Knowing the Problem

In order to find a solution we must first understand the problem. Yesterday my wife and I decided to start shopping for a new living room set. We’ve always loved our current sofa, chairs and ottoman. The dimensions are perfect and the leather finish is attractive and durable. The problem was the seat foam. Over the years it had compacted in our favorite relaxation spots. There seemed to be no way to replace the foam. Since we were about to toss them anyway I decided to make a slight incision in the mesh covering beneath each unit.

As I explored the underside I discovered the foam was supported by a series of straps. To compensate for the compacted foam I inserted some spare bed pillows in between the straps and existing foam. A perfect fix that cost me nothing but some spare time. Now my living room furniture is as good as new.

Life also has its simple little fixes. Sometimes it’s a decision to simply move through fear and try something new. Other times we must recognize the problem, understand it and compensate accordingly. The solution to our biggest problem could be a single decision away.

Our Truths aren’t Always True

I’m sure we’ve all done it. You know, covered our tracks in regards to a perceived failure or inability to conquer a fear. Most recently I discovered a client who is partners with a family member doing just that. He’d been telling a story and has now adopted it as truth. Years ago he had a business in terrible trouble. He faced a total collapse of all that he valued as his lack of business experience put him in a compromising position with the IRS. He made it through the process with the help of a tax attorney but afterwards he couldn’t seem to get back in the game. Soon an opportunity arose to invest in his relative’s business. It wasn’t intended to be a partnership. Yet, somehow he interpreted it as that. He began to say he gave up his business in favor of helping with his relative’s business. This was not the case. He stepped into the business because he wasn’t ready to continue with his. The wounds were too fresh and he needed time to heal. The danger was he’d been telling his story so often that he came to believe it. This was his more palatable truth. He wasn’t saved. He was the savior. Well, at least in his mind. The thing is he hates that business and often states he’s only there for his family member. The discontent in his situation is very disheartening. It is also affecting the business in a negative way. His heart is not in it. If your heart ain’t in it you’ll never win it. Unhappiness is a tell tale sign that something isn’t right. Uncover the truth and forgive yourself while moving forward accepting responsibility for the past and forgiving yourself today. It’s time to stop building on the sand.

Count Down Conquered

The mind wants to protect us from danger and failure through fear. There is a very limited time that we have to initiate an idea that may challenge us. I met a man named Dante today who shared in interesting story. When he first began dating he’d hold his breath as long as he could before talking to a girl he had an interest in. This was his countdown. Once he took that first breath the conversation just flowed. Today I met Dante, Marina and Nanita all because I decided to count down and conquer. I’d been procrastinating about driving for Uber since initially downloading the app months ago. I just couldn’t bring myself to try. There was always some excuse I’d make. Many of which were out of fear. It wasn’t until I realized it was time to count down from five and just do it. I got online with Uber and within a minute I received my first request. 5 4 3 2 1 and I was out the door and on my way. Remember, we have five seconds to make a decision that could add so much to the life we love. Don’t give your mind the time to count you out. You can count up to infinity or just count down and act now. 5 4 3 2 1 😁