Rodney’s Garden

A friend said, “What will his neighbors do now?”  You see, Rodney planted an incredible garden and meticulously minded it every day right down to ensuring the ph of the soil was perfect.  His vegitable plants were exceedingly fruitful.  One friend said, “His tomatoes grew like grapes on a vine.”  They were so large and each branch was crowded with fruit.”  He poured his heart into that garden.


Well, as you know Rodney loved to share, but was never looking for a thank you.  Every morning he would go through his garden and pluck up the ripest harvest.  Then he would bag them up and hang them on the doorknobs throughout the neighborhood.  He came from a community and gave the feeling of community to his Elmwood neighborhood.  This was his Gift.  He was a giver who gave from his heart.


I can picture him every step of the way.  His strength of purpose ever so prominently displayed across his face.  Each dutiful step he took from neighbor’s door to neighbor’s door strongly paced.  The satisfaction of seeing in his mind the smiles of his friends enjoying his gifts filled him.  The fullness of his overflowing heart as he walked on without a thought of the goodness he shared while continuing His work through the rest of his day.


What will the neighbors do?  They will do as Rodney did.  When we lead from our hearts an example proceeds from our actions.  I know this from experience.  Goodness begets greatness!


(Who is Dean Karnazes anyway?)