We are what we do, not what we used to. II

We are what we do, not what we used to


It is so very common for us to get caught up in our past failures or success’.  We dwell on the negative and relish in the positive, but through it all end up stalled out and inactive.  The questions we ask ourselves create feelings of powerlessness, regret and helplessness.


“I had all that once; the company car, the expense account and all the other luxuries that went along with them, but I will never have that again.”  Perhaps we find comfort in a “Been there done that” attitude towards our past accomplishments and in that mask our most recent perceived failure to achieve worldly expectations.    In an attempt to convince others that “it doesn’t matter” to us anymore will not change the negative feeling and emotions that we carry around with us throughout the day.


In the most common scenario we continue to adamantly complain about how we have not and never will have anything we desire.  This is the most effective way to continue to live a life of lack and disillusion.  We complain daily to ourselves and others about how nothing ever works out for us and how nobody cares.  This is most commonly referred to as a “Victim Stance” and is one of the most effective ways to get everything we do not want.


The other major cause of becoming anchored in inactivity is caused by continuously dwelling on our mistakes.  This process causes us to concentrate on undesirable past activities and the negative emotions associated with them.  This again causes us to continually reproduce similar scenarios and will cause us to hold ourselves back and forfeit our future.  We tell ourselves, “They wouldn’t want a person like me in their lives” or “I just don’t have the education that is required to do that” or “It’s too late and I’m too old to change.”


Well my friends, when we get honest with ourselves and recognize who we truly are “Right Now” there will be no limits to who we will be tomorrow.  Our only limits are what we believe, with the essence of all that we are, to be impossible.  Once we consciously make a choice to ask for what we want, believing we are worthy of it and accept that we can be all that we are created to be; we will begin to live a life full of passion.


Passion is the soul’s recognition of God’s gift.  This is the special unique gift that we were conceived with.  It was incorporated into His original plan for us long ago.  This is the essence of all that we are created to be.  Here is the place absent of time where all things joyful continually exist infinitely.  We recognize it by all the positive emotions within and without.  It is when hours seem like minutes and work is like play.  This is what we are supposed to do!


When we buy into the self perpetuated illusions that we paint of ourselves, often through the eyes of how we think others perceive us, we avoid, put off and fail to complete the Divine design which we are.  In accepting what appears to be the easy path we inevitably avoid the smooth effortless path to our intended destination.  We struggle and fight to steer ourselves along the path we chose, driven by ego, and neglect the smooth effortless path that is God’s itinerary.


Recently, I commented to Gail Hyatt on a question Andy Andrews had asked her: “Why do we say something is “out of whack”? What is a whack anyway?”  It means that we are out of alignment. Like when we drift away from Truth and begin to feel lost and disconnected. Negative feelings and emotions become stronger and we no longer feel good. When we are in alignment we feel the best we can feel.

the wrong direction, it is pulling us off the road, and we experience excessive vibration and tire ware. The journey becomes difficult to travel. After we leave the mechanics shop, all fixed up, we experience smooth effortless travel absent of struggle and anxietythe wrong direction, it is pulling us off the road, and we experience excessive vibration and tire ware. The journey becomes difficult to travel. After we leave the mechanics shop, all fixed up, we experience smooth effortless travel absent of struggle and anxiety.

We can also look at it like this. Our car is out of alignment. The steering wheel is pointing in the wrong direction, the car is pulling us of the road, and we experience excessive vibration and tire ware.  The journey becomes difficult to travel.  After we leave the mechanic shop, all fixed up, we experience smooth and effortless travel absent of struggle and anxiety.  Our vehicle is setup and acting as it was designed to.


In order to fix ourselves up we need to understand that the past is gone.  It no longer exists.  What we have done is done, but today we can chose to become what we do.  We need to “Act Now!”  If we made it a habit of doing things that did not line up with God’s plan than we need to get back on track.  As we begin to make righteous choices our experiences will improve.  It all starts with what we believe.


Whack is something we don’t want.  When we are out of whack we are inefficient and ineffective.  People often refer to things as being whack as things that just don’t line up with how they think things are supposed to be.  Things that are whack just don’t feel good to them.  “This job is whack! That place is whack!  My life is whack!” are commonly expresses.  Bottom line is that we do not want to be “Whack!”


So let’s get out that “Chilton Auto Repair Manual” and get to work.  The Bible has everything we need to help us put all the parts back where they are supposed to be as they should be.  By following God’s instruction we will find our way along the path we are intended to follow.  We are the vehicle and He has the key!


Remember, we are unique and in so being require very specific instruction or directions to achieve what is meant to be achieved.  What works for others may not work for us.  Things that make others happy, elated and successful might not do the same for us.  Don’t buy into their illusion.

A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible

A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible is about metaphysical truth, the real messages of the Master 2000 years ago. The pages are considered to be self help, self empowerment, alternative religion, and metaphysical philosophy. It will assist one in creating and using their own power of self. The Christ showed us, now here is what He wished us to know and understand. “You are Gods”, John 10:34! The keys have always been in plain sight now you may be able to see them!

Christianity Is Not Finished.

I am, on the contrary, convinced that it is not Christianity, but our conception and interpretation of it that has become antiquated in the present world situation. The Christian symbol is a living thing that carries in itself the seeds of further development. It can go on developing; it only depends on us, whether we can make up our minds to meditate again, and more thoroughly, on the Christian premise. – C. G. Jung

Jesus Taught No Theology.

His teaching is entirely spiritual. Historical Christianity, unfortunately, has largely concerned itself with theological and doctrinal questions which, strange to say, have no part whatever in the gospel teaching. It will startle many good people to learn that all doctrines and theologies are human inventions built up by their authors out of their own mentalities, and foisted upon the Bible from the outside; but such is the case. There is absolutely no system of theology to be found in the Bible; it simply is not there. – Emmet Fox

“The longer the test the stronger the reward.” (Ron Ash)

As we go though lifes tials and tribulations we can rest assured that everything will work out as it is supposed to.  We will survive and continue to grow.  Keep in mind that the more we endure the better, stronger and more satisfied we will be in our Experience.