Foothold Are you looking at where you are today and asking yourself why?  Do you feel as if life has turned terribly wrong?  Are you thinking that every decision you have ever made was the wrong one?  Have you ever looked back at your life and blamed someone else for who you are today?  If… Continue reading Foothold

Never Stop Believing

Never stop believing. Stay strong. Maintain expectations of blessings grounded in grace. It is by faith in believing what is unseen that the answers to our prayers are constantly and continuously being facilitated. Our daily lives are full of the ingredients which will lend Promise. On one particular day not so long ago I experienced… Continue reading Never Stop Believing

Building Bridges

Building Bridges We can’t ignite our advancement while contemplating another’s demise. It really makes no sense to put all our energy into knocking others down.  As we direct our thoughts and emotions towards hurting another person in some way we are only hurting ourselves in all ways.  You see, we are splitting the power which… Continue reading Building Bridges

Encouragement and Enrichment

Encouragement is the source of enrichment. We can’t bring ourselves up by tearing others down.  The fact is that we need each other to succeed in life.  As we are all interconnected what happens to one affects us all.  Everyone counts and everybody matters; we all have something to contribute in some way. The bricks… Continue reading Encouragement and Enrichment

God’s First Gift

There are many things in life that contribute to our Being. Many of life’s experiences culminate in our hearts, souls and minds to give us our sense of self. The lessons we learn from situations and circumstance all have much to with who we are internally and externally. Nothing in all our lives will have… Continue reading God’s First Gift