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I guess it is best to start at the beginning. The problem is that no one really knows where that is. We can only speculate as to where all this; the essence of what we are first came into existence. In truth we are an ever expanding consciousness on a journey which I could only refer to as an infinite ascension.

So, how did I come to be exactly who I am and where I am at this precise moment in what we only perceive as time? Are the happenings in our life only a random string of coincidences? Could every situation and circumstance in our lives be by chance; a lucky or not roll of the proverbial dice or do we determine consciously or not what our lives will be?

How did I become an author, a father, a husband and an on air personality? Who set the pace for my journey? Could I be the one; working with God and the Universe to create my own experiences? Has my unintentional use of His laws brought me to where I am right now? How has my intentional use of these laws combined with the power of God’s energy contributed to the massive accelerations of my dreams and visions?

Being exists in this moment, in this time! From this moment we have the incredible credible ability to create through the Creator of all things. (John 14:12) I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.

The secret is in allowing, recognizing and connecting with the Source of all things. We all have the ability. We are all capable. The choice is ours! We can either wag the tail or let the tail wag us.

It is time to take the ancient knowledge which has been passed to us from generation to generation and put it to use. Through the study and practice of these God inspired works we can and will save this world from the lies and confusion that we have blindly accepted as unchangeable reality.

Can we truly sit back and accept hopelessness? Should we turn our backs on Truth and continue to follow the map to destruction? Will we continue to ignore the signs of the approaching storm and refuse to accept the lifeline we have been given?

It is really the simplest method for achieving a desired outcome, but what we truly pray for can only manifest if we follow the Guide to the letter. The recipe to all that we desire exists! The active recipe is pure unadulterated faith. (Matthew 21:22) And whatever you ask for in prayer, having faith and [really] believing, you will receive.

Now I am connected; living by the numbers so to speak. God’s angels are ever surrounding me; guiding me to my next step. The pieces are in place; it is only on me to make the next move towards promise.

Will fear rule and bind us in the chains of self imposed oppression or will faith in God and the Word of God be allowed to accelerate our progression? I can see the wilderness before my eyes. My heart races with anticipation. I am protected, loved and guided by Truth. I race fearlessly into the dense forest with the greatest of anticipation of the treasures ahead.

Great Memories

Sometimes having a great memory can be a disadvantage. Having the memory of ten elephants, as my Uncle Danny confesses to having can cause problems. It may be the very thing that restricts us absent of necessity.

As I think back to childhood and reflect upon a story I was once told about a baby elephant at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence this fact becomes increasingly clear. After all, elephants are well known for the extent of their memories. Many have heard the expression, “An elephant never forgets”. What if we never forgot? Could we truly move ahead and continuously strive for our goals as we concentrate on our past or would we be continually restricted by past attempts?

Let us think of that baby elephant for a moment. I’m certain that he tried repeatedly to break free of his restraints when first tied. However, after many attempts he began to accept the fact that he was not strong enough to escape from his bounds. Then he believed that every further attempt would be futile. Eventually the young elephant stopped trying.

Overtime his reality changed, but his illusion didn’t. Although he had grown exponentially larger and stronger the memory of the young elephant’s failed attempts were etched deep in his mind. “I can’t do it” became his reality; grounded in stone and etched in his mind by his vivid memories.

Today that elephant has the power to push through walls. He could very easily pull up that stake or break loose from the rope tied to his leg. Yet, his memory of the past foiled attempts is so strong that he chooses to no longer try. Today he is much more capable than he was in his youth, but his strong memory now restricts him.

You see, a strong memory is not always a good thing especially if we allow it to restrict us. We all have many memories; some good and some bad, but when we fail to purge the bad we fail without trying. It is our responsibility to take the time to evaluate our current situation, to take account of all that we have been blessed with this day and utilize our God given abilities in order to propel us forward into the Promise.

We are ever changing, continuously growing and more capable every day. What once disabled us in our past often become the tools that enable us in the Now. Today we must take into account the strength we have today and concentrate on the limitless possibilities that exist in every “Now Moment” to come.

