Jesus Taught No Theology.

His teaching is entirely spiritual. Historical Christianity, unfortunately, has largely concerned itself with theological and doctrinal questions which, strange to say, have no part whatever in the gospel teaching. It will startle many good people to learn that all doctrines and theologies are human inventions built up by their authors out of their own mentalities,… Continue reading Jesus Taught No Theology.

“The longer the test the stronger the reward.” (Ron Ash)

As we go though lifes tials and tribulations we can rest assured that everything will work out as it is supposed to.  We will survive and continue to grow.  Keep in mind that the more we endure the better, stronger and more satisfied we will be in our Experience.

Prophesy of Now!

It Is And it shall be known amongst All that He has come through many.  As His presence is known the All and One will be joined together in the power of the Christ.  The time has come, the truth has come and All is as It is.  In this is the answer to all… Continue reading Prophesy of Now!

I just don’t get it.

Why is there so much religious divide. I never realized how many ways they are to say the same #%#@ thing!

Life Accelerated

As we grow in Christ Jesus, our eyes will be opened.  We will begin to see things for what they really are.  When it seems as if we are being attacked unjustly, we will no longer feel hatred, but pity for the attacker.  What was perceived as strength in our enemies will be seen as… Continue reading Life Accelerated

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