Prophesy of Now!

It Is

And it shall be known amongst All that He has come through many.  As His presence is known the All and One will be joined together in the power of the Christ.  The time has come, the truth has come and All is as It is.  In this is the answer to all the questions ever posed to the profits of then and Now.

He is raised to move forth through many beings for the purpose of deliverance.  It is not from, but it is towards the greatest of rewards.  This is of hope, faith and love promised by All and One.  It is as It Is!

The lost shall be the found and the found are lost.  It is only through the understanding of the Word will All be saved.  It is of this that the great Savior will save.  In faith they shall become engulfed with Spirit and truly recognize true reality.  This is the reality of the Infinite Now.  All that there is exists in this place.  It is the only real!  It floats as a life raft on an ever present, yet non existence sea of illusion we call our reality.

It is time to walk on water, to leave the security of the raft and take God’s hand.  There is no place for fear in the kingdom which comes as nothing seen and nothing heard and nothing felt and without a scent.  It is not touched in the physical, by the physical or in the physical, but through the physical.  And in this it is by the touch of Spirit and recognition of soul.  In unity we are free.

It is as it is and was as it was and will be as we feel that which Is All and One.  There are no maybes or doubts or false promises.  All that exists are intentions and choices.  We are the masters of the destiny in which we are created to create.  It is in our creation by the Creator of All that there Is, that we come forth with the powers to create.

It is only through fear and all things negative that we will block the Promise.  This is how we can fall from Grace.  Staying true to the Word and that which has been planted in our hearts will ensure our ascension to this next `level in our infinite existence.

It is time for the reunion of All and One.  No more divide!  That time is gone, retracted and replaced by the infinite empathetic powers of the Christ.  It is a being, a consciousness and a oneness of Spirit that will propel us forward into the Source of All things.  Together we stand at the beginning of which has no end.  In love and understanding we have become absent of fear as our connection to the Creator has been felt in our souls.  The Spirit of the Christ falls upon us as rain amongst many seeds.  The clouds have opened for now we can see the face of the Christ.  He is upon us, within us and without us.  It is come.  It is ever present and never past.

The misunderstood will be understood.  The blind of Spirit shall see the Kingdom.  The lost shall find their breath of Life.  All shall forever exist in Truth.


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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