What is our perception of God?

I think there is an underlying issue that begins with perception.  What is our perception of God?  The truth is that our perception is very warped.  I guess much of it comes from the media.  Movies like “The Ten Commandments” and like have contributed a lot to what we only think God is.  Is God an old man in the sky?  Is God energy? Who do we think God is?


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    1. That begs the question, “Why do people still have the wrong perception of God?” Answer is, “they do not read and study the Bible.”

  1. The problem is not that people don’t study they Bible. I know many people who study it religiously. The problem is that people don’t seek God without presumption. They seek Him with a pre-conceived expectation of what they’re going to find. It’s this picture that they have in their head that they use to try to filter God through.

    1. That is an excellent point and something I have also realized. In that state of consciousness we will take the information in the Bible and manipulate it to fit our preconceived ideas of who He is. If we look at anything with a closed mind we will misunderstand and misinterpret. Instead of knowledge creating perception our perception will influence our knowledge. Perception is our reality!

  2. The information in the Bible is like many of the new age books written today. There are some truths and non truths…and all were written by man. Some who say they write the word of God and others who simple write truths. I realize this statement will piss a few of you off, but my perception has allowed me to see beyond the little boxes we all choose to live in, myself included.

  3. The main problem as I see it is that God is an infinite being that is being translated into finite concepts and terms by people that can be egocentric.
    God is absolutely within! IT is too big of a concept for religion to grasp. IT is not human, so IT can’t be a jealous, angry, vengeful God. ALL those are human failings. God just by ITS infinite nature has to be more than his creations.

  4. Kaedar, you truly understand. Many people have a cable read perception of God. They have bought into all the advertising and false descriptions of God. TV and movies have really corrupted His image.

    A powerful all encompassing Being has no need for the Ego and its pettiness.

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