Lay it Down


"We must be willing to lay down all that we have in order to receive all that we want."  (Apostle Ron)

The Lord came to me with His arms filled with all that I had asked for.  He gestured to me to take the gifts, but I had no room in my arms to carry them.   I held many things that I cherished and some things I did not.  I struggled and toiled to carry the weight of my load.  I said, “Lord I have no room in my arms and even if I did am not strong enough to carry all these things.”  Then He looked at me with love in His eyes, smiled and said, “You must lay down all that you have in order to receive all that I want for you.”


Healthy Chocolate

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How have we been blessed?



I am sure that this is a question many have asked themselves for centuries upon centuries. Most positively it is a question which many unwittingly have failed to look at over their lifetimes. Day-by-day we travel along in our routines full of listlessness and bordering on depression, thinking, “When will it be my turn to receive God’s blessings?”

Well, let me make one thing perfectly clear and beyond a shadow of a doubt: All of us have been blessed somehow and in some way! Blessings do not always come as we expect them to. Often they are there hidden beneath all that other junk which has accumulated in our persona over times past. If we refuse to purge these files we will continue to waver down this unrewarding road to Nowhere Ville. You see, this is how Satan tries to block our blessings. As we begin to feel sorry for ourselves the skies become clouded and our blessings become harder to see.

Like in any relationship, the less we see of the positive the more we will adopt what is negative. The bad in the relationship overshadows the good. Do you know what happens when bad overshadows good? Bad wins and then it takes control of your life.

Ash salam, salam alei

Ash salam, salam alei

Listen to this! I got done sending the “ONENESS” message out in a bulletin. After, I went up stairs to take a shower. Here comes the wild part. I began chanting, “Ash salam, salam alei, Ash salam, salam alei…” I was filled with joy and began chanting louder and louder throughout the house, “Ash salam, salam alei.” I’m getting chills just telling you.

My son shouted, “Dad what are you saying?  What does it mean?”  I said, “I don’t know Jordan, but when we get to work we will get on the computer and see if we can find out.”

I went into the office and began my research. “What did it mean?” I spelled it out as best I could and began to Google it. Several different meanings for the various words began to materialize.  Ash translated to “oasis”.  Salam rendered two results.  The first possible translation was “peace” and the second was that it was “a sign”.  Alei came up as “By the well.”  Finally, I came across the “Cyclopedia of India”.  I searched for the meaning of Ash first which translated to “My constituents.”  Next, I entered “Salam” and realized it is often a type of greeting.  Now the last part was a little tricky.  “Salam” was repeated once again.  I had a clear vision of how “Alei” should be spelt before I began my research.  Therefore, it seemed logical to group these two words into a phrase.  I shouted, “Oh my God! They are channeling through me.” (Chills like crazy!!!)  Once they realized that I knew they were sending me messages they decided to formally introduce themselves. Here is what they said.  “Ash salam, salam alei!” “My constituent’s greetings!  The peace and mercy of God be with you all.”

Prophesy of Oneness

Prophesy of Oneness

And many of the lost shall be found.  From all places of all kinds of all origin they will come.  They shall gather together as many among many among more.  From all the earth will be found and He will be greatly pleased.

A blanket of glory shall engulf the earth as a passing fog.  Through all this the Spirit will enter and cleanse the souls of many.  For it is said that kings shall be as peasants and peasants as kings.  Equality shall reign among all the earth at this time.  And one shall be many and many shall be one.

In oneness there will be great miracles.  Thoughts shall begat things and feelings will bring forth fruit.  Those who labor shall labor no more for the truth shall bring strength to a nation of One.  This shall be at the beginning of what shall have no end.

The spirits of past souls shall join hands again with those who hold them dearly and near to their hearts.  The trumpets of Angels will be silent and heard.  Proclamations of the love of the One shall ring through the many who be joined.  All peace shall be in the hearts of the One and of the all as they shall ring forth in the Spirit.

For at this time and at this age is the beginning and the end.  As it is the start of the New and the end of the Old.  For all that was perceived shall be revealed through the One to the all.  It has been written in the stars which are many and many more.  It is the unfolding and acceleration of the thoughts, imaginations, and manifestations of what has been given as to what is received.

For all is in the glory of God, His Son and the Spirit which reign eternal.  As we are of the One and the One is of all.  For all are created are creator of all.  Spirits call to the all and the One and are joined also.  In this the great promise is granted by the gratitude of the One and the all.

(Prophecy delivered by Apostle Ron)

Critical Life Choices

Our families, friends, spouses, careers exists as they do because of choice.  We can decide long before we receive these things into our lives what they will be.  We will either heed or ignore the signs that are there to guide us to make righteous choices.  If we truly understand the principles of cause and effect we will have the power to create happiness or sadness in all of these critical life choices.  In tapping into the vast knowledge and wisdom which exists in the scriptures we can avoid the pitfalls of making bad decisions in our lives.  All the answers to the most complex decisions we will ever make, regarding these things, are answered in the bestselling book of all time, the Holy Bible.

Knowledge in the Word

We have been given His knowledge in the Word, authority over the choices we make and the seeds of increase.  The seeds that we plant are in direct correlation to the harvest we will reap.  The more good seeds that we plant the more our blessings will be multiplied.  Though these blessings we shall receive His greatest promise.

Predetermined Destiny

Think good thoughts and good things will happen.  In faith we shall live a life absent of fear.  As we make good choices our path will remain clear and there shall be check points along the way.  It is God’s plan the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the advice of Jesus along the way which will enable us to reach our predetermined destiny.

Whoever sows sin reaps weeds, and bullying anger sputters into nothing.

(Proverbs 22:8 MSG)