Thirstier: Back in my college years I went to my first Greyhound race. Today, the former Lincoln Downs is just short of being a full blown casino. In fact, I heard that they were thinking of eliminating dog races all together. Last time I drove by there the building was adorned with giant teepees which… Continue reading Thirstier

The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect Recently there has been a lot of talk about self publishing. Although I do believe it is wonderful to be able to publish what we want when we want, we must be certain that our reasons for publishing are valid and compatible with this means. Why are we publishing? If the answer… Continue reading The Ripple Effect

Ron’s “In the Beginning God…” Review

Dr. P.T. Dyer-Goode does a fantastic job of combining the astrological signs in the heavens above with the profound guiding scripture of the Holy Bible. Her approach is concise and fascinating. “In the Beginning God” paints an incredible vivid picture of the meaning behind the maps that God has placed in the heavens and elaborates… Continue reading Ron’s “In the Beginning God…” Review