Kane is Able

Kane is Able I recently experience several signs given to me by the Angels. These signs led me to a Divine revelation. I began by speaking to my ascended grandfather about my life and voiced my need for clarity and direction. I left the house and headed to my building for an afternoon meeting about… Continue reading Kane is Able

Being Successful

When we are Being all that we are created to be we can’t help but to succeed. Passion is the soul’s recognition of our Gift. This is confirmation that we are on the right path and now we must move forward confidently into our future. Action is required! Fear will hold us back and faith… Continue reading Being Successful

Some Quotes from My Past Writings

Accept the appointment and “dis” the disappointment. You can’t catch a fish if you don’t cast out your line. Often it is the mundane which introduces us to the spectacular. What we envision today will bring us what we will hold tomorrow. Often a greater purpose is discovered via the byproduct of an intended objective.… Continue reading Some Quotes from My Past Writings