Are you looking at where you are today and asking yourself why?  Do you feel as if life has turned terribly wrong?  Are you thinking that every decision you have ever made was the wrong one?  Have you ever looked back at your life and blamed someone else for who you are today?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions there may exist a simple answer that will bring to you all that you ever wanted.  You just may have been tricked into building your life on the sand.

A strong future begins with a sure footing. When we find truth we find our foothold.  Go back in your mind by pressing rewind.  Look back over all the reasons you have given yourself for you failures and successes over the years.  Did you give credit where credit was do?  Perhaps you took credit for what other’s helped you to achieve?  It could have been easier to blame someone else for your failures rather than digging in deeper and trying harder to become better at being what you needed to be.  Were you able to convince yourself that you deserved more than you did?  Have you justified doing wrong somewhere in your life?   Maybe your ego has convinced you that you have never done a wrong and is still preventing you from confessing it even to yourself.

If any of these rings true you have just touched on the answer to everything you ever wanted.  The winds of the storm are about to change in your favor.  This is the single hurdle which has kept you back from winning the gold.  Victory is yours as you admit it, forgive it and move forward into Promise.

Never Stop Believing

Never stop believing. Stay strong. Maintain expectations of blessings grounded in grace. It is by faith in believing what is unseen that the answers to our prayers are constantly and continuously being facilitated. Our daily lives are full of the ingredients which will lend Promise.

On one particular day not so long ago I experienced a miracle which was dependent upon my perception of an unfavorable event. Initially a good deed done for a friend caused me to second guess my act of kindness. My thought was that maybe I shouldn’t have ever offered to help.

It was late in the evening when I received a call from my long time friend. He needed to move some appliances the following day and wished to borrow my appliance truck. The large hand truck with the strap attached was purchased in the late forties by my grandfather. I seldom lend it out. It has traditionally been an in expendable tool of mine. In fact, being that I had only been blessed with several sisters, I affectionately referred to it as my brother.

Al and I had been friends since childhood. Although he, Rodney and I had gone to different high schools we pretty much spent the majority of our teenage years with one another. I so valued our friendship that I asked him to be the best man at my wedding. We have always been there for each other in a vast variety of ways through the years. Both are the closest thing I have ever had to true brothers.

This being the case I acted without thought in assisting him with whatever he would need. This particular time I would supply him with my two wheel appliance truck. My brother was in need of my brother.

I agreed to meet him at my building the following morning. My plan was to make the most out of the mission by arriving early and doing a little cleaning while I waited for Al to arrive. Progress was well beyond expectations as the property was looking incredibly well. Several hours had passed before he arrived.

The first thing he enquired about was the large puddle that had formed along the street. “What’s up with the big puddle outside?” he asked. “Well, since we had had all that rain in the forecast over the last few weeks I decided to set the sump pump lower in the hole. I usually rest it on a large cinderblock so it does not run any longer than it has too.” Amazingly, during the “Historic Floods” my building stayed remarkably dry. Not a drop of water had entered the building. It would seem that this would be short lived because somehow after moving the pump to its original position the equipment had failed.

Two days later I returned to the store and surprisingly discovered that the parking lot was completely awash and water was exiting through the bottom of the showroom doors. Slowly I pressed my face up close and peered through the glass. I could barely believe my eyes. The first floor of the building was covered with two inches of water.

I began to think to myself, “I should have never offered to let Al borrow that appliance truck. If I just stayed home none of this would have ever happened. Why did I ever agree to help my friend?” It was in that instant that it hit me. My thinking was off. I needed to correct my wrong thinking. I needed to remain strong in my faith and confirm that God had a plan; knowing without a doubt that He would take the bad and use it for good.

I did my best to extract as much of the water as I could in order to minimize the damages. Besides, my realtor had scheduled a showing for the following day. Since I had no money to pay for the necessary services I decided that it would be best to call into work and explain to my general manager what had happened. I worked for two day extracting the water and drying the place out to the best of my abilities. It was as dry as it was going to get.

I pleaded with my realtor to reschedule, but she felt it would be best not to cancel. The showing went well with the exception of a damp box that I left in the back office which caused the buyer to feel the damp rug. She began to question if the building had water issues. I guess it was just not meant to be.

Afterwards, I decide to contact my insurance agent to let him know what had happened. I said, “Dennis, I know I am probably not covered. I have no flood insurance, but I figured it would be best to check with you regardless.” I was shocked by his answer. There was a possibility that I was covered. The ministry’s insurance policy did not cover flooding from seepage, but it did cover equipment failure and that indeed was the culprit of this unfortunate event.

