Healthy Chocolate

I just wanted to share with everyone how I lost 10 lbs per month eating chocolate.  All it took was for me to eat one in the morning and one in the evening.  I cut down on my initial portions too.  Check it out when you get a chance.  The company has income opportunities too.… Continue reading Healthy Chocolate

How have we been blessed?

  I am sure that this is a question many have asked themselves for centuries upon centuries. Most positively it is a question which many unwittingly have failed to look at over their lifetimes. Day-by-day we travel along in our routines full of listlessness and bordering on depression, thinking, “When will it be my turn… Continue reading How have we been blessed?

Ash salam, salam alei

Ash salam, salam alei Listen to this! I got done sending the “ONENESS” message out in a bulletin. After, I went up stairs to take a shower. Here comes the wild part. I began chanting, “Ash salam, salam alei, Ash salam, salam alei…” I was filled with joy and began chanting louder and louder throughout… Continue reading Ash salam, salam alei

Prophesy of Oneness

Prophesy of Oneness And many of the lost shall be found.  From all places of all kinds of all origin they will come.  They shall gather together as many among many among more.  From all the earth will be found and He will be greatly pleased. A blanket of glory shall engulf the earth as… Continue reading Prophesy of Oneness

Critical Life Choices

Our families, friends, spouses, careers exists as they do because of choice.  We can decide long before we receive these things into our lives what they will be.  We will either heed or ignore the signs that are there to guide us to make righteous choices.  If we truly understand the principles of cause and… Continue reading Critical Life Choices

Knowledge in the Word

We have been given His knowledge in the Word, authority over the choices we make and the seeds of increase.  The seeds that we plant are in direct correlation to the harvest we will reap.  The more good seeds that we plant the more our blessings will be multiplied.  Though these blessings we shall receive… Continue reading Knowledge in the Word

Predetermined Destiny

Think good thoughts and good things will happen.  In faith we shall live a life absent of fear.  As we make good choices our path will remain clear and there shall be check points along the way.  It is God’s plan the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the advice of Jesus along the way… Continue reading Predetermined Destiny