“God is more concerned with the letter than with the envelope.” (Ron Ash)

We all have a faith we believe in.  Infact faith is believing in the things unseen.  Yet, what of religion?

Christian related religious practices are very diversified.  There are so many ways to worship, but which way is right.  I would think that it is the one that feels right to you.

God is more concerned with the letter than the envelope.  As long as the message is right the packaging won’t really matter.  Be true to yourself and in doing so you will be true to him.

We must all respect eachother and work towards unity.  God wants us all to get along.  After all. religion is just the way we chose to express our faith.


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

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  1. Religion is a lot more than “just the way we choose to express our faith”. That statement implies there are no distinctions between things at heart, which is itself a dogmatic statement, and demonstrates why dogmatic statements are important.

    When I decided to become a Christian rather than a Hindu or a Muslim I was forced to confront the importance of dogma and doctrine, those horrible sounding words that have so often been blamed for sowing division. I am not a Hindu because I do not believe that at root there are no distinctions, or that union within God results in the loss of individual personhood. The consequences of that belief are immense, the one or the other makes for a very different world and life – and anticipation of the life to come. I did not become a Muslim because I believe that Christ is God, not merely a good man, and that as such God’s nature is expressed in Christ – who Christ is and who the Muslims say Allah is… very different. Christ preaches weakness and foolishness, hope and love, Allah (or Mohammed) preaches resignation to power.

    Jesus prayed that all would be one, but one in Him, not one insofar as they refuse to speak of their disagreements and put on a pretense of unity.

    1. You are misunderstanding the context in which the word faith is being used in this essay. Faith is Christianity and religion is the many denominations of Christianity. Faith is what we believe and religion is how we choose to express it. For instance, Catholics are more reserved in their worship. They stand up, sit down, kneel and … Evangelicals tend to be the ones jumping around screaming and praising God as loud as they can. It really depends on what feels right for you. My preference is more towards Protestant, but my wife leans toward Catholic worship. As for faiths other than Christianity, I can’t comment on simply because I know very little about them. They are different faiths all together.

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