Right Now

Right Now

Knowing where we are going or where we have been have little to do with the power that comes from recognizing and appreciating where we are right now.

The strange thing is that many times in my life I have followed the signs and continued to move forward and found myself waiting for the reasons to materialize. I have arrived at the place God wanted be to be without the knowledge of what I was doing there or what I should be doing there. Often the places I am brought to seem to have little or nothing to do with my dreams, yet I still follow the signs with every expectation that the reasons will materialize and they always do.

As we learn to find appreciation and gratitude in all things our vibration increases and we are set to manifest our dreams into reality. Wherever we are we must find and give thanks for every positive element of our present situation and circumstance while understanding and believing without a doubt that it is all part of a greater plan.

Every job we take has the potential for setting the stage for the answer to our prayers. Being amongst others is the perfect recipe for enlightenment. New ideas come from being in different places with different people and by placing our concentration on the “right now” we are best able to discover all that we need to enter the next level of our journey. We can become better equipped for travel. Every skill we learn or person we meet will be an integral part of the Master plan.

We must pay close attention and take nothing for granted. Never put our plan above living in the now! Often we get so caught up in our own little projects that we miss a valuable intersection with an individual that was sent to us to facilitate our ascension. Our need to “make things happen” surpasses the Universal truth that lies in “letting things happen”. We struggle and toil and exert all our energies in a futile attempt to propel ourselves to where we do not belong only to find ourselves pushed back and left with the perception of failure or even worse, a perception of success. In paying attention and in understanding that there exists a reason for everything we will find ourselves knowing we are exactly where we are supposed to be and doing what we should be doing as we allow the infinite progression of that which is our manifestation.

Many times we ask, believe and receive the answers to our prayers without knowing it. In my life this has happened many times. My greatest manifestations come from asking once and never thinking about it again. I guess that is where “without doubt” comes into play.

Most recently I realized that I had received the answer to a prayer that I had forgotten that I prayed. I asked, “Father, you are all knowing and all powerful. There are no limits to your wisdom and abilities. I thank you for all You have blessed me with… I would like to have $20,000 in the next thirty days and ask for it in the name of Jesus. Amen.” A series of events had taken place in which I had asked myself, “Why did this happen” and began to second guess every decision I made in regards to the seemingly terrible series of events which took place. It was only through corrective thinking that I was able to come to grips with and find peace in the catastrophe that I was able to stay on course and allow the facilitation of my request to take place. You see, I acted from my heart and the results seemed to oppose logic. As I acted in goodness a seemingly bad experience had materialized. Guess what? It was all part of His plan. It was nothing that I could not bear and as I accepted the fact that God has a plan and remained steadfast in my faith; my prayer was answered without me even knowing it. Although I recognized the blessing within days, the realization that I actually prayed for the $20,000 did not come to me until weeks later.

We must always remain in faith and adhere to righteousness in all areas of our lives. This is the key to Promise and in being all that we are created to be. In doing good always and without looking for acknowledgment, but constantly trusting the flow of the Universe; we will achieve incredible things.

The stronger our trust is the greater our reward is.

It all comes from accepting that the only thing that is real is the present. It is a Gift and like an oasis in the sand. In this very moment is the power to “Be” and in “Being” we are free.

Unbridled Possibilities

Unbridled Possibilities

Sometimes we just get inspired by the magic of the Universe.  It comes from the people who not so coincidentally cross our paths and without knowing it facilitate our direction in some way.  Inspiration…hmmm…we will never really know how many we have inspired and most often forget those who have inspired us.  Inspiration is from the unintended association with a thought, word or even the realization of something pure and true and often comes from the experience we share with those around us.  Maybe inspiration is just a tiny seed that when planted in our minds and nurtured with our thoughts can grow continually and without restriction?  To me it is so much more than looking at what is and saying “That is it” or “This is what I intend to be”, but to be totally inspired and consumed with thought relinquishes what can only be referred to as unbridled possibilities.

