Like a Fish Out of Water

If we asked a fish to explain the water; what would it say? What would its interpretation of its environment be? There are many factors that could influence its daily existence. Conditioning could in fact keep it away from its principle food source, restrict it to an isolated area or cause it to enter a… Continue reading Like a Fish Out of Water


It’s Supernatural

We have an incredible and supernatural ability to surround ourselves with and put ourselves into the visions which we create. As we create the script, plan out our story board and call out “ACTION” we will intentionally or unintentionally call the reality we see into our lives. We create the characters, assign the roles and… Continue reading It’s Supernatural

Breaking Through

We tend to treat others based on the way we believe they perceive us. This is a very dangerous and self defeating pattern of thought. In this scenario we actually set ourselves up for defeat. You see, these people could in fact be the answer to our prayers. They could be the ones who were… Continue reading Breaking Through