Dennis told me to call my insurance company directly and tell them what had happened. A very kind man named Charlie asked me several questions about the incident. I answered candidly and was pleasantly surprised by his conclusions. We were indeed covered up to $25,000 for all damages due to the failed pump. He simply asked me to take a series of photos with my cellular phone and send them over to him. We then set up an appointment to discuss the photos in order to review the damages. Within a matter of days Disciples of Love Ministries had a check for $20,030.70.

The check came in the name of the ministry and the bank. Being that we were several months behind on our mortgage the bank agreed to endorse the check and deposit the remaining balance, after bringing us current, into our account. That was fine with us. As a matter of fact we are now one month ahead on our mortgage and slowly making the necessary improvements to our headquarters. With faith all things are possible.

The following Sunday I sat in the early morning service and heard a not so coincidental sermon that captured the essence of this experience. I contemplated God’s far reaching plan for us. I remembered my grandfather’s appliance truck and how he purchasing that one item over seventy years ago had such a crucial role in allowing our ministry to move forward today. This realization caused my heart to fill with incredible warmth and my eyes to tear. It was God’s plan.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges

We can’t ignite our advancement while contemplating another’s demise.

It really makes no sense to put all our energy into knocking others down.  As we direct our thoughts and emotions towards hurting another person in some way we are only hurting ourselves in all ways.  You see, we are splitting the power which is within us.

If we push against each other we go nowhere.  The harder we push the harder we are pushed against.  In this we exert excessive amounts of energy and go nowhere.  It is the same when we attempt to assassinate the character and abilities of someone else.  We are not only showing our weakness and fears to those around us, but we are seriously hindering our own ability to advance and move forward.

Again, it all comes down to our thoughts and the energy and vibration they create.  While exerting the majority of our energies on bringing down our neighbor’s world we are in fact bringing down the world around us.  Let us say that two people are building a similar structure with brick and mortar only a few yards away from each other.  One just concentrates on building their structure while the other occasionally walks over to slow the progress of the other’s project.  While one continually concentrates on construction the other’s mind and energies are split.  Part of the time they are thinking of finishing their project and the rest of the time they are exerting mental and physical energy to inhibit their neighbor’s structure.  Meanwhile, their mortar is drying up; they misplace their tools and soon find that they have built an incredibly weak structure that took and excessive amount of time to complete.

Let’s try this experiment.  Write down a process that will lend a favorable result while speaking what we are writing out loud.  It is simple right?  I’m sure none of us had a problem with that little exercise.  Now, let’s write down the same process while speaking of a process which will create an unfavorable outcome for someone else.  Not as easy is it?  Most likely all we have written down is an ineffective process that fails to incorporate many elements of success yet is laden with the essentials of failure.

By working together to build each other up we increase our energies and extrapolate our incisions.

 What we need to do is bring others up whenever we can.  In the process we gain unexpected quick and clear understanding of the unknown and increased clarity in expression in all that pertain to the implicit.  Helping others to succeed will contribute greatly to our own success.  It’s all about energy!  As we build others up our own vibration increases and our energies work together to bring greater things into our lives.

In certainty,

Ron Ash

Encouragement and Enrichment

Encouragement is the source of enrichment.

We can’t bring ourselves up by tearing others down.  The fact is that we need each other to succeed in life.  As we are all interconnected what happens to one affects us all.  Everyone counts and everybody matters; we all have something to contribute in some way.

The bricks at the top of the monument are no more important than those at the base.  If we smash out those bellow than those above will come crumbling down.  In realizing the strength and purpose of every piece of the entire structure we ensure the steady and sturdy rise of the monument which is our life.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 (New International Version) Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Encouragement is the strongest element of enrichment.  As we encourage one another so too do we grow.  In fact we will grow exponentially.  It is here that our energies combine and catapult us into unimaginable success.  It is really a matter of compound energy.  Through the seeds of encouragement we experience tremendous accelerated growth and bring forth the most fruitful harvest.  As we boost up the energy fields of those around us our own field receives a power boost.  This is what propels us to higher levels in our infinite ascension.

As we witness those who feel that by bringing others down they rise up one thing becomes painfully obvious.  It does not work!  In this scenario one of two things will happen.  Either they will remain in the same position or they will be demoted to a lower one.  You see, they are actually creating negative energy and like attracts like.  This is why those who choose this path will constantly experience negative emotions and attract negative experiences into their lives.  They are charging off energy and losing momentum.

