Oddly Enough

Oddly enough I was able to deal with the volatile environment and bring sweeping changes to the program.  The Holy Spirit enabled me to pour His loving energy into the hearts of the children.  Every day I would picture their faces in my mind and repeat to myself “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.  Thank you.  I love you.”  Things became unusually calm very quickly at the home.

Be careful what you pray for…

Often our prayers are answered in ways we don’t always like, but the gift is still given.  A few months back I prayed for a position in which I would be able to help children.  I wanted to make a difference in their troubled lives.  God brought me to a place where I could do just that, but just not exactly as I had imagined.  It was very difficult at first and somewhat of a sacrifice to the time I spend with my family.  Be careful what you pray for; you just may get it!

The Next Level

I adamantly believe that trial and tribulations are God’s way of preparing us for the next level in our journey, it really helps to hear it from friends.  Like Pastor Steve said, in not so many words, if any at all, we all need to take a nice big piece of humble pie every once in a while.  What we need to remember is that we have only become very good at our current level and the next will require much more skill to master.  We are on an eternal journey of transformation.

“To infinity and beyond!”  -Buzz Lightyear