We are?

We are who we are and all we are created to be.  It is a constant and continuous road we travel on this infinate journey.  So, why do we feel the constant need to label ourselves and others?

It is a sad case for America that we feel that we are what we do.  Who are we?  Are we what we do for a living or do we recognize that we are much more than that?  I am that I am!  I’m not the jobs I do, clothing I ware or car I drive.  I am that I am!  I am an artist, a writer and a poet.  I am a teacher, a counselor and a parent.  I am that I am!

We are all so much more than what we do.  Today it is especially important as we, out of percieved neccessity, take jobs that we otherwise would never consider, that we are who we are and not what we do.  Hold your head up high!  You were created in the image of God and are Gifted as your passions dictate.

Who would have thought…

It’s not always easy to participate in this transformation process.  It is very much like the story of the carrot, egg and coffee.  The thing is that we must remain vigilant in our recognition of the things we should be grateful for.  Gratitude is a powerful thing.  A few days back I began to really feel the discomfort of working a third shift position.  My thoughts could have easily turned to, “Why did God have to curse me with this job.”  Instead I said, “God has really blessed me with this position which has given me the ability to spend more time with my family and the extra income to get through these trying times.”  I should have been more specific about the hours I wanted to work in addition to requesting the closer location.  Who would have thought?

A Better Boss…

Through it all I have eaten more than my share of humble pie.  I have been put in places I never thought I would be and subjected myself to what otherwise I wouldn’t have allowed myself to be subjected to.  However, it is for a purpose above all purpose and I give myself freely to carry out His will.  I can’t say I don’t miss those days of doing only what I wanted, but I can say that I could never have a better Boss.

He really got his attention!

I have already begun to flip the switch and turn on the light.  God has spoken through me many times already.  One kid got hit so hard with the Word that he stopped dead in his tracks.  He said, “I want to get my life started, but this place is holding me back.”  Immediately I responded without thought, “It is this place that will bring you through.”  That was God speaking through me.  He really got his attention!

The mission is the same…

I interviewed for the position and was hired on the spot.  Now I am working with troubled teens again.  This time it is for drug rehabilitation instead of behavioral disorders, but the mission is much the same.  I’m there to show them love, give them hope and to strengthen their faith.

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

-1 Corinthians 13:13 (KJV)

Time to go…

My work was done there and God had prepared my next mission well in advance.  Prior to deciding to leave I was made to feel very uncomfortable by a director who showed me some inappropriate things on the internet.  I was so upset that once I left that day I called a place that I heard someone speak of months earlier.  It was called Phoenix Academy.