“There is a reason why God put our eyes in the front of our heads.” 

Sin is the distraction which causes us to veer off course.  It pulls us away from the Source of all things and causes us to spiral downward and away from the Promise. This is the perfect trap to suck us into a perfect storm. 

Time and again I have counseled couples who have unknowingly been the victim of this debilitating disease.  In the mist of chaos they start the process of grasping at straws in a futile attempt to take back control of their lives.  With finances in turmoil, feelings of emptiness and knee deep in victim stance we take the first step toward everything we never wanted.  Now we are more than ready to sacrifice the eighty percent of all that we have for twenty percent of what we perceive we are missing. 

“Often we turn to sin for simplicity and end up with complications and confusion.” 

We begin to rationalize that the people in our lives are responsible for making us happy.  Guess what?  They are not!  The truth is that happiness comes from within.  It must be in our spirit, heart and soul.  From the essence of all that we are comes the force which attracts all that we are worthy to behold.  We are responsible for our own happiness.  Remember, we will only get what we are willing to give. 

Here is the typical scenario.  Our partner is not making us happy.  We adamantly believe that there is another, somewhere out there that will satisfy our every need.  So now the hunt begins for the perfect person.  Well the fact of the matter is that they do not exist. 

Now the illusion usually begins with the biggest distraction of them all; sex!  Yes this physical act can make us believe that we have discovered the answer to all our problems and can now detach ourselves from all that we know and fall freely into the evil we don’t.  It is the addiction that draws us away from love and commits our souls to the consequences of lustful desires. 

The obsession has begun and we rapidly matriculate towards the end of all things now and into the possibilities of what may or may not be.  We have been snagged, snatched and hooked by sin. 

What is really going on here?  You see, there is a preexisting condition which has caused these symptoms to arise.  We are not yet discovered all that we are created to be.  Instead we have decided to put a bandage on the problem rather than searching for the cure.  We may pluck the dandelion, but if we don’t get at the root we will soon have another to deal with. 

Identifying the problem is crucial to formulating the process of recovery.  In this scenario the partner is not able to exist as One and therefore is unable to contribute to All.  They have failed to identify who they are and why they are here.  They search for the soul’s recognition of God’s gift, but instead find fool’s gold.  The passion which they are experiencing is not real.  It is not the passion experienced by one who is utilizing God’s gift. 

As we justify our actions we in fact have grounded ourselves in inaction.  Instead of focusing on getting to the top of the tree so that we can see where we are going we continually go off on various branches hoping to catch a glimpse without exerting all the energy that it will take to get to the peek.  The only problem is that the further we venture out on the branch the less it will be able to support us.  That branch will only bend so far before it breaks! 

This is true in all things.  If we fail to recognize the cause the symptoms will continually persist.  Whether it is sex, drugs or any other obsession the rule remains the same.  We cannot achieve success in life if we fail to admit that the problem exists.  Only by addressing the true root of the issue will we be able to succeed in our career, relationships and all other aspects of wealth. 

It is very easy to blame others, make ourselves the victim and lie about why we are what we are, but the truth is that we can turn our lives around on a dime.  Once we discover what the problem is the solution will soon follow.


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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