It is very similar to the way electricity works.  A new friend of mine was talking about this recently.  We were discussing the phenomena revolving around the uncertain fait of electric cars over the last few decades.  I posed the question, “Why can’t a car that is in motion charge from its own momentum?”  Sam replied, “A battery cannot charge and discharge at the same time.”  The only way this could work is by cycling several batteries.  It is not possible by using only one.

This conversation applied directly to how we function as smaller fields of energy which exist in a larger field of energy.  We cycle off the energy of others.  As we encourage one another we boost each others energy and charge our batteries.  There is only one awesome difference.  We can never be over charged because we are never enclosed as a battery is.  Our individual fields of energy continuously grow and become stronger.  Guess what?  When we tap into this amazing field of energy aka God’s energy we attract bigger and better blessings into our lives.

Opportunity will knock daily.  Signs will become increasingly abundant and we will find ourselves in the best places and meeting the right people always.  Like energy has no choice; it will always respond to energy that is of equal strength and vibration.

It all comes down to choice.  The most helpful thing for us to do is to strive to bring others up and to do more that our share.  The feeling that we are getting the short end of the stick or that we are being taken advantage of should be a red flag.  It is our emotions telling us too evaluate our thoughts, examine the bigger picture and change our thinking.  There is an economics to our actions that will increasingly become more prevalent over the next several years.  Hand to hand rewards will become few and far between.  Our gains in all ways will come to us unexpectedly and in ways we may have never considered.  As I usually say, “It will come in through the back door.”  The secret is to sustain a positive vibration and to maintain an uncompromised standard of Being.  We must do the right thing at all cost and move forward confidently knowing that God will take the bad and use it to build on our successes.

Remember, success is an accomplishment that yields an intended or unintended positive outcome. It is a feeling gained from impacting another in a positive way.  We must strive to express, enlighten, engage and empower those around us. Rewards may vary, but the end result is always the same.

God’s First Gift

There are many things in life that contribute to our Being. Many of life’s experiences culminate in our hearts, souls and minds to give us our sense of self. The lessons we learn from situations and circumstance all have much to with who we are internally and externally.

Nothing in all our lives will have the profound effect on the creation that is us as the one found in God’s very first gift to us. What is this gift? Well, as we look back to the beginning of our time here in this physical realm it becomes plain to see where the majority of ourselves has developed from.

As we look back to the very instance of our physical conception it becomes ever more obvious. The range of influence is insurmountable. Emotional, physical and spiritual input is unleashed upon us from an unrivaled physical source that gives freely and unconditionally for a single purpose. The primary functions of nurturing, protecting and ensuring the growth of our physical bodies and spiritual souls.

Our first gift from God in this physical realm of our existence is our mother. She is the one who sustains us while we begin a physical life in the womb. All God’s blueprints come to life in the body of our mother. The set of plans which contain the potential for our Being are set in motion and the creation takes its first step in the realization of what will be Spirit with body and the essence of our Being.

What our mothers feel we feel even before our birth. Emotional experiences are passed on to us even in our fetal state. We can be calmed by music and excited by chaos. It is possible for us to react to stress and fear as well as peace and love. In her Being comes our Being.

It is what our mother drinks that we drink. What she eats we eat. So it is as she breathes we do to. Our hearts although separate are dependent on each other for so many things. For all intensive purposes we are One existing as two for about a nine month duration of which her primary objective is to bring us through the process unscathed.

After the birth her job continues. It is an endless sacrifice of self for her child. Her entire life begins to revolve around assuring that the child’s needs are met in all ways. The baby must be fed, clothed and cleaned continually. Its safety and health must be carefully monitored throughout the day. It must experience love and comfort physically and mentally in order to grow to its greatest potential for Being.

Our mother becomes our first teacher. She helps us to walk and to talk, read and write and introduces us to all things of Spirit. If she maintains a strong connection with us all these things become the seeds of hope, faith and love sowed in our hearts.

Moms teach us all the time whether intentionally or unintentionally. We learn from them even when we don’t know we are learning. Much of the things I cherish about myself today all came from my mother’s ways. She taught me to treat others as I would like to be treated in a simple statement, “Ronnie, you wouldn’t want someone to do that to you.” She set the stage for my spiritual foundation by setting me inside a church and keeping the Bible in a prominent place in our home. She gave me the things from within it daily as circumstances arose. Funny, she rarely told me the Bible says, but always showed me in her own unique way exactly what It said. It was her who taught me to appreciate all of God’s creations without telling me to appreciate all of God’s creations. Her sacrifices’ exhibited to me the necessity to sacrifice as her giving taught me to give unconditionally.

