2 thoughts on “Propagation of Faith”

  1. True. Unbelievers view religion as opposing freedom. Repelled by so-called ‘Christians’ moralistic view they never get to know Jesus.

    1. I know, there is so much confussion out there regarding religion. I had a man claiming to be an Agnostic desperately attempting to debate the evils of religion on my FaceBook page. Not the wisest person I know. He seems to like to argue for the sake of arguement and picks and choses scripture to suit his case. Fist we debared Faith and he lost. Next he began to debate Religion, but there was nothing to debate. Yous see, Faith and religion are two different things. Last time I checked he was trying to debate me on the Bible. That is when I realized he must have ben hurt pretty bad by someone religious. Every time I checked my page there were like 10-12 comments from him, but non from anyone else! He was debating himself I guess. It was so intense that I had to delete the entire thread. He decided there is no God and set out to prove it.

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