Great Memories

Sometimes having a great memory can be a disadvantage. Having the memory of ten elephants, as my Uncle Danny confesses to having can cause problems. It may be the very thing that restricts us absent of necessity. As I think back to childhood and reflect upon a story I was once told about a baby… Continue reading Great Memories

Right Now

Right Now Knowing where we are going or where we have been have little to do with the power that comes from recognizing and appreciating where we are right now. The strange thing is that many times in my life I have followed the signs and continued to move forward and found myself waiting for… Continue reading Right Now

Unbridled Possibilities

Unbridled Possibilities Sometimes we just get inspired by the magic of the Universe.  It comes from the people who not so coincidentally cross our paths and without knowing it facilitate our direction in some way.  Inspiration…hmmm…we will never really know how many we have inspired and most often forget those who have inspired us.  Inspiration… Continue reading Unbridled Possibilities