Let Them Have It

It’s their experience and we must let them have it. We make our choices and live our lives in order to experience what we need for our journey and ascension. Others may not be who we want them to be, but they are Being all that they are created to be.

During the holiday season it is important for us to remember to appreciate everyone for exactly who they are. Diversity is the spice of life. Besides, who wants a bag full of the same kind of candy? There is something wonderful about everyone. Concentrate on their Gifts, relish in all that they are and appreciate with the utmost gratitude the opportunities they have given us for contrast.

Ron’s “The Power of Respect” Review

Deborah Norville’s book “The Power of Respect” was written to exhibit the value of respect in today’s world.  It is collection of stories in which respect played a major role in creating positive situations in relationships of all kinds.  She claims that respect is the most forgotten element of success in living, playing and working with others. 

I especially liked her thoughts on the power of respect at home.  She states and backs up with real world examples of how children learn from what their parents do.  How they will deal with others will largely depend upon how they see their parents act and react with others.  She instructs parents to “model for your children the behavior you want for them.” 

Although there were several interesting snippets throughout this book this reader did not feel it to be one of the better books on respect.  I would have liked to see more of Deborah’s personality, personal experiences and heart rather than a seemingly endless flow of so called professionals on this topic.  To me it seemed like a lot of speculation masquerading as scientific fact.  I would much rather hear pure heartfelt real life situations and circumstances in which the power of respect was exhibited in the author’s life. 

The book is a worthwhile read, but as far as books on respect go I would encourage readers to pick up a copy of “Love and Respect”.  Love is admiration and respect is consideration.  Love and respect really go hand and hand.  In regards to “The Power of Respect” I would have to say, “Great attempt, but something is missing.” 

Much of the advice in this book is common sense.  The author speaks of “The most forgotten element of success” without properly stating what it is to be successful.  The word in itself is void of value.  After all, my Beagle is very successful at being a dog.  What is success to one is rarely success to another.

The Story of Our Experience

So, we all know the story of our experience. Next we must find the story we want to tell. All the power of change is in the NOW. It exists in the moment before thought and is all that is real. Here is where God is and will always be. It is in the NOW that we can turn our lives around on a dime.

First things first, we must have a clear vision of what we want. This is the most difficult thing for most of us. We think we know what we want, but often it is what others want for us. So, let’s get clear on what we want.

The next thing we need to do is feel the emotions associated with our visions. In this instant, the moment before thought, in the NOW, we must experience the happiness, joy and excitement of living the life we dream of. We must feel as if we already have what it is we asked for.

Now we must do some very important exercises. We need to affirm what it is that we have or what it is that we are. Being consistent and clear is very important when we are working with God’s energy. This is how He uses us to create and experience.

(Matthew 21:22 Amplified Bible) And whatever you ask for in prayer, having faith and [really] believing, you will receive.

We often speak of being “Spirit Filled” and I am assuming that we are speaking of our connection to Spirit and His surge of energy which is flowing through us. If this is true I am very happy for those who do because this is the beginning of a connection that will enable us to create through the Creator of all things.

We are smaller fields of energy existing in a larger field of energy. This is why when we think of people we hear from them. How many calls have we all received from a person we were just thinking of? In this we are unintentionally creating our experience. We must get intentional!

The key to Being all that we are created to be is our emotions. Love is the emotion which vibrates at the highest level. This is why when we think of a loved one with joy in our hearts we often hear from them. Love is an incredibly powerful tool of creation. Love is appreciation and respect is consideration. Encouragement encompasses all of these things and will increase our vibration exponentially.

(1 Thessalonians 5:11 New International Version) Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

The most important thing is to remain full of gratitude because gratitude nurtures love. When we are appreciated we tend to want to do bigger and better things for those who appreciate us. This is a big thing to God. We must concentrate on all that we have and not dwell on what we don’t. We must relish in all that we are, not in what we are not. Also, we must never speak of what we don’t want and most importantly we must never feel the emotions associated with what we don’t want. This will turn us into a magnet for what we don’t want and signal Heaven to give us more of what we don’t want. The sad thing is that we are very good at getting what we don’t want and easily associate and become consumed with all the feelings and emotions associated with the things we don’t want. Instead we need to look up to where we want to be and experience all the emotions associated with that. In this Now moment we have the power to create our experience.

Surrender or Advance

“Faith is the key to advancing forward into the unknown. Without it we surrender to what we can see and are bound by what we don’t.”

Can we truly explore any unknown while being ravaged by fear? I’m sure this is an obvious improbability. In standing strong in our tracts anchored by fear we can hardly rise as an individual or collaborative. In fact we may even find ourselves slipping backwards rather than advancing forward.

We have all come to a threshold of emotional pain. Feelings of not being able to take much more have plagued us all at one time or another. Many of us have been certain without any doubts that the pressures of the world would finally put us down and keep us there, but did this ever really happen?

Today we stand here as veterans of emotional pain, physical limitations and consuming addictions. In us all is a living example of the evolution of our bodies, souls and spirits. It has been and always shall be that at the precipice we advance in our Being. When the pressure is on we excel far beyond our previous abilities and achievements.

So what is it of faith that is so crucial to us achieving our potential for Being? Why would it be somehow akin to slamming on the brakes in the advancement of ourselves and our species by bowing out in fear and flying the white flag of surrender?

