Courage or Cowardice

Courage is the ability to move through fear and cowardice is submitting to it. In order for us to move forward into our infinite ascension we must continually condition ourselves to move through fear and into the Promise. We must recognize all that we have been blessed with in the past and present in order to realize that we will continually be Divinely protected into the future. As we look back at all that we have been through it become more apparent that we have survived and are more than capable of continuing our journey of infinite enlightenment. By standing frozen in fear we forfeit the Promise and fail to be all that we are created to be.

Let it Rain

The rain falls upon the just and the unjust, but the righteous are nourished by it and the wicked are drowned in it. As we adhere to what is good; what is good will adhere to us. In this we create a magnetic force which is powered by the highest of vibrations. In this action of becoming emotionally immersed in love, joy and peace we attract all that is loving, joyful and peaceful into our consciousness.