What is our perception of God?

I think there is an underlying issue that begins with perception.  What is our perception of God?  The truth is that our perception is very warped.  I guess much of it comes from the media.  Movies like “The Ten Commandments” and like have contributed a lot to what we only think God is.  Is God an old man in the sky?  Is God energy? Who do we think God is?

We chose to have an open mind..

We intend to move forward without fear.  Our mission is to learn, choose and inhibit our judgment.  It is not for us to judge!  We are (I Am) to teach what is good, correct and righteous.  It is up to the student to determine the course they will take.  Although we cannot be right all the time there exist a Book that can guide us.  It is not meant to be read from cover to cover, but Spirit requires us to turn to it for relief.  It is a tool of Spirit and we are guided to it where and when we need it.  It is by the hands of His Angels that we will be lead to the chapter and verse of the scripture required.