Thoughts of Others

It is very common for us to give much more thought into what others think of us than what is healthy for our being. By allowing others to define who we are we choose to manifest their reality over our own. In this we have forfeited all that we are created to be and bought… Continue reading Thoughts of Others

How many times?

How many times in our lives have we looked at our situation and thought I can’t do this or this is going to be hard? Many times what we thought would be the difficult thing to do turn out to be the greatest experiences of our lives. The fire was never as hot as we… Continue reading How many times?

It’s Our Garden

To me there is no tomato as good as a fresh garden tomato, but it has been several years since I have experienced one.  You see, some years we receive too much sun and other seasons we experience too much rain.  It is only by the perfect balance of these elements that the plant is able… Continue reading It’s Our Garden

Ron’s “Love & Respect” Review

This is a wonderful book that takes the complexities of achieving marital bliss and whittles them down to two needs. Dr. Eggeriches tells couples that they can avoid the “Cycle” by considering the emotional requirements of their spouse. His conclusions are based on several fabulous yet common examples taken directly from his experiences as well… Continue reading Ron’s “Love & Respect” Review

Ron’s “Fearless” Review

Max Lucado’s newest well-timed release “Fearless” is a relevant work intended to help readers navigate the sometimes stormy waters of this earthly realm of existence.  Through various scripture and true life experiences Max paints a picture of a world where we decide!  Do we want to concentrate on the troublesome seas and tumbling horizons or… Continue reading Ron’s “Fearless” Review

Focus on All

Focus on All  Sometimes we can concentrate so much on the players that we miss the play.  So much of our lives, up to this point have been based on who we assume we are to be.  We easily look to those around us for clues about who we are.  Expressions like, “The in crowd,… Continue reading Focus on All