I could not tell you how many times the simplest little action has seeded the most profound realizations in my world.  The angels often use those around us to facilitate the messages we pass on to others.  This enables us to inspire others with the knowledge and wisdom which can only come from experience.

All things seemingly good or bad contribute to the infinite expansion of that which is our reality in purpose.  It is how we continually create through the Creator of all that there is.  This is our purpose and the seed of all existence.  All things come from a single idea and from this enlightenment come forth Divine inspiration.

I recall a recent incident in which I observed the actions of a coworker.  He seemed to be in a suspended state of immobility.  By hanging on to what he perceived as his advantage over others and his unwillingness to participate as a team member; he had planted a seed of non advancement.  His only hope was for the failure of others.  In his mind this insured his current position and satisfied the Ego which bound him. 

This brought me the realization of how holding back the good which is within us can only serve to hold us back from reaching the potential beyond us.  You see, we are all a team; a variety of players.  Some of us can shoot three pointers, others can slam dunk and many lead the league in rebounds, but only working together can we emerge victorious and become champions.  Remember the old adage, “There is no ‘I’ in team”, well it applies to everything in the entire Universe.  It is only by helping others to succeed that we reach new levels of our own success.

A coworker and I were speaking about this very thing recently.  At our dealership customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.  Our founder knew without a doubt that by satisfying the customer at all cost profit would follow.  Therefore, we are all subject to a customer satisfaction survey which goes out to our customers shortly after the sale.  The thing is that there is only one passing grade, “Extremely Satisfied” and anything less is a failure.

Well, guess what?  It was not long before we both discovered that no one person can continuously achieve this.  It is up to us, working as a team to achieve this goal.  If one team member rubs the customer the wrong way the failed survey comes back on us individually.  That’s right, on three separate occasions I had achieved exemplary levels of customer satisfaction, as did my coworker, and yet another team member was indicated in the survey as the primary factor in us receiving a failing grade.

In observing the daily operation of the business over a sixty day period I discovered the primary factor that puts off customers.  It is the excessive amount of time spent at the dealership combined with the “perception” of not being treated properly.  Although the individual sales consultant is doing everything in their power to extremely satisfy our guests it is only the perception of not doing so that creates animosity.

The reality of the situation is that the time belongs to the customer.  We are only borrowing their time and are obliged to spend it wisely.  We must all act as a finely tuned engine to create satisfaction.  By leaving them alone for too long, not getting information to them fast enough or just by taking our attention away from them for an inappropriate moment we have planted a seed of dissatisfaction and started a flow of bad perception.  All working simultaneously to satisfy every customer is the only way to create “extremely satisfied” clients.

The insecure coworker will constantly put up road blocks, withhold information about products from coworkers and work against others as much as he can.  I can recall one instance where he actually hid a spare key to a vehicle I was getting ready to deliver.  Miraculously after three times looking for it in the same file drawer and asking a supervisor for help; you know who found the key in the very same place I searched.  Imagine that!

He actually spends the majority of his time thinking of ways to make others look less capable.  The funny thing is that his concentration is split between what he is doing and what he should be doing.  Energy flows where our thoughts go and his thoughts are always on what others are doing or not doing rather than what he should be doing.  The last girl who quit was under his constant scrutiny and harassment.  Now that she’s gone I can already see the shift taking place.  Who will be the next victim?

As we concentrate on lack and what we do not want we get more of it.  His thoughts are always on not enough and on bringing others down.  In order to bring others down we must attempt to push them down.  While we are pushing them down we go right down with them.  Therefore, he is and will continue to be the victim of his own hand.

As we help one another, encourage one another and lift each other up the momentum of our actions bring us to new levels in every area of our existence.  We must pay attention to the things we learn through experience and relish in the inspiration from all things.  For it is in our experience, good and bad that Divine wisdom is gained and we are directed forward to Promise.

1 Corinthians 10:11 (New International Version) These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the fulfillment of the ages has come.