Always safe and always secure; never knowing our poverty in poverty or our abundance in abundance. Never questioning from where our needs would be fulfilled, seldom without hope and rarely wanting more than all that we had. As a child we trust that all is well, in calm and in chaos we find peace and joy because of our Mothers.

My mother ascended several years ago, yet she is here with me today and every day. Even prior to her ascension she granted my final request. I told her to go in peace to the Father and that her children will be ok. The only stipulation I communicated to her on that Christmas Eve was for her to not go until after Christmas. I did not want my children to associate the loss of their nanny with this joyful day. It was the morning of January first that my mother entered the next level of her existence.

She let me know that she was Ok and watching over us continually. Incredible signs were given to me the day before and the day after her funeral. Her name is very rare and the fact that during the first forty years of my life I had only met one other who shared her name added greatly to the significance of the events which followed her ascension.

I found myself in a department store the day before her funeral looking for a new suit. Desperately needing assistance I requested a sales associate to help me. The person I spoke too paged the department sales associate over the intercom. “Anita please report to formalwear for customer assistance.” I turned to my sister in amazement and we both smiled from ear to ear. There was no doubt in our minds that this was much more than chance. Neither of us believed in coincidences. Several days after this experience I found myself sitting in the waiting room of a commercial building I own. I felt I had to get away from my home for a bit in order to get away from the constant flow of visitors who all offered their heartfelt condolences. Maybe I just needed time away from the reality of my loss. In any event it must have been a perfect time for my mother to remind me that she was still there with me. A woman walked into the building and one of my tenants immediately introduced himself. “My name is Paul. Nice to meet you Paul, I am Anita.” I froze in the power of presence as my eyes slowly began to tear from the joy of knowing.

There is an intimate connection between a mother and child that transcends space and time. When we think of our mothers they are here with us. A part of them will eternally reside in us. As we think of them, need them or feel them in our hearts they come to us in some way and some form. There are no limits to this wireless network. Signal strength excellent! It was Jesus that said, (John 14:12 Amplified Bible) “I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, if anyone steadfastly believes in Me, he will himself be able to do the things that I do; and he will do even greater things than these, because I go to the Father.”

In faith always,

Ron Ash

Chemistry of Creation

Never stop studying and never take anyone’s word as fact. Many of our founding fathers were Christians of one denomination or another. Many of which were practicing Masons which enabled them to discuss things like this openly with others without the fear of persecution. The most important thing is that when God gave us His name He said, “I Am that, I Am.” Think about that for a moment.

Genesis 1:1 (King James Version) In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

First there was the word and the word was God is a common translation concerning the beginning of creation. I say the beginning of creation simply because we and all things are continuous creations. In theory God just may be using our words and thoughts to facilitate forward motion in regards to the creation of all of us as well as the world around us.

Believing without doubt is the key which turns on the engine of manifestation. When we really believe something we feel it as if it is already here. Could this be God’s energy in action? Our soul and our spirit have much to do with our internal self and the emotions we feel. Do we feel and believe with the essence of all that we are for success of failure? What have been the outcomes of our past struggles? Did we picture clearly in our minds failure or success? Were we able to experience the emotions associated with either in our heart and soul? I’m certain if we carefully investigate the results of situations and circumstance throughout our lives we will find that whatever we doubted did not come to pass and whenever we believed, feeling within us while speaking without us factually, came to pass. So whether we adamantly believe in our failure or absolutely and unconditionally accept our success we are correct in our forecast.

I have continually believed through recent hardships that there is a reason for all that I have been experiencing. God’s angels are continually sending me signs and messages as I have prayed. Just yesterday in a file cabinet drawer at work that I have opened several times a day for over two weeks, I discovered a picture of Jesus taped on the inside of the drawer front. This was the day that I almost made the decision, stemming from the previous day’s tribulations, not to return to work. In addition to that I have been experiencing a spiritual presence there and seeing several numbers repeatedly driving to and from work as well as while during work. I like to call these my checkpoints along the Way.

Even the things that I have looked at as mistakes over the last few weeks have turned into incredible blessings. Just when we seem to be at the end of our financial rope He blesses us in a way which to most is beyond belief. Although I am always expecting I am continually pleasantly surprised by the hand of God moving so strongly in my life.

You see, things only seem to be as bad as they seem to be. In actuality every one of these things has a higher purpose in the creation of what will be. Faith is the prerequisite of the blessing. Hope is the chief ingredient of the manifestation of Promise. This is the chemistry of creation and the science of manifestation.

In faith always,

Ron Ash