Conditioned by Love

The Apostle


Dear Lord, it’s been so long since I’ve done wrong.

Through thick and thin you’ve made me strong.

Even when I look back at what I thought was bad.

The struggles and pain that tried to make me mad.

Some said things about me that were not true.

Forgive them all for they know not what they do.

I wanted to help them. I knew I had to try.

They turned it around and made me the bad guy.

I stayed right in mind though the biggest ordeal.

My heart stayed true and all my wounds did heal.

When I chose to forgive them my burden was released.

With all that was taken from me I saw my wealth increase.

Now every day I don’t need to try to do right.

Conditioned by love I keep the ball in sight.

Day to day I see the opportunities you place in reach.

You give me the knowledge and wisdom to help me teach.

From all those experiences you have made me a man.

Through the power of faith I know that I can.

So much loving and giving you have placed inside.

You have prepared my heart for the changing tide.

Through my words and my actions you lift me high.

The Holy Spirit is in me, there is no need to cry.

His vibration engulfs me from head to toe.

Armies of angels guide me to where I go.

The Apostle Recipe For Happiness

I’m, OK

My mom ascended back in 2004.  This is when something substantial was reawakened in me.  I seemed to have received a spiritual boost of some kind.

On the day that she died I lost many things.  My perception of reality was turned upside down.  Those who I thought were family fell by the wayside.  First, my dad said he would not come to the funeral.  Then my cousin Lisa retracted her invitation to bury my mom in the family plot.  Through this I found myself alone on the day my mother died sifting through six inched of snow while trying to uncover cemetery markers.  I was not in my happy place, but I did get through it.

Latter on that day I decided to go to Burlington Coat Factory to buy a new suit for the funeral.  I requested sales assistance and to my surprise a women named Anita came to help.  That is my mother’s name.  It was odd since it is so rare and throughout my entire life I only met one other woman named Anita.

The day after the funeral I would experience a similar occurrence.  While sitting in the customer lounge area of my building I witnessed the introduction of a tenant and one of his customers.  “By the way my name is Anita.”

Finally, I would experience the voice of a mother calling out to her daughter a day later.  “Come back here Anita.”  Coincidence?  I have learned that these so called “coincidences” do not exist.  They are all linked to signs and guidance.  In this case it was mom letting me know that she was with me and everything was going to be all right.

Thanks Mom.

Satan’s Trap

Toilet Plunger

 Satan works the All away from the One with small moves.  The other day I was at the hardware store picking up a plunger.  My son wanted to carry it to the register.  On the way, he pushed it on to the floor and it stuck.  He tried to remove the plunger from the floor forcefully, but it would not detach from the tile.  He asked me to try.  I began to slightly wiggle it from side to side until it broke free. 

My son asked, “Dad how did you do that?”  I said, “By making very gentle moves the vacuum pressure was released.”  It was so subtle that he could not notice the air removed through the sides of the plunger.   It was removed, little by little, with seemingly insignificant motions.

  I explained to him that this is how Satan takes us from God.  Little things that do not really seem to matter sever the connection.  The no big deal things like, “Everyone is doing it.”  “It’s a victimless crime.”  “What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” ext…  Then before you know it, we are totally out of alignment with Him and we begin to spiral downward. 

 When we fall into Satan’s trap, we do not even see it coming!

No test no testimony

Nobody enjoys being abused, taken advantage of, being lied to or any other related experience, but if we handle these things well we will be promoted.  You see, there are a multitude of levels we must achieve while we are here on earth and when we ascend.  Every time we pass the test we are promoted to the next level in our existence. 

There can be no testimony without the test.  We may bend, but we will not break.  There will be fires, but we will get through unskabed.  Through it all we become better, stronger and more capable beings.

If we sit back and play it safe we will be safely grounded in our present experience.  In this we will have no hope.  We will never fulfil our ultimate destiny which the Father has mapped out for us.  Remember, we were created to create.

The Essence of All…

The essence of All… Ash salam, salam alei, And it is in the heart of man that IT be the essence of all that there is.  In this totality of truth, love and hope is the substance of All.  In faith we see what is not seen and know that which is unknown.  It is in the power of being that we are being.  It is through our will that we have been what we have been, that we are what we are and will be what we will be.  (Prophecy delivered by Ron Ash)