Static and Interference


“Static is random noise in a radio receiver or visible specs on a television screen caused by atmospheric disturbances.   It is marked by the absence of motion or progress.”  (Webster’s)

Life is motion!  We will find it very difficult to progress if we continually receive partial or mixed messages

“Interference is what prevents the clear reception of broadcast signals.”  (Webster’s)

God is constantly sending us signs and signals.  The question we must ask is, “Are we listening?”  Perhaps Referring to this as being tuned in and turned in is a far better analogy.  You see, in order to achieve optimal communication we must obtain the clearest and strongest signal possible.

4 thoughts on “Static and Interference”

  1. Good post, Ron. The sad thing is that many long-believing Christians reject the ‘clear signal’ these days.

    Again, good post.

  2. Hi Ron,

    What exactly are the words antenna, interference and static metaphors for?

    I guess I’m thinking the post could be broadly interpreted to mean many different things to many different people and I was wondering what it meant to you? um, are you talking about direct revelation for example? or alternatively are you talking about seeking too align one’s will to God’s?

    1. Antenna is our receptiveness to the messages from Spirit. Are we listening? Interference and static are references to worry, stress, fear and other sins. It is a misunderstanding of our connection to God. When we are full of these negative emotions we are unable to properly tune in and descramble the Signal.

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