Fight or Unite

Fight or Unite

When a squirrel is breaking into your bird feeder you can either engage him in battle or give him some nuts.

It is very strange how Universal law is revealed to us sometimes.  We only can really take partial credit for what comes to us and are always obligated to pass these things on to All without hesitation.  You see, we are all One.

I looked out my kitchen window and noticed a squirrel eating some nuts on the back lawn which abuts the wooded area of my lot.  Recalling a terrible jar of peanuts I had purchased the night before and reminded of my final decision as to what to do with them; a secondary epiphany came to mind.

Several years back I decided to stop feeding the birds.  It just seemed to be a losing battle for me.   One birdfeeder after another was being destroyed by my fury little nemesis’s.  Oh let me tell you; as those who have read by books most certainly know what a battle of wits it has been.  There were days when I got the best of them and others do to their persistence and diligence, that they got the best of me.  All in all, looking back I can honestly say they caused me more goodness than harm, but what of the birds?

I love the energy the birds brought into my yard all year round.  Although the summer and spring are always alive with my fine feathered friends in the winter they become few and far between. Winter in New England brings forth a landscape that is sparsely colored.  However, when the finch seed, sunflower and suet is hung the whitened ground, grey skies and trees absent of foliage become alive with color eternally.

What was this incredible blessed epiphany you ask?  Well, why not just feed the squirrel those unpalatable peanuts I bought from Benny’s for $1.88?  The answer was a resounding, “Of Course!”  I hated to waste them and honestly they were not even good enough to donate to the local food pantry.  I would not subject anyone’s taste buds to such a jar of nuts.  Plainly speaking; I may have been taken in on grounds of abuse, taste bud abuse that is.

I began to think past the terrible peanuts and really began to see that at no cost to me I could continue to feed them what they crave.  The mission’s roof is about 4500 sq ft and surrounded by huge oak trees that have generously be relinquishing unwanted acorns all over the it for years.  Instead of filling up buckets with them and paying to through them away I will now commit myself to doing a good deed for those little grey fury tailed critters.  Of course I will be replacing my birdfeeders as soon as I can.

Most importantly what was Spirit telling us from this?  Well, most messages from Spirit prove to be multi dimensional and have more than one meaning, but today I can only speak of one.  We all have issues we are dealing with every day, right?  The thing we must realize is that if we continually deal with them the same way we will most likely end up with the same results.  So, let’s start a new habit!  From now on let’s step back from the problem and ask ourselves why it is occurring.  Honestly, we can’t come up with a valid solution until we identify the real issue.  We can either fight or unite.


By The Intuitive Life Coach™

Ron Ash will intuitively identify root issues, access key problems and formulate a highly effective approach and resolution. Through proven techniques the Intuitive Life Coach™ will help you to move confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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