In order to answer these questions it is imperative for us to examine how faith is defined academically in our society. Some define faith as a “belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof.” Others are only comfortable speaking of faith as a religious belief. Faith is a principle that greatly expands beyond these common definitions. It is a necessity of moving beyond what is and advancing towards what may be, could be or should be. In essence it is the vehicle that takes us over the rainbow and to the pot of gold which lies at the end of it.

A journey would never begin if we did not believe we could get through the trials and tribulations which are common characteristics of exploring the unknown. The greatest discoveries of mankind often hinged on our ability to continue without demanding proof of our safety in our quest for the Holy Grail or in other words, the answers we seek.

The moon looks a million miles away, the end of our galaxy seems impenetrable and the depths of the universe appear impossible to explore. We have done all these things, but these things are not achieved by the naysayers, the fearful or those who were playing it safe. Advancement is achieved by those who believe that high percentages for success are nice, but lesser chances hardly dictate failure. These are the people who have hope in a better future and have faith in what they believe. They refuse to let their emotions rule them and instead choose to rule their emotions. For them, letting the tail wag the dog is never an option.

We should never choose bondage over freedom or security over success. It is only at the brink, when we seemingly can’t take anymore, that the juice is squeezed and we reach our greatest potential for Being. We must ask ourselves; will we give up on our dreams because we can’t see how they will come to volition or are we willing to take the next step without seeing the rest of the stairway? Faith is what allows us to move through and beyond what we see and enables us to partake in the Promise.

(Hebrews 11:1 Amplified Bible) NOW FAITH is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things [we] hope for, being the proof of things [we] do not see and the conviction of their reality [faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses].

(1 Corinthians 16:13 Amplified Bible) Be alert and on your guard; stand firm in your faith (your conviction respecting man’s relationship to God and divine things, keeping the trust and holy fervor born of faith and a part of it). Act like men and be courageous; grow in strength.

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A Sure Footing

Only in Truth can we set a sure footing, take our first step and walk into Promise. Let’s face it, if we push off on something that is not real what will happen? We will just trip and fall. The only way for us to launch ourselves into our Destiny is by coming to grips with the Truth. We must push of on a rock; not the sand. We must accept the facts of our own errors learn from them and move on. This is the Gift which is trying to be given. Take it, cherish it and love it! Be grateful for all that we are to Be. Truth exists in All our Being.

What is Real?

Mind Reality

What is real? Our perceptions can easily be manipulated by our environment and how we choose to interpret the events which take place in our daily lives. It is very easy to create our own little island in a sea of self deceit, self pity and self glorification. I’m afraid to say that many times when we cater to Ego we end up imprisoned in a hell that is our own creation.

We have an incredible and supernatural ability to surround ourselves with and put ourselves into the visions which we create. As we create the script, plan out our story board and call out “ACTION” we will intentionally or unintentionally call the reality we see into our lives. We create the characters, assign the roles and direct the movie.

Understanding that we are smaller fields of energy existing in a larger field of energy is crucial to us understanding the amazing matrix in which we exist. This field of energy is what I refer to as God’s Energy. Duality is prerequisite of successfully moving in, through and around this physical plane of consciousnesses.

If we asked a fish to explain the water; what would it say? What would its interpretation of its environment be? There are many factors that could influence its daily existence. Conditioning could in fact keep it away from its principle food source, restrict it to an isolated area or cause it to enter a place it has no business being. What it perceives as safe or dangerous, easy or difficult either shallow or deep will have a huge influence on how it interprets its environment.

I’m sure we have all heard the expression “Like as fish out of water” and immediately understood the meaning. Many times it is the misunderstanding of our own environment that puts us into a situation in which we feel this way. We are unsure, uncomfortable and insecure with our Being. Only by understanding the environment can we truly move efficiently through it “as a fish through water”.

In order to be effective in our environment we must realize that we live simultaneously in two realms. One is the physical realm and the other is that of the spiritual. In the physical we exist as vibrating matter. The speed and frequency of the vibration dictates form. The manipulation of these vibrations creates our perceptions. Finally, our connection to the spiritual or supernatural gives us the ability to set the stage for the environment in which we exist. Our imaginations, emotions and interpretations of events create the scene, establish the plot and set the mood for our experience.

We have the power to manipulate the current of our manifestations through our affirmations and visualizations. The speed, intensity and direction of this current are determined by the strength and frequency of these exercises for success. As we continually affirm and constantly visualize our “wants and don’t wants” they correspondingly come into existence.

It is our feelings and emotions that set the tone of our journey. We get what we feel in direct correlation to the intensity of our emotions. Motion is in fact created through our emotions. This is why we must be intentional about what we feel. We create the current that moves us!

Now we must ask ourselves what we wish to create. The power of creation exists only in the now. Although we can use past experiences as a way to associate the emotions we wish to use intentionally the only real way to make immediate change in our lives is in this very instant. The only value of past experience is in the association of the emotions that we experienced from them. We can extract and project joy or sorrow by attaching the feelings from past experiences to our visualizations. As we do this we are birthing our future through them.

Many people unintentionally and highly efficiently bring exactly what they don’t want into their lives. The better they are at pleading their case the greater they become at seeding their own destiny. How many friends, family or associates do we know who unintentionally bring poverty, pain and sorrow into their lives. Actually, some of those who are the most capable of manifesting are fantastic at creating lives that they do not want. They constantly concentrate on all the things that are wrong with their lives instead of relishing in what is right.